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Spirograph Baseboards Replacements


        Original Spirograph BaseboardWe have new Spirograph® Baseboards to make your Spirograph® work better than ever! Our goal was to replicate this baseboard to the standards of the original baseboard. But in our research, we found that there is another material that didn’t even exist at that time, and it works so much better than the original corrugated cardboard. This newer material is called “foamcore.” Foam Core Board (foamcore or foamboard) is also known as white jetmount or white board. This is superior to the original cardboard pin boards or pinboards that came with your set.

Why FoamCore is Better Than Corrugated Cardboard.

        Spirograph Baseboard ComparisonThe original Spirograph baseboard was made of corrugated cardboard. This had two inherent weaknesses that are prevented with the newer FoamCore material:



        • 1) over time, the surface of the cardboard would develop ripples that reflect the inner corrugation.
        • 2) the constant insertion and removal of the pins would leave holes in the surface

        Both of the above points would tend to affect the quality of the drawing and cause the pen to slip or jerk and to write unevenly.

        Foamcore material allows for a smooth writing surface AND it lasts much longer when pins are constantly inserted and removed from the same sector.

Make Sure you Get the Correct Baseboard Thickness.

        SpirographFoamCore2.5The original Kenner Spirograph® cardboard baseboard from the 1960s was 1/4 inch thick. This is just thick enough to allow the little green pins to not protrude through the back. The problem is that when you attempt to purchase foamcore board at your local office supply store, you will see that it is always 3/16ths of an inch and not 1/4 inch. This will not work! Gratefully, we’ve found a supplier of this correct thickness foamcore that custom cuts it for us to the exact right dimensions so that it fits perfectly in the original Spirograph® box.

We Ship Your Spirograph® Baseboard by Priority Mail.

        This is one of those strange situations where the shipping charges are more than the product itself! We always try to avoid that, but in this case, it could not be avoided, due to the bulkiness of the item. However, hopefully you will be also wanting to purchase some of our other Spirograph-related products (see below) and if this is the case, we will combine shipping charges.

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        Spirograph Baseboard
        12 3/4" x 9 3/4" x 1/4" Foamcore Board
        Price: $3.99 (U.S. Dollars)
        (You may easily delete it later.)

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        SpirographMultiColorPenTinyYou will be interested in our multicolor pens. Write 10 colors with one pen! These pens are a perfect low-cost alternative to replacing your original Spirograph pens. Bring more creativity by adding additional colors to your Spirograph experience. The ballpoint tips of each of the cartridges inside are the exact right size to fit properly into the holes of the Spirograph gears. Colors include black, blue, red and green, yellow, light blue, pink, purple, brown, and orange.

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