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      The following list of products and services are supplied by our subsidiary companies. In the past, they were posted here on Sound Feelings but we have since moved them to their respective sites. We keep this information active here for the occasion that you might be searching for something that is no longer on our Sound Feelings site. If you have come to this page, scroll down until you find what you need or do a browser "file > find" search of this page. Thank you for your understanding and sorry for any inconvenience.

      Spirograph Parts and Supplies, for pens, refills, pins, baseboards, wheels and gears, springs, brand new Spirographs. Including catalog numbers: 97014, 96101, 96103, 96073, 96074, 96076, 96075, 96077, 96079, 96080, 96082, 96081, 96083, 96085, 96084.

      Ballpoint Pen Springs, BPS1, BPS2, BPS3, BPS4, BPS5 BPS6. With catalog numbers: 96085, 96086, 96116, 96117, 96118, 96119, 96120, 96121, 96127, 96128, 96138. Refills for Kikkerland Pens: SF-96578BLK, SF-96579BLU, SF-96580, SF-96581, SF-96582.

      Richman Music School, including Piano Lessons with Howard Richman and Singing Lessons with Cherie Valaray. Also including products, Super Sight-Reading Secrets, Slide-a-Note, ear-training products, Secrets of Singing on Pitch, How to tell the key, online music flashcards. Also articles, 10 Sight-reading Tips, Piano lesson Myths, Easy Chord Construction Forumulas, Random Chord Generator, Smart Singers' tips and tools, Celebrity piano Students, Pianists Pain-Prevention Tips, Piano Tree - Howard Richman piano Training Lineage Chart, Piano competitions Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley choirs. Catalog numbers include: 97008e-mac, 97008e-pc, 96070, 96067, 96071, 96068, 96072, 96069, 97006e-mac, 97006e-pc, 96017, 96019, 97012e.

      Income Opportunities, including the following articles: How to Market Cash-Gifting Programs, Is Cash Gifting Legal?, Top Financial Advisors Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and the following opportunity: EZProfit100.

      Saving Voicemail, including the following services: Voicemail to mp3 and CD, Save Texts, iPhone backup service, voicemail to email, air tube headsets. Also includes the following articles: Best free way to save voicemail messages permanently, How to save text messages, How to send free text messages from a computer, Preventing cell phone radiation - cell phone safety tips. Catalog numbers include: 96107, 96108, 96106, 96110, 96109, 96112, 96111, 96056, 96058, 96114, 96060, 96062, 96055, 96057, 96113, 96061, 96059.

      10-Point Colon Cleanse, including Mullzyme, intestinal plaque loosener sound wave pattern, internal cleanse products, oxypowder, blessed herbs. Catalog numbers include: 98017e, 96030, 96031.

      Plain Toothbrush Company, including extra soft, soft, medium, hard, extra-hard, kids and grout brush. Catalog numbers include: 96122, 96123, 96124, 96125, 96126, 96129, 96130, 96131, 96135, 96134, 96136, 96137.

      Slide-a-Note Musical Slide Rule. Catalog numbers include: 96017, 96019

      Web Tech Tips, including the following articles: Custom 404 File Not Found Error Document Message Tutorial, Easy Password Protection Tutorials Without Telnet Access, Electronic Commerce Tools for Success: eCommerce and Order Processing Software Products, Best Mobile Redirect Javascript Code, Back Button Problems “ Help Getting Back, JavaScript Displays Current URL of Each Web Page.

      Emergency Contact Cards, Lifesaving Wallet ID Cards, Medical ID Cards, including the 5-pack and 18-pack versions. Catalog numbers include: 96001, 96053.

      Stutter Control Drill, Mastering Elements of Fluent Speech, ISBN 1-882060-81-4 (previously ISBN 0-929060-75-X) 97002.

      Non-Diet Weight Loss, Providing the missing link to all your efforts. Act Thin, Be Thin, Weight-Loss and the Art of Focusing, Slim Photo, Feeling Fat, including ISBN 1-882060-83-0, ISBN-13: 978-1-882060-91-7 and catalog numbers, 97007, 96002, 96003, 96013e, 98021e, 97011e.

      Best Acting Schools, referral network of great acting teachers in Los Angeles, New York and other cities.

      Learning How to Learn, Study Methods, Study Tips, Study Skills

      Howard B. Richman, Composer, Film/TV, Songs

      Thought Catapulter - Magnetic Manifestation Tool

      Covid NON-Vaccination Cards - Status cards for people who have chosen to not take the Covid 19 vaccination, 91225

      Wave Pain Goodbye - Products and articles to help with chronic pain. Ease Chronic Pain book/CD ISBN 1-58479-466-6, 97013

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