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The ORIGINAL Voicemail Backup Service Since 2001  

Voicemail to MP3 Service
Voicemail to CD Service
Voicemail Transfer Service

We are the Original Quality Voicemail Backup Service
Since 2001. Beware Our Competitors!


        This service is perfect if you don’t want to deal with any of the technology and would rather pay someone to transfer your valuable voicemail messages to mp3 or transfer voicemails to CD. We will actually call your voicemail for you and permanently back up the messages. Then you will be FINALLY free to erase those messages and make room for more messages. Also known as voicemail to email service, voicemail to mp3 service, voicemail transfer service. Voicemail to mp3 or CD Transfer Service, concierge voicemail backup service. (Service works on telephone answering machines too!)

        • Starting at $22
        • Completed in 3 business days or less!
        • Non-subscription service.
        • Pay for each job as needed.
        • Perfect for legal or nostalgic purposes.


        (NOTE: Our service will even work with visual voicemail on a smart phone but NOT on an IPhone! If you have an iPhone, please see about our iPhone Voicemail Backup Service.

        Want to do it yourself? Click here to learn how to permanently save voicemail to all by yourself! Otherwise, keep reading below if you’d like us to do it for you.

How our Voicemail Transfer Service Works.

        When you place your order, we will gather some details from you. These details include specific information, including your voicemail or answering machine number, your password, how many messages you want to be recorded, etc. You must respond to this questionnaire so we can get started on your job. We LITERALLY will then call your number and digitally record your messages to our computer. From there, we can convert them to .mp3 if that is your specification, or we can burn them to a CD. We will leave the messages UNERASED on your service. After you receive your transferred messages, you will then be at liberty to erase your messages yourself.

Same Price for Any Phone Number INTERNATIONALLY!

        We are able to access and back up messages from any phone number, in any country for the SAME PRICE.

Works for Voicemail or Answering Machines.

        This service will work with any voicemail from ANY voicemail company. It will also work with any manual or digital answering machine. We will record any or all messages left on your voicemail. You can specify which messages that we are to record when you respond to the email that you get after placing your order.

We Can Record Your Greeting (Outgoing Message) Too!

        Sometimes all you may need is the greeting. For example, a loved one may have just passed away and their voice on their voicemail greeting is the last thing you have of them! Being able to save their voice permanently to an mp3 or to a CD and to be able to listen to it whenever you want can be such a great comfort.

        If this what you prefer, then just select that option below. Then indicate on the email questionnaire (that you receive after you place your order) that you want the outgoing message ONLY and you don’t need to fill out your password information in this case.

Select Time Block.

        When placing your order, you will see many different options. You can select the time block that is appropriate for the amount of messages that you have.
        Please over-estimate the time!!! If you think you are cutting it close, you probably are, so please go to the next time block up.

Select Format — CD or mp3.

        CD or mp3 — SAME PRICE! Below, you can select if you prefer the messages transferred to an .mp3 file and emailed to you or a CD and mailed to you. (Price includes free First Class Shipping). If you know how to burn CDs, you can order the mp3 version and then save money by making your own CD.

        If you choose the CD option, we automatically create an AUDIO CD made from the original .wav files which are of better quality than .mp3, which is a compressed audio file, but most people cannot hear the difference! (If you prefer a DATA CD then you can request that.)

        Why would you choose CD or mp3? Each one has its benefits. if you want to send this to your friends and family but you don’t know how to “rip” a CD to convert so you can send it as an attachment, then you probably want us to make an mp3 for you. Another reason many people choose “.mp3” is because they are in a hurry for a legal purpose or something like that and they don’t want to wait for the US mail. If you just want to keep this forever and don’t know how to “burn” your own CDs, then you should probably have us make the CD for you and mail it to you.

-IMPORTANT - Additional Options (PLEASE READ).

        you get to the online shopping cart, you will
        be able to select the following additional options:

      • Regular or Expedited Service?
        • Regular service is 3 business days from receipt of your questionnaire but you can request faster service. Please note that if you order “next day service” on a Saturday, we will probably not have the files ready for you on a Sunday!! It would be next day referencing from the next BUSINESS day, which means it would be ready on Tuesday. (We might just happen to work on the weekend and get it done sooner but please do not assume that!!) ($25-$40 additional, depending on how rushed you need it.)

          Also, THE FASTER SERVICE OPTION DOES NOT INCLUDE MAILING TIME!!!!!! (We normally mail by US Postal Service First Class, Priority or Air Mail.) Expedited service means that we will do your job SOONER THAN NORMAL, but you still have to wait for mail time IN ADDITION to the time that it takes us to do your job. If you are in a real hurry, you should choose expedited service but don't order a CD. Instead, order the .mp3 version and you can burn your own CD on your end.

      • One file or Separate files?
        • All messages in one file or each message separated into its own file. (UNLESS REQUESTED, NORMAL SERVICE IS THAT ALL MESSAGES WILL BE GROUPED INTO ONE LARGE FILE.) ($10-$25 additional, depending on size of order.)

      • Editing - Delete Phone Company Prompts?
        • “To listen to messages, press ‘1.’” If you want this stuff to be removed from the final recording then you select this option. This option will also remove the date and time announcement that comes with each message. If you want the prompts removed but you want the date and time to remain, then please indicate that clearly when you respond to the questionnaire. Remember that if you need these messages for legal purposes, you probably want to NOT delete the time and date stamp. ($10-$25 additional, depending on size of order.)

          NOTE: If you chose “editing” then you do not need to additionally choose “separate files” (above) because the editing option naturally causes us to break each message into its own file.

      • Number of Phone Lines to Access?
        • We can combine messages from several telephone numbers in the same job. ($5 each additional phone line.)

      • Enhanced Sound?
        • Remove background noise from voicemails. Sometimes the original recording is very hard to understand, with bad sound quality, including hiss, background noise, clicks and pops. Selecting this option will help clean up the sound the best that is possible. If you choose sound enhancement, you will receive both the original and the enhanced versions of the recording. In most cases, you should not need this option! ($10 extra.)

      • Add mp3 to CD Order
        • If you want an mp3 version of your files IN ADDITION to your CD order then you choose this option. ($10 additional) This will save you money instead of separately ordering an mp3 version and a CD version. First order the CD version and then click “continue shopping.” Then click the “Extra CDs and Other CD Options” button. ($5 additional each CD.)

Additional CUSTOM Options

        We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. Do you have an unusual request. WE CAN DO IT! For example, do you need the outgoing message of your old answering machine to be recorded onto the outgoing message of your new voicemail number? WE CAN DO IT! Let us know what special needs you have.

We Respect your Privacy!

        We respect your privacy and confidentiality. WE WILL NEVER ALLOW ANY OTHER PERSON OR ANY OTHER AGENCY TO HEAR YOUR MESSAGES! We also will never, ever, ever give out your phone number or password information to anyone. By paying for this transfer service you are giving us permission to access your private voicemail or answering machine messages. We agree to use your private information to access your personal voicemail or answering machine and then never use this information again. In order to make the transfer you request, we must listen to it but we will not judge or comment on the nature of the message that you ask us to record.

For ALL Telecommunications Providers, Including:

        Alianet, Alltel, Ameritech, Arch, AT&T, Bell Canada, Blue Sky Frog, Boost, Carolina West, Cellcom, Cellular One, Cellular South, Centennial Wireless, Centurylink, Cincinnati Bell, Cingular, Cingular Blue, Claro, Comviq, CREDO, Cricket, CTI Movil, Digicell, Edge, Einstein PCS, Fido, GCI, Immix, Koodo, Metro PCS, Mobile One, Movistar, Net10, Nextel, Ntelos, Optus, Orange, Page Plus, PC Mobile, Pocket Wireless, PowerTel, Qwest, Sasktel, Smart Telecom, Solo, Southern Linc, Speak Out, Sprint, Straight Talk, SunCom, Sure West, SwissCom, T Mobile, TBayTel, TelCel, Telenor, Telus, Tim, Unicel, US Cellular, Mobile, Verizon, Viaero, Vodafone, WellCom. (IF YOUR PROVIDER IS NOT LISTED LET US KNOW.... WE CAN DO THAT ONE TOO!)

Meet Your Technician

        David and Cathy FeinauerDavid and Cathy Feinauer own DLF Music and in Cincinnati, Ohio. We searched for quite some time and we are proud and honored to have found people who like to do business the way we do (quality and integrity.) David has been our technician for many years and he will be the one to process the recording aspect of your order and his wife, Cathy will keep track of the paperwork. David's expertise in recording transfer developed from his personal love of music and a personal project of wanting to transfer a collection of 400 lp recordings to CD. Eventually, this blossomed into a state-of-the-art audio transfer service.

        NOTE: When you click the “buy now” button below, you will be taken directly to the web site for ordering and processing your job.


        All pricing is based on the total time of the messages. The longer the time, the higher the cost. If your messages exceed 60 minutes, just pay for the 60 minute increment and we will do the job and then bill you for the extra time.

        After you click the “Buy Now” button, you will see all the pricing options.




Do You ALSO Need Your Texts Saved? You May Be Interested in our OTHER Service:

        Sound Feelings Text Backup Service

For More Information.

Other Products and Services We Recommend.

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        Short Term Voicemail Service
        Unlimited voicemail capacity to allow for voicemail overflow with no contract required. If your voicemail messages are COMPLETELY full and there are no more room for more messages, you need this service in the meantime while you arrange to have your messages permanently saved, so you won’t miss any more important messages!

        Voicemail to .mp3 voicemail to CD


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Voicemail to Mp3
Voicemail to CD

“I received my voicemail transfer within 1 day! Howard and his team were extremely helpful and professional when answering my questions, even after they had completed my order. The sound quality is amazing; I would definitely use this service again and will recommend it to my friends.”

—Angela J., Alberta, Canada

“I am so happy I will be able to save these messages forever! This is such a great and important service.”

—Jennifer Turnbough,
Jersey City, NJ

“I have just successfully downloaded the voicemails. The quality and editing is outstanding. Thank you, thank you, thank. Having lost my wife at an early age, I shall treasure these for years to come, thanks for your part in this.”

—Steve S,
Las Vegas, NV

“I love love love love what you have done for me and my family. Bless you. Truly priceless. I cannot thank you enough.”

—Raymond Shapiro,
Gaithersburg, MD

“I am SO GRATEFUL for your service. I kept 20 minutes of voicemails for 2 years which included 2 long, memory-provoking messages from my now-deceased mother-in-law and multiple brief gooey messages from my husband. I couldn’t bear to delete these particular messages but have had little to no voicemail available for almost 2 years. My husband and I tried various methods of recording from my cell phone to my computer but I was not satisfied with the quality. THANK GOODNESS I found you. The CD is great quality and I now have my voicemail back, awaiting more of those messages from my husband. THANK YOU SO MUCH.”

—Janet Sullivan,
East Peoria, IL

“Your service is awesome.”

—Gavin Carey, Canada

“I am extremely grateful for the tremendous customer service. I will recommend you. Customer service is everything! The recording is fantastic. Thank you again!!!”

—Danise Parrish,
Olympia, WA

“Thanks Howard, these messages really mean a lot to me and the sound quality is great and service has been awesome....Merry Christmas.”

—Mark Wilkinson
Denver, NC

“After collecting a treasure chest of voicemails from my grandchildren, I went in search of a way too transfer them to a CD. Not so easy I found, and going on the internet was like a scavenger hunt trying to find someone I could trust to do the job. My research paid off when I played the CD. The voices had greater clarity, and made the messages more impressive than even the original. Now thanks to Sound Feelings my treasure has turned into pure gold.”

—Marian Greenberg

“you are a memory-saver for me!”

Paul Joo, CPA

“I received the disk yesterday while I was out of town and just wanted to thank you for doing it so quickly. I'm so glad I was able to find you on the Internet. More than half of these messages are from people who have passed away, and I have had a few for more than 8 years. So, I am very grateful for your good work.”

—Terry James,
Upper Arlington, OH

“Your services are a God send for those of us who don't know how to do it, and is more valuable than I can adequately convey. You guys are the absolute BEST, and though I have tried, I can never adequately thank you enough for this experience and what you have preserved for me. I was in an absolute panic when I realized I might lose the voice messages I still had following my Mom's death. I thought my head would explode with the inability to save her messages on my own...and then I found your website. Your call was very much appreciated, and allowed me to put my fears and ‘stress’ to rest for the night. Thank you for your kindness and compassion! Be assured I will share your website and my story with everyone I know. I listened to her voice today on the way to work, it was such a nice way to start the day.”

—Sharon McCue,
Shillington, PA

“Thank you Sound Feelings!! I downloaded the file and it came out perfect and just in time! I was hoping to delete the messages tomorrow. Great service, thanks again.”

—Shifra Landowne, Bronx, NY

“Thanks, guys ... my messages sounded great and it was a relief to finally delete all that stuff from my voicemail.”

—Kim Rye,
Mount Airy, MD

“I love your service and will use it again. Thank you.”

—Gary H. Elzweig,
Plantation, FL

“Thank you! My husband recently died, and that is the only message I have from him — the only way I'll ever hear his voice again. It was sent to me from the friend he had called. Your service is a wonderful thing and totally worth the money. I’ll happily recommend you to anyone with a similar request.”

—Wendy Morman
Harrodsburg, KY

“Thank you so much for getting this done so quickly. I am very impressed by this service and I am happy with the end product.”

—Jody Nordstrom,
Westminster, CO

“Thank you for doing a great job, I'll certainly be using your services again.”

—James Parker,
Lincoln, UK

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. My grandfather passed away on September 3 and having this voice mail saved somewhere other than my phone means the world to me. I've been saving it in my archive for 2 1/2 years and for the last several days been so afraid I would accidentally delete it. Thank you for the fast service; I will be telling more people about your company,”

—Emily Wyatt,
Ball Ground, GA

“My Dad passed away unexpectedly recently and the mp3 contained his last message that I saved. It means a great deal to me to be able to preserve this. Thank you for your help.”


“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for my order. My fiance died very unexpectedly at the age of 30 and I happened to have a voicemail message from him as well as his voicemail greeting. Not only were you sympathetic and empathetic to my situation, but you understood to how paranoid I was that these messages may get deleted during the process. You assured me that the files would remain intact and that, should I ever choose to delete the files, that decision would be entirely up to me and your company would leave them untouched. I think it only took about 5 days from the time I placed my order for me to receive my files, and that includes me adding something onto my order in the middle of it. While I happen to have a background in audio engineering and recording, I am just not in a place right now where I can pay attention to such things and it's nice to know that a company such as your exists. In times such as these, there are so many plans to make, in addition to just trying to get through the tragedy of it all. I will never be able to thank you enough. I can listen to my fiance's voice everyday because of you, that means more than anything.”

—Christine Infanger
Westmont, IL

“Thank you sooo much! Sound Feelings has outstanding customer service! Howard went above and beyond my expectations to deliver my order quickly, and the sound file quality is excellent! Have a Happy New Year!”

—Jean Fee

“You did a very good job in transferring phone messages from my voicemail to mp3, so I could save my young grandson’s messages. The quality is good, and you turned these around and had them back to me in only a couple of days. I will burn these messages to CD, and they will be treasures now and for years to come. Thanks for your good work. I’ll be using your services again.”

—Ben Davis
Greenwood, SC

“I received my CD yesterday! Thank you! I listened to half of it and it sounds great. Thanks again. I will be sure to refer you guys.”

—Barbara Oswald,
Sterling, VA

“Thank you for doing a great job. I was able to download the files. I just need to burn them to cd to keep forever. Your timing was great and I appreciate your services. Have a great day :)”

—Leslie Newman,

“Thank you for the great job you've done on the CD of my phone messages. It's a great comfort to know I can always hear my Father give us his blessing by listening to the CD. Thank you.”

—Bev Horwitz, Seattle, WA

“Thank you Sound Feelings for recording voicemails from my family members. When some friends passed away a few years ago, I learned how important voices are. Having their voicemails has been the best present ever. Now, with the help of Sound Feelings, I have my mom and dad's voices to cherish forever and my nephew and niece's cute, toddler voices to share with them when they get older. Thank you! Howard and David were very efficient and helpful! It was easy and quick. Thank you to both of you!”

—Monica O'Leary,

Need more voicemail capacity? Check out this cool way to store unlimited messages. Works with your current voicemail to expand capacity in emergency situations. (For example, while your current voicemail is full and you haven’t yet backed them up, this solution will open up more message space while you’re dealing with the overflow.) No contract required!