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Sound Healing Testimonials


        Many people have given praise for our products and information. Find the product you are looking for below. All of the following testimonials and endorsements are from real people and are on file.

        If you have positive or critical comments about any of our products or services we’d love to hear from you too! Please go to our Comments Form.

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AIDS (.mp3)

        If you have positive or critical comments about any of our products or services we’d love to hear from you too! Please go to our Comments Form.

Cancer (.mp3)

        “This is the best music for me that I've found! Your music is a blessing to my emotional, physical and spiritual soul! Thank you.”

        —Sara Yotter, Seymour, WI

        “The first time I listened to it, I felt pins and needles in my legs and hands. Images of my getting angry with people helped to remember and release past hurts and consequent anger. I have listened to it 6 times now and each session has a powerful impact! The ‘Cancer’ music has been very helpful in my emotional processing. Awesome! A heartfelt thank-you, Howard! I shall recommend your work.”

        Rob Willmott, Wiltshire, UK

        “I listened to it five times the first day, twice the second. I already notice my verbal responses changing as I’m coming less from a position of deep anger and resentment. I am also seeing my eczema-type rashes (which I’ve had for years now) gradually disappearing. I recommend this music to everyone because it is a personal, gentle way to release pent-up emotion.”

        —Sussan, Businesswoman, Auckland, NZ

        “I laughed. I cried. I met demons who chased me, fought with me and who, when I won the fight, became my friends. I danced through a shower of light so healing, it brought me to my knees in gratefulness. And all these things happened to me as I listened to a piece of music composed especially for people with cancer.”

—Name withheld by request

        “A variety of thoughts and emotions would pass through my mind while listening to the tape. These would range from anger and hostility to feelings of peace. Several times, during the final portion of the tape, I would find myself visualizing good things about myself, usually in the form of a white healing light.”

—Name withheld by request

        “I was surprised at how the tape ends. I always think the music ends differently and I’m surprised when the ending comes.”

—Name withheld by request

        If you have positive or critical comments about any of our products or services we’d love to hear from you too! Please go to our Comments Form.

Feeling Stressed (.mp3)

        “I was laying on the bed and I could smell three distinctive odors I haven’t even thought about for a long time, which were pleasant odors to me. And then I felt like crying and my leg was moving in time with the rhythm in small short contractions and my knee, which has been bothering me off and on since July, — it was releasing the tension in my knee by that movement! And when I got done listening the pain was gone in that knee. It just released that stress so quickly! I was amazed! If that’s all it ever does for me it’s well worth the price. And I'm sure it will help me in much more ways as I continue to use it. Thank you very much for your music and your tape and I’ll continue to let you know of good things that happen to me. Thank you!”

        —Susan Egbert, recovering from brain injury,
        South Jordan, UT

        “As a stress mastery trainer I have had the opportunity to investigate and experience a wide variety of stress management strategies. Yours is truly unique. While other auditory programs may produce limited and short-range symptomatic relief, ‘Feeling Stressed’ appears to actually support my ability to be centered.”

—Marc Mintz, President, Excellence in Mind, Las Vegas, NV

        “At a time when I experienced a great deal of stress, I used Feeling Stressed to help me regain my focus and equilibrium. The piano melodies cleared my mind and relaxed my body.”

—Mike Roberts, Manager, Health Promotion and Fitness Program,
Executive Life Insurance, Company, Los Angeles, CA

        “We were in the middle of a press meeting when suddenly we noticed some very lyrical, joyful music and really got drawn into it, transported away.”

—Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw, Research Scientists,
Authors of the #1 Bestseller, “Life Extension:
A Practical Scientific Approach,” Los Angeles, CA

        “Thank you for a significant inner experience.”

—John Freer, MD, Psychiatrist,
Counseling and Psychotherapy Center, Lexington, KY

        “Playing the tape seemed to create an atmosphere in the unit which was light and far less chaotic than usual. I would highly recommend Feeling Stressed as a means of decreasing anxiety and providing a soothing atmosphere.”

—Nancy Koprak, Dance Therapist,
Maimonides Community Mental Health Center, NY

        “I remember as a child going to the piano in a rage and thrashing out thunder and lightning. After a while, depending on how angry I was, the music became more peaceful, finally ending, as I listened to the last notes fade away. I went back downstairs centered and at peace. I was happy to see someone taking that process and making a difference in other people’s lives. Thanks again. keep up the good work.”

        —Kim Starner, Musician, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

        “While recuperating from surgery last year I played the tape several times a day. The music is beautiful and reflects so many wonderful things in life. I continue to play the tape when feeling stressed due to my very busy schedule. I have also found it very soothing when trying to get back to sleep after being called to the emergency room at three o’clock in the morning. The Feeling Stressed tape is the most effective music that I have heard for stress and relaxation. I shall recommend it to my friends, colleagues, and especially my new mothers.”

—Marvin Nierenberg, M.D., Encino, CA

        “The music helps me focus. Listening to Feeling Stressed I find that I’m more relaxed mentally and physically.”

—Sherry Highlander, M.A., MFCC,
Los Angeles, CA

        “Feeling Stressed is very beneficial to me in my fast-paced environment. There is a real connection between mental and physical relaxation, in my opinion, as the tape provides me a respite which I can use to reduce physical tension and stress. The Feeling Stressed tape is both unique and most worthwhile to anyone who requires a few moments of “escape” from the daily pressures an routines which seem to capitalize our time and, sometimes, our lives.”

—William F. Haug, Executive Director,
Motion Picture & Television Fund, Woodland Hills, CA

        “Beautiful playing from a beautiful soul.”

—Jonathan Goldman, Director,
Sound Healers Association, Lexington, MA

        “I was a skeptic at first. I didn’t understand why this would work any better than a good classical tape. I usually studied for about ten hours straight and then wouldn’t be able to turn my mind off. I would just lie in bed. One particular night I was lying in bed for two hours and I thought I would give it a try. It was incredible! In the first 30 seconds all the tension just completely washed out of my body. There’s one section in the music where I could actually feel all the stress in my body and it became very acute. Then the music wiped it out even more completely than before. I then fell right to sleep.”

—Rowland Weinstein, Former USC Accounting Student,
Accountant, Arthur Anderson, & Co., Los Angeles, CA

        “It is necessary for me to write you immediately to let you know of the incredible effectiveness of your stress reduction cassette tape. Five years ago, TMJ was diagnosed and treated for over six months with extensive and expensive physical and psychological therapy. At the end of that time I was aware of the causes and learned new ways of conducting my lifestyle in order to keep the symptoms in check. Just recently, a flare up occurred and the symptoms were raging once again. When I listened to your tape, I felt more relief than anything else has ever been able to produce. I listened to the tape before going to sleep and was able to wind down immediately and sleep, which as been a problem in the past. Thank you for your awareness of the need for this kid of healing assistance. It is greatly appreciated.”

—Cheryl Russell, Owner, Art of Traveling,
Manhattan Beach, CA

        “I felt that my body became light. While listening to the music my body wanted to move. Tears, pain... I could see many kinds of colors and movements. After I listened I could see things and people very clearly. My mind and body feel perfectly integrated. I now feel more open to other people.”

—Asakawa Shizuko, Artist, Art Teacher,
Tokyo, Japan

        “I have been free of my back pain since I started using your tape.”

—Milton Snyder, Santa Monica, CA

        “I have faithfully played the tape for three nights, just before going to bed. I’m sorry to tell you that I have no idea what the rest of the tape sounds like. After the C9 arpeggios right around the middle of the tape, I must fall into a deep sleep!”

—Tessie Chua Chiaco, Piano Teacher,
Confirmed Insomniac, Newhall, CA

        “There is always one cassette in my briefcase to accompany me on my many trips throughout the country and internationally. The first thing I do upon boarding my plane is to strap myself in. The next is to put Feeling Stressed in my cassette player, push my recline button, then COOL OUT! I cannot imagine my being without this wonderful tool.”

—Burton M. Taylor Senior Vice-President,
Agency for the Performing Arts, Los Angeles, CA

        “I remember one day I had such a bad headache I wished I could cut my head off! I desperately sought the tape. The music was so comforting I fell asleep and awoke with no pain. I think you are a musical genius!”

—Sheryl Noday, Photographer, Hollywood, CA

        “I would strongly recommend it as a standard item for everyone’s home supplies when stress and pain complicate a medical condition. No other tape has been as useful.”

—Sally Harrison, M.A., Psychologist,
Quest Management Consultants, Fallbrook, CA

        “I have been listening to your stress tape while running. I have found, to my surprise, that not only does my stress level decrease but I find myself relaxing while I’m running. As a result, I am finding that I have more endurance. When I finish running, I am a new person. Thank you for your wonderful music.”

—Manena Seamons, Professional Parent,
Gerontologist, Los Angeles, CA

        “I have suffered from severe migraine headaches for years. The medications my doctor prescribed just seemed to delay the pain or had unpleasant side effects. Listening to your tape during a migraine, I am able to relax to the point that I actually sleep. I have learned to listen to Feeling Stressed when I first become aware of the migraine symptoms and find that, after the tape-induced sleep, those symptoms are either gone or are drastically reduced to a manageable intensity. Thanks to your tape my health has really improved.”

—S. Diana Roth, Los Angeles, CA

        If you have positive or critical comments about any of our products or services we’d love to hear from you too! Please go to our Comments Form.

Music for Birth (.mp3)

        “It was incredible! it got me to relax with a free and clear mind. I hope to continue to use it, as well as, during labor and delivery.”

—Melinda Crown, Mother, Homemaker, Calabasas, CA

        “I listened to it during my pregnancy and found it to be very helpful as a relaxation aid, and I’m sure my sense of well-being was transmitted to my unborn child as well.”

—Name withheld by request

        “We played lots of music during labor. While playing yours, Davina pushed her arm through and broke my water!”

—Galiana Williams, London, UK

        “After using the tape, for the first time, I felt the reality of the gift of this baby for myself and my family. I experienced a feeling of inner joy that has meant so much to me ever since”

—Name withheld by request

        “The Birth tape often puts me to sleep, at a time when sleep does not come easy in this last trimester. I get a feeling of peace and well-being whenever I hear it.”

—Name withheld by request

        “One occasion in particular stands out in my mind. I was trying to feed her from the bottle with piercing cries and wild thrashings. I walked with her to calm her down, then tried to feed her again with the same results. Finally, I put on the tape and she immediately quieted down and began drinking from the bottle! My husband and I have been very impressed with the results and will continue to play it for our daughter in the future.”

—Name withheld by request

        If you have positive or critical comments about any of our products or services we’d love to hear from you too! Please go to our Comments Form.

Music for Children (.mp3)

        “I have been using your Music for Children to heal over several years. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Aren't the angels smart finding a nice willing channel like you! I have worked with lots of sexual abuse victims in particular. I have seen children healed IMMEDIATELY!!”

        —Sara Straub, Cooroy, Australia

        “I’ve read the Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein dozens of times to classes, but this time I played the song ‘stress’ as background music and it really seemed to make an impact. You could tell by the students’ eyes. I might add that I even felt different reading the story. Several students commented afterward that the music was very beautiful. One young man said, ‘I don’t know why I felt like crying about half way through the story, I’ve heard it before and I’m not an emotional kind-of-guy.’ I said it must be Silverstein’s thoughts on life with neat music in the background that creates this response, and he agreed. I plan on telling other stories with music in the background. I would like to use ‘sad’ and ‘happy’ which I like a great deal.”

—Terrence Jozwik, MS ED, World Religion Teacher,
Glenbrook South High School, Glenview, Il

        “Howard Richman’s music has a very soothing effect on children. When they are given the freedom to express themselves in the atmosphere of his music they relax and become more open. The sounds are sympathetic with their feelings and that always makes children feel better.”

—Courtney Campbell, Children’s Songwriter and
Performer, Roundstone Records, Los Angeles, CA

        “Music for Children is an exciting and important resource alone or in conjunction with other therapeutic tools in my special education classroom. The music is adaptable to any age student on any functioning level. It can be used again and again, with ever-new discoveries possible for both teacher and student. The music enriches the experience of each activity. The longer I work with it the more valuable it becomes to my program.”

—Rebecca Schacht, M.A., Special Education
Teacher, Vista del Mar, Los Angeles, CA

        “I’m very glad to meet my child within. I’m very happy to play with her and to communicate with her whenever I want, since I began listening to the Music for Children tape.”

—Junko Takihara, Accupuncturist,
Tokyo, Japan

        “My students like to create their own movement as well as draw to the different selections — ‘mad’ and ‘sad’ are favorites! The music allows them to explore their feelings in a non-threatening way. I feel strongly that the music helps the students get in touch with and begin to resolve their feelings.”

—Susan Wingfield, Teacher for Emotionally
Disturbed Children, San Diego, CA

        If you have positive or critical comments about any of our products or services we’d love to hear from you too! Please go to our Comments Form.

Music for Intimacy (.mp3)

        “We’ve listened to it both separately and together and have each felt a benefit in our feelings.”

—Name withheld by request

        If you have positive or critical comments about any of our products or services we’d love to hear from you too! Please go to our Comments Form.

Original Piano Solos (.mp3)

        If you have positive or critical comments about any of our products or services we’d love to hear from you too! Please go to our Comments Form.

Scleroderma (.mp3)

        “I love listening to the tape since it relieves a great deal of tension. Using imagery, I can expel the energy used for anger into energy for my paintings or class stimulation. Thank you for your work!”

—Natasha Lubin, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Teacher of gifted children,
 Artist, Theatre Coordinator, Los Angeles, CA

        “I found the more I listened to it the more in tune my body and mind responded. Certain rhythms had me moving different parts of my body. I would recommend it to others to be used to relax. I told my doctor about it also.”

—Jo Ann Clapsaddle,
Thousand Oaks, CA

        “I was aware of a feeling of agitation. It was uncomfortable, like my system was being scrubbed internally by a hard bottle brush. I felt things moving around. As the music subdued at last, I felt more of a peaceful sensation. I believe the music caused a loosening of energy blocks, allowing my body to contribute to its own healing process. A powerful, primordial tool.”

—Karina Nilsen, M.A.

        If you have positive or critical comments about any of our products or services we’d love to hear from you too! Please go to our Comments Form.

Sound Portrait (personalized CD)

        “You created the most dazzling sound portrait of me, which I assume came only from the vibes between us, as we had never met before that evening. As a musical composition on it’s own, I was thrilled by the exciting collection of melodic rhythms and the transitions from one mood-rhythm to another. I am highly flattered that I was the source of such inspiring music.”

—Gene Nelson, Dancer

        “I’ll never forget that Moment in Time when you removed your Self from the creation of a ‘Sound Portrait’ of me. You didn’t really seem to be creating a Piece of Artwork; your hands just moved, as if you were guided by a Silent Source that was present. I knew, within a few moments that the Creation was Me, and that I was partially there, in The Room. I recall some magical or unusual lights at times that flickered with different lights and colors, and they moved from the ceiling area, down to you and your music area, but they would travel in different ways. The light patterns would occasionally go away, and allow me to fully immerse myself in Me. If you were to play 100 of your intuitive Movements, I would absolutely know Who I am, by the Grace of God. What a blessing You are to This Universe. Thank You, Forever”

        Cathy White,
        Rolling Hills Estates, CA

        “What an amazing experience. It touched a place of longing for things deep inside me that I was able to see/feel with intense honesty and safety. Tears came as I felt myself moving through different emotions and feelings and then being able to observe their interconnectedness. It is very hard to put the experience into words!”

—Doreen Gagnon, Health Promotion Specialist,
Dept. of Navy/Marine Corps, Camp Pendleton, CA

        “We all danced together — Richman, his fingers and my soul. Richman is ahead of the world that is waiting. He is the future of spirit music that blossoms from the inner self.”

—Levi Lemberger, Educator, Writer,
Miami, FL

        “You are SO talented... I LOVE my sound portrait and all the great info that came along with it. I will do as you say and report back. It brings me joy AND inspiration.”

        Carmen D Cisneros

        “Howard Richman has reconnected me to the path of ‘Who I Am.’ His musical insight and intuitiveness are, without question, ‘A Gift’ from a higher power. I have been truly been affected by my Sound Portrait.”

        Cathy White
        Author and Lyricist

        “I have never thought it is possible to create an image of a human soul. Therefore I felt very moved and surprised when listening to my Sound Portrait. I could see in this music what I am, with all my feelings, longing, experiences, and dreams. It helps me to bear what comes. You have a very rare gift.

—Andrzej Boryna, Recording Engineer,
Ananda Music, Torun, Poland

        “I think you are great!”

—Sybil Brand, Chairman, Institutional Inspection
Commission of Los Angeles County

        “Just a note to say THANKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! I just received my ‘song.’ I am overwhelmed with how accurate and beautiful it is. Even the stormy part. I am amazed at how you do this!!! In short, to borrow a line from the story ‘Jane Eyre’ Mr. Howard Richman, ‘You have me utterly!’ Thanks again.”

        —Paulette from Las Vegas, NV 

        “Howard’s music is so personal that it feels like a voice, having an intimate conversation with the parts of yourself you thought only you know... Even better, it is a voice that acknowledges, understands, positively supports, leading to new insights and higher places.”

—Maria Kostelas, Director,
Flutes of the World, Culver City, CA

        “Your Sound Portrait inspired a fresh understanding of creative expression I never imagined existed within myself.”

—Klara Irene Miracle, Actress,
 Los Angeles, CA

        “Howard Richman has the ability to work with the sympathetic resonance of a human being and come up with something that is not only harmonious, but really beautiful.”

—Jennifer Butler, Color & Design Specialist,
In Living Color, Los Angeles, CA

        “I found Howard to be a vivid performer who was able to extract personality traits from me without my knowing it and play his impressions of what and who I am with grace. Howard was able to play part of a composition that I started when I was only 10 years old and that neither my husband or any of my current friends or attendees to this event had ever heard. It was quite amazing and inspirational to me. Thank you for this beautiful opportunity Howard!”

—Valli Aman, The New Age Reporter,
Host & Exec. Producer of “Visions,” Hollywood, CA

        “From my Sound Portrait I have found a source of inner power and strength when I don’t have it.”

—Buddy Daniels, Actor, Hairdesigner,
N.L.P. Therapist, West Hills, CA

        “Your portrait helped me to get in touch with myself from the inside out... a gentle message from ny higher self/soul, or inner guidance that was agreeing with what you played, and said to me, ‘listen! Look at this! Learn from it!’ The info came from an awareness that started from within, that I could really trust.”

—Florence Riggs, M.M., C.T.C.,
Vocal Teacher/Technician, Voice Therapist,
Toning Practitioner, Sherman Oaks, CA

        “Whenever I listen to the sounds on that tape, my childhood comes flooding back, and I am on my bicycle with the wind in my hair, and the sun on my face, like a happy dog leaning out a car window, or, flying across the winter ice, all crackly and alive! Then suddenly I am an adult and the joys of my children surround me with their enthusiasm and excitement for their own newness. Each time it is different. Thank you for recreating my life. I’d forgotten it was so fulfilling.”

—Nanci J. Hartland, President,
Lifetracks, La Costa, CA

        “Your Music changes the energy of the room the moment you start to play.”

—Beverly J. Gaard, D.D., Ph.D., President,
A Way of Life, Sherman Oaks, CA

        “Howard Richman must surely have been gifted with a refined perception. It is as if he expresses the finest fabrics of one’s inner being and reveals truly the tempo in which one expresses his energy in life.”

—Sophie Calabrese, Business Consultant,
Transcendental Meditation Teacher, Geneva, Switzerland

        “I found it incredible that the music expressed the emotions that were inside of me. I could recognize areas of stress and areas of contentment in the music that mirrored perfectly events taking place in my life. ‘How can he know this?’ was the question that kept coming to mind. Howard Richman possesses a unique gift of insight that allows him to intuit the experiences of another, and to express those experiences in music.”

—Karla Edwards, Financial Consultant,
New York Life Insurance Company,
Woodland Hills, California.

        If you have positive or critical comments about any of our products or services we’d love to hear from you too! Please go to our Comments Form.

Intestinal Plaque Loosener - Sound Wave Pattern

        “The Intestinal Plaque Loosener is awesome! I had to stop in the middle because I had to go to the bathroom! So far, I am happy to report I have had a great healthy bowel movement after each time I listen to it. The vibrational sound really does work. Thank you for this great innovation.”

        —Diane Page, Norfolk, Virginia

        “The Intestinal Plaque Loosener is truly unbelievable. I just used a portable cd player and headphones. My stomach actually was making eerie creaking noises like a creaking door. Had gas, listened at night before bed, and when I woke up in morning, eliminated and looked in the mirror, and I could swear my tummy was half the size!!!”

        —Fran Pilgreen, Woodland Hills, CA

        “Your Intestinal Plaque Remover got my bowel brew! ing this morning. yesterday I indulged in some Mediterranean food, so pita bread galore. I did not have my formula # 1 with me and got home late. took it this morning, drank a ton of water, nada. it wasn't until I sat with your sound wave. minutes later I was releasing! it would have taken hours or the entire day for that to happen, so I want to say grats! will be writing about it soon!”

        —Carmen D. Cisneros
        Author of “
        Hollywood’s Ageless Beauty Secrets

        “I downloaded it and played it through our Tactile Sound Table. Works great in the table and produced a full ‘dump truck.’ Excellent! We are doing an herbal cleanse at the moment, so it fits in great.”

        Stephen Deuel,
        Designer of the Vibroacoustic Tactile Sound Massage Table

Ease Chronic Pain - Book/CD

        “I found myself going into a quiet reverie and thought that the music was beautiful and relaxing. I’d like to try this with my chronic pain patients. I can see where this guided imagery CD would be helpful for those with chronic pain. I particularly liked the images of energy body and energy sponge soaking up the discomfort. As mentioned in the beginning of the CD when we are in pain we often feel disconnected from our bodies. Therefore, this approach allows for reintegration without causing the client to feel overwhelmed (because often dissociation is a maladaptive way to manage chronic pain and people might be fearful of this). The imagery helps negotiate that impasse. Other positive points include a gentle voice and good sound. This was nice work. I would recommend it to my clients.”

        —Teresa M. Andreoli, Psy.D., Psychology Assistant,
        Psychotherapy Pain Management,
        Brain Therapy Center, Westlake Village, CA

        “It was week two after undergoing a major surgery and I was writhing in pain. I was having a problem easing off of my narcotic pain medications. Howard, my friend since elementary school, knew I was going through a rough time and sensed that the pain management book/CD might help me. I remember playing the CD and being very open to it because I knew that Howard was a brillant pianist and a very kind and healing person. I definitely had an out of body experience while I listened to the sounds. I focused on the music healing the area where the surgery had taken place. When the discordant notes were played, I imagined them vacuuming up all the painful energy within my body. I completely surrendered to the suggestions of the CD and was totally open to the power of the healing thoughts that were spoken. A few hours later I woke up from the experience to find that the excruciating pain that had been tormenting me was GONE. After listening to the CD, I was able to dramatically reduce my narcotic pain medications until I got off of them completely. I believe the pain management CD sped up my healing process and I will be forever grateful to Howard for giving me such an important gift of healing.”

        Carole Medway, B.A., R.N.
        Tarzana, CA

        (music) “When I listen to the music it takes me into areas of my body where I’m holding tension, and then moves me through the tension and into relaxation. My abdomen actually clenches up in the beginning of the music, and toward the end I feel relaxed. In between sometimes I have images and recollections that are related to the stress. I’ve listened to the music 15 times or so and can see there’s a gradual process unfolding. Howard’s ability to use music to reflect and release tension in the body is truly a gift!”

        (guided imagery) “I love Judy’s voice! It felt so natural to follow her guided imagery. I was particularly moved by the “green light” when she said something about renewing the cells in my body – I actually moved as the light came through me! This was such a freeing experience! Thank you – I loved it!”

        —Lori Landau, MFT

        “I had major surgery due to an old injury that would not heal or allow me fall sleep (and stay asleep) at night. Following the surgery, I was in a lot of pain and did not want to take pain meds outside my hospital stay. I could not sit or stand up straight, or take a deep breath without feeling pain. I couldn’t even begin my physical therapy because the pain was unbearable. After listening to your CD the very first time, I was able to sit and stand up straight AND take deep breaths all without pain. Minutes later, I was dancing and days later I began my physical therapy. Thank you Howard and Judy fo!r making it possible to ‘ease my chronic pain’ quickly and without drugs.”

        —Sun Rose, Founder,

        “You are most talented. I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a connective tissue disorder that causes severe joint hypermobility and organ displacement. This has resulted in 21 surgeries, with mixed results. Pain is my constant companion, and your CD is so helpful that I actually got addicted to it at first, and listened 4 or 5 times a day for a couple weeks. Now it's place is more balanced among my meditation repertoire, but it's among my very favorites. I bought a copy for my friend who has fibromyalgia, etc., and she loved it, too.”

        —Jennifer Gal,
        Indianapolis, IN

        “The music made me feel light, as if I were floating through the air; sometimes resting by the still waters of a quiet stream – sometimes by a roaring ocean! I felt like a bird at times – flitting from place to place – sometimes soaring up high and other times just coasting along enjoying the view. It was like “an out of body experience” at times. There was no feeling of pain, fear or sorrow; only ecstasy and joy!”

        —Dee Sabino, West Hills, CA

        Music: “I perceived this musical experience much like progressive relaxation exercise, incorporating periods of stress/tension followed by resolve/relaxation. Very relaxing.”
        Guided imagery: “Very soothing and relaxing. Loved the voice quality and imagery.”

        —Renata Decher, MS, Master of Physical Therapy,
        TIA, Woodland Hills, CA

        Music: “I did experience some tingling in my mid thoracic area radiating throughout my trunk and arms. I have a thoracic abnormality which occasionally causes pain and I came with pain tonight. As the music softened I felt more release in my muscle tension.”
        Guided Imagery: “My body responded well to the guided imagery. I noticed a significant decrease in muscular tension resulting in decreased thoracic pain. A sense of well being followed the guided imagery.”

        —Kim Archer, Physical Therapist, Therapeutic Assoc. Inc.,
        MPTV Fund, TAI, Woodland Hills, CA

        “I was able to get some to relax and distance myself from my specific back pain. I also was able to get some numbness in my toes and hands. I also was able to totally separate my self being from awareness around me like sound sleep but awake without any feeling of pressure or tenseness.”

        —Houshang Shohet, B.S. M.S. Engineer,
        Department of Transportation, LA, CA

        “I found myself falling asleep.”

        —DeAnna Ashton

        “Very Relaxing! About half way into the music I began to feel myself (mostly my neck & back) beginning to feel the flow of the music.”

        —Leonor Howell, BA, Education

        “Musical track had an overall calming effect. I felt a slight reduction in pain.”

        —Kai Charles, Massage Therapist

        “The music itself was BEAUTIFUL. Very relaxing. Like a floating butterfly. Very relaxed now. At the beginning my heart was racing. Judy’s visual was beautiful, your voice was very relaxing.”

        —Julia Scheff

        Music: “At some point I felt sensation in the right breast. I was surprised at the end that 25 minutes had elapsed. I don’t have chronic pain, but I carry chronic tension in my body.”
        Imagery: “It felt as if I was getting what I had wanted from another person. Tears came down my face. The rooting, feeling of safety, is something else I have yearned for. Very powerful. The energy sponge imagery was particularly helpful.”

        —Rae Markus, M.S., Counseling,
        Career Counselor, Northridge, CA

        “I actually had the time to sit down and try the CD last week at a time when my pain was high enough that I would ordinarily have reached for pain meds. I sat down and listened to the CD instead and my experience was that I enjoyed your piano music and when that part of the CD was finished I got up and walked around the room briefly so I could see what was happening with my pain. I think I noticed a small diminishment and at the time I wondered if it was due to the music or due to the fact that I sat down and rested for a bit.”

        —Cheryl Rhoads, Topanga, CA

        “I have used music and guided imagery with yoga and self-hypnosis for over 30 years and I find that your concept of activating and drawing forth pain with music and imagery is very sound and beneficial.”

          —Michael J. Galloway, Licensed Massage Therapist,
          Burbank, CA

        “About 15 minutes in, I was seeing a small figure with a silver dollar size piece of something stuck ion to the back of the neck/upper back area. Then it was removed and I saw that there was dirt under there from all the years the mark had been stuck on. Then someone started wiping the dirt off a bit at a time with something like a Q-tip. At this point in the reverie, I realized I was the figure, the mark was a hard flat thing made of life experiences, stress, pain, etc. and now it was removed, the musical notes were the Q-tips, slowly, carefully washing off the marks of the pain that had built up like years of dirt. When the last resolving chord was heard, I KNEW that was the end, even before the sound of the last chord ended.”

        —Soraya Newell, Retired English Teacher,
        Los Angeles, CA

        “Once I had finished listening to the music I felt more relaxed, rested and at peace. I didn’t notice this while the music was playing. However, I did feel the long term effects of the whole piece after it was over. The guided imagery gave my body a sense of wholeness uniting the physical body with the mind and gaining a greater sense of awareness and energy. It helped take away the negative and restore new energy and hope. I felt like I took time out to take care of myself.”

        —Andrea Wasserman, Physical Therapist, PT, PhD,
        Woodland Hills, CA

        “As the music started, I didn’t realize that I had been sitting so stiffly – as it progressed I found my body slowly entering a total relaxation, my legs uncrossed, my fingers became lax and my shoulders as well. I was left feeling rested, not as cognizant of my pain. I enjoyed that.”

        —June Lorch, West Hills, CA

        “The guided imagery was like hypnotherapy. Very relaxed, almost an altered state. Probably would have gone to sleep under the right conditions. The speaker’s voice was very pleasant and soothing.”

        —Stan Hart

        Music: “Surprisingly, my mind did not wander. It was completely just involved in listening to the music. I usually cannot sit for 25 min. (even 5 min.) without being annoyed at not actually physically doing something which I think is productive or just busy work or doing something other than just sitting. Actually, I just don’t relax at doing nothing. But I had no problem just listening to the music. I found it melodic. I was not bothered by any of it.”
        Guided Imagery: “It always takes me awhile to relax into guided imagery. But I did relax – the music was very soothing. I did not fall asleep.”

        —Eileen Guliasi,
        Arthritis Foundation PACE Fitness instructor

        “I presume we would have to listen to the CD a couple of times – at least – to feel its full impact. But after listening only once to it this evening I felt already the calming effects on my system when the music started to fade away in softer notes. I felt as peace all through the presentation. That was soothing and refreshing. I suppose it would be even more so when I listen to it again and follow more thoroughly the directives. Thank you very much to both of you for this beneficial evening.”

        —Elie Soriano, Winnetka, CA

        “I felt quite relaxed and at peace – nothing came into my mind – except the music that was very calming. I actually could see the beam golden ball, green leaf; once again I was very relaxed and peaceful; the voice was very calming and soothing.”

        —Corinne Soriano, Winnetka, CA

Music for Dementia Anxiety (.mp3)

        “Howard Richman’s work is rich and rewarding. His music has had a soothing impact on patients on our Palliative Care service. He is focused on a beneficial music therapy experience for his clients, and it is a pleasure to work with him.”

        Lesli Leder, RN, CHPN, Palliative Care Manager,
        Motion Picture and Television Fund,
        Woodland Hills, CA

 Music for Transition (.mp3)

        “Howard Richman’s work is rich and rewarding. His music has had a soothing impact on patients on our Palliative Care service. He is focused on a beneficial music therapy experience for his clients, and it is a pleasure to work with him.”

        Lesli Leder, RN, CHPN, Palliative Care Manager,
        Motion Picture and Television Fund,
        Woodland Hills, CA

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