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Howard B. Richman Film Composer

    Howard B. Richman’s music is a welcome return to beautiful, timeless melodies reminiscent of film composers and TV composers Henry Mancini, Nino Rota and Michel Legrand. (Think back to these classics: “Moon River” from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” “The Godfather” and “Summer of ‘42.”) There is someone writing this kind of melodic music in the 21st Century! His name is Howard Richman. His memorable, haunting music captures the mood and brings it to life.

Attention Filmmakers: Music for Your Next Film!

    The film composers’ themes below are available for your consideration or I will create new original music to suit your needs. Generic temporary titles were chosen to assist with your placement. The piano solo tracks can be arranged for orchestra.

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    This music is copyrighted and is not yet available for sale, as it is reserved for use in film, TV or commercials. Filmmakers, producers, directors, music supervisors, music editors, or anyone else who is looking for quality music for their projects are FREE TO USE this music in temp tracks only. DO NOT use this music in the final cut of your film without agreement from Howard B. Richman!!!

Contact Howard B. Richman

    Telephone: 818-344-3306, email

Audio Samples

    The audio tracks below are provided in  MP3 format

    Romantic Music.

         Love #1 (piano solo) 1:59

        Love #2 (orchestra with piano) 1:50

        Love #3 (piano solo) 1:32

        Fly Away (Song version of Love #3)
                      (Lyrics and Vocals by Lisa Dawn Miller) 3:08
        Longing #3 (piano solo) 2:07

        Stillness (piano solo) 3:05

    New Age Music.

        New Age #11 (piano solo) 1:27

        New Age #14 (piano solo) 1:38

        Shadow of Time (piano solo) 1:25

        Playfulness #1 (piano solo) 1:41

    Emotions in Music.

        Sadness #4 (orchestra) 2:37

        Fear #5 (string orchestra) 1:15

        Courage #1 (orchestra with piano) :56

        Freedom #6 (sax combo) alternatively titled: “Arriving Home” 3:24

        Adventure #1 (piano solo) 3:10

        Anger #7 (piano solo) alternatively titled: “Cancer” 1:23

        Compassion #4 (piano solo) alternatively titled: “Change” 2:49

        Playfulness #3 (piano solo) 1:18

        Longing #4 (piano & strings) 3:52

         Wonder #2 (orchestra) 2:02

         Freedom #4 (orchestra) 1:34

        Triumph #3 (electronic orchestra) 2:00

    Ethnic Music.

        French #2 (french accordion & guitar) 1:11

         French #3 (piano solo) 1:13

        Gypsy #1 (violin solo) 1:22

    Additional Music

        Network TV Legal Drama MAIN THEME :30

        Network TV Legal Drama SLOW PIANO 1:00


        Church #2 (brass choir) :49

        Swing #5 (big band) 1:19

        60s TV Show #1 (orchestra) :30

Reels with Music by Howard B. Richman.



Contact Howard B. Richman

    Telephone: 818-344-3306, email

To hear pop/r&b, country, adult contemporary, and musical theater SONGS by Howard B. Richman please click here.

    Howard B. Richman is a pianist, composer, songwriter, teacher and author. Mr. Richman’s formal training is in music. He received a B.A. degree in piano performance from UCLA in 1980 and an M.F.A. (Master Fine Arts) degree from California Institute of the Arts in 1984, where he also taught on the faculty for three years. Mr. Richman was selected to be a participant in the very first film scoring workshop with Earle Hagen in 1987, sponsored by BMI.

    Howard B. Richman Conducting BMI Workshop 1 987
    Howard B Richman conducting the orchestra of his final arrangement as a student in the very FIRST BMI film scoring workshop, taught by Earle Hagen, 1987.

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