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10 Point Colon Cleanse

        I have heard that psyllium husks bind any nutrients taken with it at the same time. Is this a concern with taking vitamin C and the calcium source (bone meal) as well as the probiotics, cayenne and garlic at the same time as the psyllium?
        One of the unique features of my recipe is that you are not taking the psyllium throughout the day. So, if you want to take vitamin and mineral supplements for breakfast, an hour AFTER you have taken the psyllium drink, it will have 23 hours to go through your system to be absorbed until the next day's psyllium drink! So, if you were to compare this to other psyllium-based plans, I think this is ideal. But realistically, I don't think it is molecularly "binding" with the other nutrients. It is more of what our grandparents used to call "roughage!" Also, the calcium you are taking is not necessirly functioning to be absorbed anyway, but rather to literally help stimulate the peristalsis of the intestinal tract.

        Is one ounce of orange juice enough to dissolve the arrowroot and vitamin C crystals?
        It doesn't seem possible, but, yes. You want the mixture to be somewhat thick.

        Is there any concern with drinking almost 2 cups of grape juice and having it affect blood sugar and fungus levels in the blood? Would water be a substitute for the grape juice?
        Yes, water is perfect. In fact, you can take the whole thing with water, but it won't taste very good.

        Have you developed any "music" frequencies to affect parasites in the body the way you have developed the other mp3 program for mucoid plaque?
        I have not created this, but I've thought about it. I don't feel that I am able to do an effective job right now. There is an interesting product from Hulda Clark call the "zapper" which uses frequencies to kill parasites.

        I read the info on your program for the 10 point cleanse, I notice you recommend taking other supplements with the bentonite and psyllium. I thought that anything taken with that mixture was a waste since the bentonite absorbs everything unto itself and does not allow for the body to absorb. Can you clarify?
        The other supplements that you take with the morning mixture are not necessarily to be absorbed into your system. Rather, they are to serve their respective function WITHIN the intestines. The cayenne increases circulation. The calcium stimulates peristalsis. The garlic capsules help to kill infection. Regarding other supplements that you may take during meals while on the program, I think that these will not compete with the bentonite, as the bentonite is now further along in your digestive tract, helping to clean old matter, while you are taking the immediate meal. So, if you want to take a particular supplement with your breakfast, it will still be absorbed. Please note that this is one of the unique points about the 10-Point Colon Cleanse recipe in that you only take the bentonite once per day, rather than serveral times throughout the day as with most other cleanses. This allows you to still get the nutritional value from your meals and supplements.


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