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Alternative Medicine Q&A


Alternative Medicine Q&A

Music for Transformation and Healing Q&A

Non-Diet Weight Loss Products Q&A

Other Health Products Q&A

Music for Transformation and Healing Q&A

Entrainment Music Series (tapes): AIDS, Cancer, Feeling Fat, Feeling Stressed, Music for Birth, Music for Children, Music for Intimacy, Scleroderma

        How is the music composed?
        Mr. Richman blends his advanced music training and his intuitive awareness to create the music for transformation. This is where the subtleties of pitch, rhythm, tempo, phrasing and dynamics are weaved together to create a music composition that can touch a person in a very deep way.

        Has the music been tested anywhere?
        We have letters from people from all over the world praising the benefits of the tapes for various situations. However, because we have not yet acquired clinical documentation, no cures or claims are implied. Since 1984, we have actually invited over 150 agencies and universities to become involved in testing our music. Unfortunately, funding always seems to be the issue. Even if we were to come up with the huge funding required ourselves, would this self-funded research satisfy the hardened skeptic? Probably not. Our suggestion is to try the music and to take advantage of our 90-day, no-risk guarantee.

        Why is this better than hypnosis or subliminal tapes?
        In hypnosis, subliminal or guided imagery programs, the listener is more or less “forced” into a conscious or unconscious progression of thought. This fact can never be escaped because the audible or inaudible words that are used will always be there. So if the listener has the slightest issue or resistance to a particular word, a block may develop, rendering that modality less effective. In contrast, the music -only program that we offer tends to transcend the “verbal” boundary. When people hear music, they are completely free to respond in a personal and unique way, without the confines of the verbal limitation. In this case, if words are then “heard” it would be the listener’s own interpretation of the music which is serving as a catalyst for change.

        Why do certain parts of the music seem irritating to me?
        The whole principle of
        entrainment music means that portions of the music will reflect the current stress or block in the listener. These portions will usually be somewhat uncomfortable to hear. But as the music resolves, there usually is a parallel resolution in the listener.

        How can you possibly link certain music to certain conditions?
        It has been proven that different parts of the body will resonate at different frequencies. These frequencies can be translated into actual musical pitches. We tend to hold emotions in different parts of our bodies. This is called “cellular memory.” When certain sounds are heard, they have the potential to trigger a release of these cellular memories which are “locked” inside various areas of our body.

        Why does there need to be a specific listening schedule?
        Although we make no medical claims about the use of this music, you might think of each listening period as an installment or “dosage.” In most cases, there are many layers of blocks that must be removed before the definitive response will be experienced. This is why multiple listenings are usually better.

        If the music helps me, will I then become dependent on it or addicted to it?
        No. The whole point of this music is that it would help bring the listener to a heightened state of awareness. This new state would actually be a shift in consciousness so that the cause of the problem itself has been altered. Once this shift has occured, it would be a self-sustaining state, meaning that there would be no longer any need to continue listening to the music in order to sustain the new state.

        Why do I need to listen to the music all the way through?
        Entrainment music is predicated on transition. If you only hear just part of the music, you may actually feel worse! This is because the music will tend to mirror your own stress and bring it up to the surface. If you cut it off just before it has a chance to release or resolve this stress, the stress will seem exaggerated. It is to your advantage to follow the listening suggestions and to listen to each selection all the way through towards its natural resolution.

        Why is this music not appropriate for background music?
        Sound Feelings transformation music follows the
        entrainment process. This means that portions of the music will intentionally mirror the current stress of the listener. It is ideal to experience the transition of the music as described in the listening suggestions. If people hear the stress-mirroring portions of the music in the background while doing other activities, they are unable to fully experience the resolution that later occurs, because their attention is elsewhere. For this reason, all Sound Feelings entrainment music should never be listened to as background music.

        If you can’t find the answer to your questions here, then please contact us.

Original Piano Solos (tape)

        Can I use this tape for massage?
        Yes. Many massage therapists have found Original Piano Solos to be ideal for massage. This is because it is not to driven rhythmically, yet it is also not too ambient.

        Can I use this tape for studying?
        Yes. If you choose to listen to music in the background while studying, Original Piano Solos is ideal. This is because it evokes a sense of creativity without becoming too distracting.

        If you can’t find the answer to your questions here, then please contact us.

Sound Portrait (personalized tape)

        How is the music composed?
        Mr. Richman uses his intuitive ability to “tune in” to the individual.

        Is this really a one-of-a-kind composition?
        Yes. Each one is completely unique.

        How is this different than the other Sound Feelings tapes?
        The other tapes are designed with various conditions in mind, but are general to that condition. Each Sound Portrait, on the other hand is specifically intended for an individual. So the music that is on the tape is tailored to that individual and his or her needs.

        Why doesn’t Mr. Richman need that much information about me in order to do the tape?
        Because his process is intuitive, it is almost better if he doesn’t know too much about you with his conscious mind. This way, he is free to really “tune in” on the deepest level without his own “filtering” and interpretrations.

        If you can’t find the answer to your questions here, then please contact us.

Sound Wave Pattern (digital download .mp3)

        If the sound waves have the power to shift hardened stuff from the intestines, what can it do to other places where it is in contact with the body? For example when one is holding it in place? Or it is reaching the spine? Yesterday I was holding it in position, but afterwards I had strange sensations in my hands. Could it not also be affecting other parts of the body in an adverse way? My friend tried the ear phones on his ears to test it and I felt uneasy about this, thinking it could possibly affect the brain.
        You’re not supposed to “listen” to the CD with your ears. The vibrations will help to loosen the mucoid plaque. If you can position the headphones on your abdomen or if you could even place speakers on your abdomen without holding them into position with your hands, then you won’t feel the vibrations in your hands.

        As far as how it affects other internal organs, such as your spine, I suppose that if something needs to be shaken loose from your spine, like a tumor or something, that could be a good thing, but ordinarily, I don’t think that it would damage your spine. The sound waves are designed to resonate primarily in the intestinal tract. Make sure you are doing the herbal cleanse while using the sound wave pattern. Try it one day on and one day off and notice the NEXT day if you see a difference in your bowels.

        How often do you recommend using it? Daily, or less frequently? It is recommended to listen to the Intestinal Plaque Loosener Sound Wave Pattern once a day. The evening seems to work the best.

        If you can’t find the answer to your questions here, then please contact us.

Non-Diet Weight Loss Products Q&A

Act Thin, Be Thin (ebook)

        Can I eat normally if I do your program?
        If you eat more calories than you need, you will continue to be overweight. The principles shown in this ebook indicate the differences in the “fat personality” vs. the “thin personality.” Once these concepts are understood and applied, the need to overeat will naturally change.

        Can I get this ebook as a printed book?
        This item is only available as an ebook.

        I need help downloading this product. How can I get it to work?
        here for more info.

Body Type Classification (chart)

        What is the value of determining my body type?
        According to our chart, you would very likely gain a more realistic self-perception regarding your current weight and your weight goals. For example, If you determine that you are just a tiny bit heavier than the standard reference shown, and that this is still within the parameters of being considered normal, it may positively affect any obsession you have with losing an unnatural amount of weight. If, on the other hand, it is determined that you are indeed “too fat,” then it could serve as a wake up call to finally do something about it.

        How can this chart help me with weight loss?
        Use this chart as a guide to help you set reasonable weight loss goals.

        If you can’t find the answer to your questions here, then please contact us.

Feeling Fat (tape)

Slim Photo (personalized photo)

        Is this a weight loss program?
        No. Slim Photo should be considered a motivational tool to provide support to the weight loss and fitness programs of your choice. It is not considered a weight loss program in itself.

        I work out at the gym a lot. Can you add muscles to my photo?
        No. Each Slim Photo takes about two hours of time to complete by our trained computer artists. But even this time deals with reducing the size of your body in the appropriate proportions. To create bulk for a body-builders’ physique would amount to literally drawing and creating the extra desired shape. Not only are our artists not equipped to do this , but even if they were, it would take so long to work on it that it would not be cost effective.

        I sent in my photo. Why did you send it back?
        If we sent back your photo, it is most likely that you did not follow the suggestions for photo submission. If your feet are cut off, or your arm is wrapped around someone else, it just looks plain weird when we get done isolating and reducing your image. We send back your photo because we know that you would be unhappy with the results.

        Why do you have to customize it? Can’t you just run it through a computer?
        The reason we don’t simply “reduce the horizontal scale” of your image in a few seconds and send it back to you is because it would be very unrealistic. Think about it. Certain parts of your body should not get reduced. For example, no matter how overweight you become, the distance between your eyes will stay the same. Right? This is why our specially -trained artists painstakingly go over every inch of your image to reduce only the appropriate areas.

        Why don’t you offer a guarantee on the Slim Photo?
        Your agreement to send in your photo to be reduced is not refundable. Each image reduction takes at least two hours of our time. With all the technology now available, it is simply too easy to make a quality copy of your print for yourself, send back the original, and claim that you are unhappy and that you want your money back. We would be setting ourselves up for being taken advantage of. If you would rather not take this risk, please do not order a Slim Photo.

        Why is the Slim Photo in black and white, even if our original is in color?
        Even with all the new color printer technology, the cost would be much much higher. This is not only because of the printing costs themselves, but working in color takes much longer because the files on the computer need to be much bigger, which slows down the system. Also, There is no way to guarantee that the colors will match your original which means that there will be more possiblities that you will be unhappy with the results.

        If you can’t find the answer to your questions here, then please contact us.

Weight Loss and the Art of Focusing (book)

        How can a naturally-thin person really know what I am feeling?
        In truth, a naturally-thin person can never fully know the frustration and suffering that one goes through who has had a lifetime of weight challenges. But is this really relevant? Does it really matter that the author of this book himself has never had a weight problem? In fact, Why not ask a different question: What can I learn from a naturally-thin person to help find a permanent solution to my weight problem?

        Are there recipies in the book?
        No. There are certainly enough books that provide this information. Also, in contrast to common belief, one of the primary points of this book is that it matters less what one eats and more how one eats.

        How long does this take?
        The length of this program depends, of course, on the amount of weight that you ultimately want to lose. But it also is greatly influenced by the intensity of ingrained negative attitudes towards food and cellular memories that you may have incurred over the years towards your weight.

        How can I meet other people who have tried this program?
        We are planning to help like-minded individuals network with one another. If you
        contact us and give us your information, we will contact you when there are enough people to make such an effort worthwhile.

        If you can’t find the answer to your questions here, then please contact us.

Other Health Products Q&A

Emergency Contact Card (card)

        Do you notify the paramedics for us?
        No. All the information on who to contact is indicated on your card.

        Why are the cards not laminated?
        Although they would look better and be more durable, it would defeat the ease of updating and personalizing that is available on the plain paper cards.

        Who sees my private information?
        No one will ever see your information other than the person for whom it is intended: In an emergency, the person who finds you in trouble will look through your wallet or purse and find your Emergency Contact Card. They will then know exactly who to contact immediately because everything that they need will be in one place.

        How do you know what information to put on my card?
        We don’t put any information on your card. You are responsible for putting all the information on your card, and keeping it current.

        If you can’t find the answer to your questions here, then please contact us.

Pain-Free Typing Technique (booklet)

        I’ve had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for a very long time. Will this book help?
        Yes. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve had the problem. This approach is not a cure. It’s main focus is prevention. If you can prevent further misuse of your hands and wrist, it is very likely that this will help heal the current injury you now are suffering.

        I install carpets in cars. I am very safety-conscious. However, my hands hurt a lot. The home remedies (soaking in warm water and epsom salt, stretching wrists, etcd,) don’t seem to help. I do not have carpal tunnel yet, but what can I do to ease my pain in my hands and prevent from getting carpal tunnel?
        Pain-Free Typing Technique is geared for prevent carpal tunnel in computer users, but you can apply this to other industries. I suggest that you do not wear anything tight on your wrists. Remove your watch when you work, even if you think it is loose. Try to be aware of not over-bending the wrist. (Keep the hand, wrist and arm in a straight line whenever possible.) Lift and pull more with your arm muscles than with your hand muscles. I am not a doctor, but I’m giving you my common sense opinion. I hope you find this helpful.

        I use the “hunt and peck” method of typing. Is that OK, or do I need to learn how to type?
        You do not need to know how to type to get the benefit of this knowledge. In fact, all the angles will remain the same whether you “touch type” or “hunt and peck.”

        I need help downloading this product. How can I get it to work?
        here for more info.

        If you can’t find the answer to your questions here, then please contact us.

Stutter Control Drill (booklet)

        I want to stop stuttering so bad, does it work?
        The Stutter Control Drill helps you by training you to think of each sound you make before you say it, which helps remove the tendency for blocking or stuttering.

        When will I start seeing results?
        You will probably notice immediate results, but they won’t be permanent until you’ve made the drill become second nature. If you’re not seeing results, please re-read the booklet, to make sure you are doing the drill exactly as instructed. If you skip over any of the steps, or if you do them in a hurry, your results will be less than desirable.

        If I read a sentence in my mind and then read it out loud I don’t sutter any more. But when I’m talking in person or on the phone, I stutter. Why do I do that?
        You’re on the right track. Please be patient. Keep doing the drill exactly as described each day at least for about two months. Then start applying the concept of “visualization” to your speech. When you speak on the phone or in person, simply hear yourself saying the word or the sentence in your mind first, then open your mouth and say it. The problem you’re having is that you rush to speak, because you think people may be impatient listening to you and then it backfires. When you feel rushed, you tend to skip over the step of hearing yourself saying the word in your mind, and then you stutter! So never rush, even if you assume that people are impatient. Never say anything out loud unless you first hear yourself saying the word in your mind!

        What is your theory behind the stuttering booklet? I have tried therapies out the wazoo but nothing really helps. I believe it’s something “wrong” in the brain because I am perfectly fluent by myself but once there is a perceived stress, i.e. person or phone, I start blocking, etc.
        It sounds like your type of stuttering is not physical but rather stress-induced. This makes me think that you would respond well to my approach. Stutter Control Drill basically helps you to hear the sound of what you are going to say before you say it in your mind. If you say it in your mind correctly, you will say it out loud correctly EVEN UNDER STRESS! If you say it in your mind wrong, you have time to fix it before you say it out loud. The problem with most stutterers is that they are above average in intelligence. So this causes you to rush ahead with your speaking (because intelligent people think faster). The problem is that, for some reason, some people get into a habit of speaking out of sync with their own brains. This means that instead of thinking AHEAD of what they are saying, they think BEHIND what they are saying. This causes a mental short circuit and then you have the block. If you can re-train yourself to think and hear what you are about to say in your mind before you say it, you will have success, even under stress. The booklet will help this.

        Should I spell out each number or letter character as I see it?
        “3” should be just “3,” not “T H R E E.” Eventually, start applying the drill concept a little each day (five minutes) to reading the newspaper or a book out loud. In this case, instead of focusing on an individual character, see, think, hear, say the whole word. This step will bring you closer to actual speaking.

        You are saying that I start talking before I know what I'm going to say. The thing with me is before I start talking, I know EXACTLY what I am going to say, but I just can get it out of my mouth.
        I don’t mean that you don’t know what you are going to say. I’m talking about the micro aspect of the sound creation. You know that you are going to say: “I went to pick up the laundry down the street.” You start saying “I went” and then your mind jumps to the word “street” So this means that you sutter at the point where your mind jumped too far ahead. That means that on “pick up” you will stutter.
        This drill teaches you to think ahead of the SOUND of what you are about to say, BUT NO FURTHER. Does that make sense?

        Please let me know how to build up confidence
        You need to develop your confidence, independent of your speech problem. The Stutter Control Drill will help you develop your confidence with your speech, but you also need to develop your confidence in general. There are many things you can do for this, but the most important thing is to start believing in yourself and stop worrying what other people think of you all the time. Be willing to take baby steps. The more you see that you can speak to a new person without fear and without stuttering, a bit at a time, the less you will anticipate that the stuttering will return. Eventually, you will never stutter. But you must be willing to take baby steps. It won’t change overnight. Also, you can improve your confidence by doing “affirmations.” There are many books on this subject, often under the subject of “subconscious mind.”

        How can a booklet written by a musician help me when he is not even a speech therapist?
        Mr. Richman is not a speech/language pathologist. But there are speech therapists who have found his approach useful. Mr. Richman specializes in helping people learn how to learn, and this is the expertise that helped him to developed the Stutter Control Drill.

        Why is it that I stutter more when I'm talking to a certain person, and I stutter less when I'm talking to someone else?
        Some people intimidate you more than others. When you are talking to a person who you want to impress, you are thinking about impressing them. When you are thinking about impressing them, you are NOT hearing yourself saying the sound of the word in your mind before you say it. This is because the brain can only consciously do ONE THING AT A TIME. If you your brain is focused on impressing them, then you are not going to speak well. Learn to NOT CARE what they think. This is hard to do. When you learn that, then you will focus on hearing yourself say the word before you say it and you will be fine.

        How long does this take?
        Each person’s situation is completely different. First of all, this drill may not be the solution for all people who stutter. But if you are regular about doing the drill you will at least notice some improvement within a few weeks. And if this drill is destined to help you, you will notice major improvement between three months and one year. So, after about 5 months, if you are not happy, you are welcome to request a full refund, up to one whole year. Think of it like a rose bush. You prune and fertilize and water and cultivate for months
        and nothing seems to be happening. But then major activity happens all of a sudden!

        Does the drill have to be done immediately upon rising and immediately before going to bed?
        No. You can do it at any time in the day that suits your schedule. Before bed is good because it becomes a routine like brushing you teeth, (and you are less likely to forget) but it is not required.

        My stuttering problem seems more on the physical side. Can this help?
        Even if your stuttering problem is more on the physical side, your thought patterns and emotions still precede each physical movement. Yes, it is very likely that this drill will help you!

        When you explain that it has to be done twice a day for five days, why do you say you have to leave two days free in the week?
        It has been proven among “educational psychologists” that building-in time off will enhance learning. Never try to study something seven out of seven days. Plan-in some time for rest. This creates a sense of relaxation and allows what you have learned to be integrated and to become automatic, which is your goal.

        If you can’t find the answer to your questions here, then please contact us.


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