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        Many people have given praise for our products and information. Find the product you are looking for below. All of the following testimonials and endorsements are from real people and are on file.

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Evolving Through Grief (ebook)

        “I am fascinated by both the content and the author..and it gave me HOPE. I have felt my son, and I realize now I have been closed for him to talk with me or let me know he is here, I was afraid...but no more. I also was so happy to read the steps I can and need to go through. It is a beginning of a healing for this mother. God bless you, and the lovely mother who shared her story and the courage to do so.”

        —Gail Carlton
        Custer, WA

        “I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand the psyche of grieving parents, to anyone who has also lost a child, or to anyone who has suffered loss of any kind, not just because the book is written in a practical and honest format, but also because it is uplifting and inspiring.

        One client was a middle-aged woman suffering from severe depression that had been going on for five years, following the death of her son. After reading Roe's book, she said that it gave her an anchor, providing a language with which to interpret her own sorrow. But most importantly, it gave her hope and encouraged her to move forward in her own grief work, inspiring her to face her sorrow, knowing that someone else had been through it and had emerged whole again.”

        —Katia Torrelli,
        Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist,
        Taos, New Mexico

        “The way the author correlates coping with loss to the trimesters of pregnancy is unique. Most of the information in the book is based on sound approaches to grief work: the need to express feelings, rest, exercise, healthy eating, and finding support through faith, family, and friends. (Small editorial problems) do not diminish the significance of this book or its potential to help other grieving parents.”

        Foreword Magazine
        Reviews of Good Books Independently Published
        Volume 10, Number 1


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