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        Many people have given praise for our products and information. Find the product you are looking for below. All of the following testimonials and endorsements are from real people and are on file.

        If you have positive or critical comments about any of our products or services we’d love to hear from you too! Please go to our Comments Form.

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Emergency Contact Card (card)

        “We recently had a family member who had to go into the hospital emergency room and almost did not come out because she did not have an ‘Emergency Contact Card’ listing her allergies and she was unable to communicate with anyone at the time. If this person had the ‘Emergency Contact Card’ this close call with death would not have happened. All my family now has the ‘Emergency Contact Card’ and these cards are going to be beneficial in so many ways and will give us all a little extra piece of mind.

        —Donna Ort, Coppell, TX

        “...By the time a paramedic or other emergency worker locates someone’s physician or next-of-kin, precious time may have been lost. The paper cards have a bright red medical logo on the front that clearly identifies them to emergency personnel.”

—Maturity News Service

        “The Emergency Contact Card assists in contacting everyone important in an emergency. The clearly marked emergency symbol on the card attracts the attention of EMS providers.”

—Emergency Magazine

        If you have positive or critical comments about any of our products or services we’d love to hear from you too! Please go to our Comments Form.

Pain-Free Typing Technique (booklet)

        “You have focused on the cause of carpal tunnel and associated compression syndromes. Your book is practical, functional and a necessity for anyone who types. I will definitely include it as mandatory reading for my doctor/lecture students and patients.”

—Leroy R. Perry Jr., D.C., 5X Olympic Team Doctor/
President, International Sportsmedicine Institute,
Los Angeles, CA

        “Howard Richman’s ‘Pain-Free Typing Technique’ provides clear, simple and easy to understand techniques to reduce or eliminate repetitive strain injury from keyboarding and mousing. This is a ‘must read’ for everybody who spends time at their computers.”

—Howard Glazer, Ph.D., Behavioral Medicine/
Neuromuscular Rehabilitation, Cornell University Medical College,
New York Presbyterian Hospital, New York City, NY

        “I found your booklet, ‘Pain-Free Typing Technique’ to be clear, precise, and on the money regarding the causes of cumulative trauma disorder (CTD) in computer users and other typists. CTD has increased in incidence by over 670% in the last five years! And it is now the top reason for a doctor visit, ahead of low back pain. Your focus on poor ergonomics as a primary cause of CTD is well-founded. At $4.95, this booklet’s a steal! Think of all the money, time and agony to be saved by putting the advice in this book to good use!

—David Drier, D.C., Chiropractic Bodyworker,
Specializing in Deep Myofascial Release for Repetitive Strain Injuries,
Bodyworks, Monroe, NY

        “Your booklet illustrates the optimum position for keyboarding and the use of the mouse.”

—William Kiblinger, M.D.

        “ ‘Pain-Free Typing Technique’ is a clear and concise guide to key elements of the most important tool in preventing computer-related injuries: good typing methods. This is probably the first document I’ve read that attempts to lay out optimum use of laptop keyboards. This booklet is very accessible and gets some central principles across that the reader can then apply.”

—Paul Marxhausen, Engineering Electronics Technician,
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, NE

        “Your page and the pictures should be on every office bulletin board in the world.”

—Lee Hickling, Former Washington correspondent and Musician,
Cobb Island, MD

        “I type all day and play the piano. I have followed your advice and YES, IT HAS HELPED! Thank you so much. I am keeping conscious as to holding my hands, wrists and arms in a straight line, and my wrist pain has been better.”

    Diane Cleary,
    Enrolled Agent, Cleary’s Accounting and Secretarial
    Services, Redondo Beach, CA

        If you have positive or critical comments about any of our products or services we’d love to hear from you too! Please go to our Comments Form.

Stutter Control Drill (booklet)

        “This Stutter Control Drill is extremely interesting and helpful.”

—Malcolm Fraser, Founder
Stuttering Foundation of America
Memphis, TN

        “The Stutter Control Drill is helping me tremendously. I have less fear of forming the words in my mind first and then speaking them. And that’s a great thing because I preach at our church and other churches, as well as train people in fitness education. Now I have more confidence when I get up to speak. Thank you again, Howard, and keep up the great work! God Bless!”

—Smiley Elmore, Ph.D.
Associate Pastor / Fitness Trainer
Forest Park Assembly of God,
Jonesboro, GA

        “You have hit the nail on its head with the problem. The first time I did the drill, I realized that is exactly my problem.”

        —Jeff, Graduate Student

        “I feel that this effort could be very helpful to many people who stutter.”

—Herbert G. Goldberg, President,
Foundation for Fluency, Inc., Skokie, IL

        “My stuttering is all cleared up now, and I have no more problem! What I did was take one of your tips to stop stuttering (tip #2). In one week I got so much better that I could talk well on the phone. I say the word once in my head, then not even a second later, say it verbally. I’m glad I fixed it because I’m only 14 and I’d be stuttering for a lot longer. From this I met two girls already. Thanks!”

      —Carl Michelson

        “I stumbled onto your site on a search from google and it has HELPED! Your tip (#2) is what I’ve been looking for! I knew that when I did a certain thing before I spoke I wouldn’t stutter but now I know what it is! You have made my life SOOOOO MUCH BETTER! Before, when I used to stutter, people wouldn’t want to carry on conversations with me or anything. it was very discouraging. Now I can talk for hours on the phone without missing a beat! Im LOVING IT! THANK YOU!”

        —Devin Markham, South Carolina

        “Wow, your tips really worked! I’m a 16 year old girl, and my stuttering problem was really bugging me. I mean it wasn’t that bad—just some words I would have trouble with. But saying the word in your head and thinking before you speak literally works like a charm!!!!”

      —Amanda, Student, Toronto, Canada

        “This exercise clearly outlines steps which one can follow and benefit from. The theory of stuttering supported by this drill is one with which many can relate.”

—Annie Bradberry, Executive Director,
National Stuttering Project, Anaheim, CA

        “Excellent Reading. Very helpful to those who stammer.”

    —Dudley Stammer Support Group,
    Dudley, England

        “A blurb for this book says it's a ‘12-page self-help booklet that provides unconventional tools for self-improvement with stuttering.’ I can only commend the author and question any detractors on this matter. Just because a tool is unconventional doesn’t mean it won’t work.”

        —Cladinoro (The Eastern States)

        “Very Helpful Info. This book is a very practical and helpful guide to the basics of speech correction. A good beginners guide.”

        —A reader

        “Neuro-linguistic Programming. I found the Stutter Control Drill by Howard Richman to be very helpful and positive. I had a mild stutter, which is now much improved. What I liked about it was that it recognised that stuttering CAN be overcome, and it provided a structured approach for doing this based on a theory of how the brain and your vocal chords work together. This theory was based what is now well established, that the sub-concious feeds on and reflects what the concious mind has received (e.g. the importance of positive self-talk). Because I already believed that you can programme your brain to think positively, transferring this principle to speech seemed obvious but I had not looked at in that light before, and it helped to break my irrational idea that I would never improve my speech.”

        —Giles Griffith (Gisborne, NZ)

        “After using these tips I feel that I can speak without stuttering for the rest of my life and I think these tips will help me to be successful in my career. I am 23 years old. I've always had to work hard to be normal in my speech. I managed to get a job but I always had a fear in my mind, wondering if I will be able to speak without stuttering in the work place. I thank Howard Richman for his wonderful work, which has taught me how to speak, and he has also contributed his invaluable tips for free. This is great! Thank you sir!”

        —Arjun Kanna,Technical Support Engineer, Madurai, India

        “Simple, Straight Forward, Easy. I found ‘Stutter Control Drill’ very helpful. It is simple, straightforward and easy to follow. Being a voiceover artist, I cannot afford to stutter. I wanted clear instructions on how not to stutter and H. Richman’s book did a good job in giving me information and understanding of why people stutter and how it is correctable. I didn’t want to have to mill through a lot of long drawn out technical mumbo jumbo - I wanted the information clear and concise so that I could follow the instructions and stop stuttering - I got very good advice from this book.”

        —A reader

10-Point Colon Cleanse (recipe)

        “I have been meaning to email you back about your suggestion of increasing my water. I wanted to let you know that it did the trick. I just needed to drink more water. I really like this cleanse because it is not obtrusive. I mix my concoction in the morning and go. I travel a lot for work, so the streamlined program is a must. It is difficult to mix a cleansing concoction when you are sitting on a plane.”

        —Kelly Burks

        “I am loving this cleanse. It is doing so much more
        than the ‘packaged’ cleanse I tried first... THANK YOU!!!”

        —Cara A. Coe, Cleveland, Ohio

        “Thank you for telling me about the gradual colon cleansing recipe! I was feeling sick, and toxic inside and assumed that it must be my “advanced” age of 51 or something. Well, it's nothing short of a miracle! This is the truth. I feel so much better with a lot more energy, and I'm not feeling toxic anymore. I'm going to continue this program for about a year. I don't want any “Twinkies” still left inside of me when I get through! Thanks very much!”

        —Evan Sachs, Pianist/Teacher/Composer, Mission Viejo, CA

        If you have positive or critical comments about any of our products or services we’d love to hear from you too! Please go to our Comments Form.

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