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        Replacement tiny little green pins for your Spirograph® toy, just like the original. We have located Spirograph® pins manufacturers that have created a similar style to the original tiny little pins that came with your Kenner Spirograph® game from the 1960s. These are the green Spirograph® tacks that look like spherical pins that you hold the plastic gears down with to the cardboard surface. Sooner or later your Spirograph® push pins become bent and non-functional and you will need new Spirograph® pins. We’ve tracked down the green Spirograph pins suppliers for you. All you have to do is order below to get your replacement pins for Spirograph®. When you need original Spirograph® replacement parts, you can count on Sound Feelings Publishing! Please also see our Spirograph pens and Spirograph pen refills. Also see Spirograph ball pins, Spirograph® replacement pins, Spirograph® tacs, Spirograph® toy pins and Spirograph® parts.

        Spirograph® Pins - Green (Qty 10)
        Price: $3.95 (US Dollars)
        Our Catalog #96084
        Replacement pins for your Spirograph
        ® or Super Spirograph®

Do your Spirograph® Pins Look Like This?

        Spirograph Pins OldIf your Spirograph® Pins have become bent or dull, they will not stay down. This causes the Spirograph® wheels to become loose and then wobble, which can have a negative effect on your drawing.




Enhance Your Spirograph® Experience With New Pins.

        Spirograph Pins NewWhen you replace your worn out Spirograph® pins with authentic new Spirograph® pins, you will enjoy the stronger adhering qualities which will enhance your overall experience with your Spirograph!®



New Pins Have Slight Difference.

        The original pins that came with your Spirograph® set have a 5mm diameter head and a 7mm pin shaft length. The replacement spirograph® pins have a 4.5mm diameter head and an 8mm shaft length. The longer shaft length is actually BETTER for stabilizing the wheels yet not so long that they will protrude through the drawing baseboard! (We actually researched 5 different brands from the US and China and most of the new pins have a 10mm shaft, which is too long. We settled on a particular style which is manufactured in the USA.) Another positive difference is that the shaft itself on the new pins is slightly thicker. This will help prevent them from becoming bent.

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        Spirograph Pins - Green (Qty 10)
        Price: $3.95 (U.S. Dollars)

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        SpirographMultiColorPenTinyYou will be interested in our multicolor pens. Write 10 colors with one pen! These pens are a perfect low-cost alternative to replacing your original Spirograph pens. Bring more creativity by adding additional colors to your Spirograph experience. The ballpoint tips of each of the cartridges inside are the exact right size to fit properly into the holes of the Spirograph gears. Colors include black, blue, red and green, yellow, light blue, pink, purple, brown, and orange.


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Spirograph Multicolor Booklet

“I am writing to tell you that we are very happy with the pens and pins. It is so great to have a complete and usable Spirograph kit. Thank you!”

—Joan Kauk,
Ontario, Canada

“Just a quick note to say that the Spirograph pins arrived safely today. Thank you very much for all your help with this. My daughter has made up a booklet of all the designs she has done so far. All her class mates have been looking in awe at all the designs she has done already and I think there may be a few more on the way! She was so excited today when I said they had arrived.”

—Sue Tye
Dressed To Impress
Hampshire, UK

“I just received my pins and Spirograph pens. The pens work beautifully and I was able to complete my first perfect Spiro in over 30 years. Thanks for the trip down memory lane:)”

—Eric Therrie

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