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        Many people have given praise for our products and information. Find the product you are looking for below. All of the following testimonials and endorsements are from real people and are on file.

        If you have positive or critical comments about any of our products or services we’d love to hear from you too! Please go to our Comments Form.

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Free Health Tips Testimonials.

Free Music Instruction Tips Testimonials.

Free Web Design Resources Testimonials.

Free Health Tips Testimonials.

11 helpful free tips show how to listen to music for transformation and healing

        “This information is very good and so true. I co-authored an article on music therapy and had it published in a nursing journal. This was done after much research and clinical application was completed. The focus was more on how to organize a music therapy class and initiate it, what types of music to select to obtain results for an individual with specific issues. In other words, how to use music as a tool for assisting an individual deal with their particular emotional issues. I am a nurse, not a music therapist. However, I have an extensive background in music. So, anything you can do to help people see how important music is and how healing it can be is wonderful! Keep up the good work.”

        —Carol J. Crosby, R.N., C, Mesa, CO

        “Your tips for listening to music were interesting and I shall refer people to your page. Some of these things I have discovered for myself, but I hadn’t thought of speakers being better — so all my cells can listen.”

        —Daren Scot Wilson, Artist/Physicist,
        Newcolor Graphics, Fort Collins, CO

Two free secrets help stop stuttering

        “My stuttering is all cleared up now, and I have no more problem! What I did was take one of your tips to stop stuttering (tip #2). In one week I got so much better that I could talk well on the phone. I say the word once in my head, then not even a second later, say it verbally. I’m glad I fixed it because I’m only 14 and I’d be stuttering for a lot longer. From this I met two girls already. Thanks!”

      —Carl Michelson

        “I stumbled onto your site on a search from google and it has HELPED! Your tip (#2) is what I’ve been looking for! I knew that when I did a certain thing before I spoke I wouldn’t stutter but now I know what it is! You have made my life SOOOOO MUCH BETTER! Before, when I used to stutter, people wouldn’t want to carry on conversations with me or anything. it was very discouraging. Now I can talk for hours on the phone without missing a beat! Im LOVING IT! THANK YOU!”

        —Devin Markham, South Carolina

        “Wow, your tips really worked! I’m a 16 year old girl, and my stuttering problem was really bugging me. I mean it wasn’t that bad—just some words I would have trouble with. But saying the word in your head and thinking before you speak literally works like a charm!!!!”

      —Amanda, Student, Toronto, Canada

        “After using these tips I feel that I can speak without stuttering for the rest of my life and I think these tips will help me to be successful in my career. I am 23 years old. I've always had to work hard to be normal in my speech. I managed to get a job but I always had a fear in my mind, wondering if I will be able to speak without stuttering in the work place. I thank Howard Richman for his wonderful work, which has taught me how to speak, and he has also contributed his invaluable tips for free. This is great! Thank you sir!”

      —Arjun Kanna,Technical Support Engineer, Madurai, India

Simple secret reduces wrist pain in computer users

        “This is a great article! I’m going to share this information with approximately 150 employees who are a part of our Ergonomic Task Force.”

      —Jody Knox, Sr. Loss Prevention Technician,
      State Farm Insurance Company, Austin, TX

        “Thank you for posting this free information on the web for carpel tunnel. I’ve just discovered that is the cause of my problems with my hand and arm. The techniques described are sensible if you think about it. I forgot. So I thank you! You’ve been a help to me already.”

      —Sammy Valentine, V.P.,Valentine Companies, Inc.,
      Professional Building Design and General Contracting, Sedona, AZ

        “I suffer from hypothyroidism, which has a symptom of carpal tunnel syndrom and your tips on proper wrist positioning helped. Thanks!”

      —Michelle Pylant, Baton Rouge, LA

11 free tips improve studying results

        “Your study tips are succinct and user-friendly. I have shared this valuable resource across our district to use with students in Advanced Placement courses. Thank you so much for your willingness to provide your expertise to others.”

        —Rhonda Boyer
        Program Specialist
        Advanced Academic Services
        Austin Independent School District

        “Howard Richman's study tips were very helpful to me. They are great for preparing for finals. I used them for one of my bulletin boards in my residence hall. They are perfect since they convey important information in a concise and easily applicable manner. Thank you!”

        College Student and Resident Advisor

        “Thank you for making this information available. I am currently studying for MCSE (Microsoft examinations) and was looking for guidance on studying and this seems to have helped me. Thanks again!”

        —David Robinson, IBM, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, UK

        “The studying tips are great and I believe will help many of the students I’m mentoring. I have noticed that a lot of times students have old studying habits that either are outdated or do not work and the tips listed on your web site are fresh and helpful. Thank you and I’m happy I found the Sound Feelings website.”

        —Erica Beck
        Anthem College Online Peer Mentor
        Anthem College Online

Five free tips help release anger

        “I am writing you for permission to publish the link to this site on 2 groups I belong to. One of the members is asking for help with an anger management problem in that she cannot release her anger and this is one of the best sites I have found on the subject. Many thanks for a fine piece of work.”

        —Leslie, Australia

        “I found your tips on anger release to be very helpful. I suffer from a lot of suppressed depression and anger and your suggestions will help me to get better, I believe.”

        —Michelle Pylant, Baton Rouge, LA

        “I loved the info on anger management. I learned a lot. I am so happy its ok to break stuff if I don’t hurt people, and make the time to go release. Just knowing that makes me feel better. I have always felt my anger is killing me and you say it’ll give me cancer. I believe it!!! I haven”t laughed for a while but I sure did when I saw that pillow!!!!! thank you!!!!!”


        “It’s a new approach to these common emotions and in particular it is practical with immediate results.”

        —R. Praveen, Technical Consultant, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

        “By reading those five tips, I really learned some things I could do to deal with my problems. Before, I just wanted to hit the person but now I won’t. You have given me knowledge on how I need to stay mentally healthy AND physically healthy at the same time. I guess what I’m trying to say is thanx.”

        —Hannah, student, Charlotte, NC

        “I found the information on 5 tips for anger management quite helpful.”

        —Nicole Williams, Juvenile Probation Officer,
        Cook County Juvenile Court, Chicago, IL

Nine easy tips increase hand warmth

        “These are SUCH great tips for keeping my hands warm. My hands are CONSTANTLY cold, to the point that it is sometimes painful! Of course I can always hold them under warm water!”

        —Janet C

        “I notice that my hands become warm when I increase my breathing. You have given the reason for this.”

        —R. Praveen, Technical Consultant, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Hip pain linked to contoured chair design

        “I just wanted to say Thank You for your article on hip pain. I went to numerous doctors, had x-rays, took pain killers — everything. Every day was filled with pain and the nights were even worse. I felt like someone had pounded on the sides of my hips with a hammer. Visits to the chiropractor would give me some relief, but then in a couple of days, the pain was back.

        And then, I read your article about contoured furniture causing hip pain. Could it be that simple? Well, I was willing to try anything. I immediately swapped my modern “ergonomically” correct office chair for an old, neglected flat adjustable typist chair like the one pictured in your article. (I work at a computer — sitting about seven hours a day, five days a week). I could tell a difference almost immediately. Within a week, my pain was gone. I couldn’t believe it. No more pain killers, no more daily and nightly pain. I changed the toilet seats, “evened” out the contour seat in my car with a cushion, and thank God I came across your article. It’s like a miracle to me. Thank you for this article from the bottom of my heart.

        I lived with the pain for over three years. I was told I’d have to get heel inserts to correct my pelvis alignment.” I was told that there wasn’t anything wrong. I was told that I was “just overweight, and needed to lose weight.” I was told that at 46, that I “wasn’t a spring chicken” and probably had some arthritis. My boss bought two different, very expensive ergonomic chairs to help alleviate the pain. And yes, they were contoured. And no, they did not help at all. In fact, after reading your article, I tried to find a chair in our office catalog that wasn’t contoured, and there wasn’t a single one. Your article, out there free for anyone that wants to read it, was a miracle for me. Thank you — I’m sure you’ve probably helped a lot more people than you know.”

        —Tammy Brewer

        “The gift of your article and information about hip pain and contour chairs is probably the most valuable thing I’ve been given in a long time. I just wanted to write and thank you for your article on ‘mystery hip pain.’ I have been suffering from horrible hip pain for the past three years. I have been searching for answers for a long time about hip pain. I would use Google every other month, looking for answers and this is the first thing that has worked, including advice from doctors, expensive prescriptions, chairs of all kinds. I thank you for this. Keep up your work — it is making a difference! I have spent hundreds of dollars on doctor visits. I’ve been put on medication for swelling and pain. The next steps were as drastic as cortisone shots or hip replacement. I’ve tried everything to stop the pain over the past three years. I thought maybe one leg was larger then the other so I bought shoe lifts. I’ve been through many many different chairs, lots of doctors and tons of pain! However, five minutes after reading your article and doing some testing of my own, the hip pain was gone! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the time and energy you put into making this article. It put an end to my pain! I was at the point were I could no longer sit. I use the computer a lot and I also watercolor paint a lot. So I had to rig my desk so I could stand the entire time when using a computer or painting. I think being close to 7ft tall doesn't help either. The ‘stress relieving concave chairs’ were destroying my hips. And once I started looking for them I found them EVERYWHERE I sat! — in my car, at my desk, at work. So after 3 years of pain, over a thousand dollars in chairs and doctor visits, I can finally say I found out what was causing my pain and put an end to it! Thank you again for your site and article. You have saved my life from a lot of pain. Keep up the great work it is making a difference!”

      —Eric M., Maryland

Free Music Instruction Tips Testimonials.

Pianists’ pain-prevention tips

        “Just thought I’d email to say thank you for your notes on pain-free piano playing. I believe they’re going to be extremely valuable for me throughout my life! Cheers.”

        —Sylvie Millard, Australia

        “I used a piece of wood to tilt my bottom keyboard up at the shows this weekend. It worked great, the angle of my wrist felt much better, and now i don’t feel guilty about standing up. What a great idea! Thanks.”

        —Brad Legant, Teacher, Los Angeles

Ten amazing free secrets improve sight-reading

        “I like the tips on piano sight-reading. I always felt that there must be some catch in piano reading. It cannot be that tedious to learn! The steps suggested were good.”

        —Marshal, Selango, Malaysia

Piano Lessons Myths

        “I am a learning psychologist with extensive specialization in cognitive stratgeies, metacgonition, curriculum and related topics. I also have the joy of an eight year old daughter who has been studying piano for two years. I constantly try to help her and encourage her. I find your various comments quite useful and helpful Also they square with my understanding of how children learn. Many thanks.”

        —Dr. Clifton Chadwick


Easy chord construction formulas

        “I believe your short writing on Chord Construction is the most concise, well written and helpful piece of work I’ve ever read.”

        —Lawrence E. Eaton (Larry)

        “I’m taking an online music course for college credit and I’m so lost. But then I found your site about triads and 7ths. Let me tell you what. It was just what I was looking for. Thank you. Very simple to understand. It finally makes sense to me..”

        —Kristopher Crane, Student

        “The chord change lessons were very helpful,. Thanks for making it available.”

        —Kameya Green, High School Student and Saxophonist
        Philadelphia, PA

Nine easy tips increase hand warmth

Free Web Design Resources Testimonials.

Custom 404 Error Message Prevents Customer Loss

        “Very helpful. I already knew this information, but it explained it better than I have seen anywhere else. Thank you for your efforts.”

        —Tony Morgan,

Three easy steps create password protection for digitally deliverable products using only FTP

Why can’t I get back? Helpful free tips and explanations

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