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Super Sight Reading Secrets

An Innovative, Step-By-Step Sight Reading Program
for Musical Keyboard Players of All Levels


        Super Sight-Reading SecretsAn innovative step-by-step sight reading program for musical keyboard players of all levels, from Sound Feelings. The Super Sight Reading Secrets book has provided the answers to sightreading problems for thousands of pianists and keyboardists! This self-study method teaches sight-readers how to increase their visual perception, and keyboard orientation. Specifically, the drills and exercises teach how to look ahead and to play any note on the keyboard without looking at their hands. See also: sight-reading books, sheet music, sight -reading methods, sight-reading drills, sight-reading exercises, pianists, pianos, more books on sight-reading.

This title is out of print but the eBook version is
NOW AVAILABLE. for just $14! (see below)

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For The COMPLETE Information On This Subject, Please Read Below About The SUPER SIGHT-READING SECRETS eBook..

          Super Sight-Reading Secrets: An Innovative, Step-By-Step Program for Musical Keyboard Players
          of All Levels. 3rd Revised Edition. 1986
          Howard Richman, Author
          Sound Feelings Publishing
          ISBN 0-9615963-0-9
          Our Catalog #97012e
          Available now only as eBook version
          LC 85-90522.
          $14.00 U.S.

What is Sight-Reading?

    Sight-reading is reading sheet music and playing it on an instrument “at sight,” or at first glance, without practicing it!

    Super Sight-Reading Secrets touches on a few music-reading basics, but is focused on developing sight-reading ability for someone who wants to speed up his or her ability towards sight-reading or instant music reading level. If you are a total beginner, a nice companion would be the
    Slide-A-Note music reading tool.

This eBook Will Help You To:

        • Increase your rate of visual perception.
        • Play any note on the keyboard without looking at your hands, even jumping large distances.
        • Look ahead.
        • Keep from losing your place.
        • Fake.
        • Play contemporary classical music.
        • Transpose notes (or chords) at sight.

Already Used by Thousands!

        Since 1986, Super Sight-Reading Secrets has been the sight-reading solution for thousands of students, teachers and professional keyboardists. If you are a complete beginner, it will help you to establish proper reading habits. If you are already very advanced, it will help you to become even better!

Specific Steps Get Results!

        “Just practice and it will get better.” This is the typical suggestion given intended to improve music-reading. For anyone who has been frustrated with this suggestion, this book is a gold mine of what to actually practice. It reduces the process of sight-reading into individual components. Through a series of progressive drills your mastery of each component is comfortably and scientifically paced. One set of drills specifically improves your ability to see and interpret the notation quickly. Another set of drills specifically improves your tactile sense of the keyboard so that you can find any note without looking. As you improve, the parts merge as one and your reading reaches the highest level!

1-Year, No-Risk, Money-Back Guarantee!

How Much Longer Can You Wait?

        Aren’t you tired of shying away from situations where you need to be able to sight-read? Aren’t you tired of turning down possible jobs that would require sight-reading? Aren’t you tired of being embarrassed when you’re the “pianist” at the party but the guitar player or the flute player is the one playing the piano, having a great time, accompanying everyone, because they are actually a better sight reader than you? Aren’t you sick of that! Isn’t time you take action and solve this issue once and for all?

What is an ebook?

        This ebook is simply a .pdf web page that you may view on your own computer or print out. You do not need to be connected to the internet to view this ebook. It is compatible with both PC and MAC computers. It will be 48 pages when printed out on the average printer. You will need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is can be downloaded for free if you don’t already have it installed on your computer.

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3rd Revised Edition
Now available ONLY as an eBook!

        (The printed version of the 3rd Revised Edition is no longer available as it is currently out of print but you may purchase the digital ebook version below for immediate download. We are currently working on the 4th Revised Edition of the book and ebook which will be 3 times as long, with a lot more information and exercises as well as video demonstrations! We do not have a timeframe for their release, but please do check back.)

Order Your Instant ebook for $14.00 Now.

        Available INSTANTLY as an ebook only from us! Get the complete information to learn how to sight-read piano music RIGHT NOW. The cost is just $14.00 that you charge to your credit card or PayPal account. Pay NO SHIPPING and NO SALES TAX! You will gain immediate access to the ebook. The ebook is a downloadable .pdf file which works equally-well on both PC and MAC computers.

        Super Sight-reading Secrets - ebook (5.9MB)
        Price: $14.00 (U.S. Dollars)


Author Turns Weakness into Strength.

        Howard Richman is a pianist, composer and educator. He developed the sight-reading program originally for himself and has perfected it over a ten-year period. He has a B.A. from UCLA in piano performance and an M.F.A. (Master Fine Arts) degree from California Institute of the Arts, where he also taught on the faculty for three years. Mr. Richman is available for sight-reading workshops in your area.

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        Howard Richman

        The Secrets to Playing Piano by Ear!The Secrets to Playing Piano by Ear! by Jermaine Griggs. This home-study course consists of a 300-page information-loaded workbook/CD combo packed with tons of useful diagrams, charts, notations, techniques, secrets, principles, articles, and sound examples. These techniques have been tested and proven to work with literally anyone regardless of age and musical experience. Full money-back guarantee! $69.95

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For More Information.

Copyright Warning

“This book actually sounded too good to be true, so I checked it out of the library. It’s so incredibly awesome that I’m buying it now, and hope to make even more progress.

—Steven Plaat, Columbus, OH

“Thank you for providing piano educators with a most useful tool.”

—Jeanine M. Jacobson,
Assistant Professor,
Piano proficiency class
for piano majors,
California State University, Northridge

“This is the best book on sight reading. It contains all the fundamentals; they are described in complete detail, teaching us all the correct terminology and methodologies. It starts from how to read music, for the beginner, and advances logically all the way to advanced sight reading levels; it is especially helpful for the beginner. It is also concise, so you should read the whole book once before starting any actual drills/exercises. Starts with how to psychologically approach sight reading. Basic components of sight reading are Pitch, Rhythm, and Fingering. After an excellent introduction to music notations, appropriate drills are given. Then the sight reading process is broken down into its component steps of visual, neural, muscular, and aural processes that start with the music score and end up as music. This is followed by drills for learning "keyboard orientation" (finding the notes without looking at the keyboard) and "visual perception" (instantly recognizing what to play). Depending on the person, it may take from 3 months to 4 years to learn; should practice every day. Finally, about one page of ideas on advanced sight reading. A MUST READ.”

—Chuan C. Chang, Fundamentals of Piano Practice

“I have started to practice the method and the first results are fantastic!”

—Marcel Hochman,
Le Vesinet, France

“You helped my mother play at her church with the Super Sight-Reading Secrets... the transformation was extraordinary.”

—Joe Salamon
Grand Junction, CO

“Boy, I wish I had this book years ago. I'd have a different career now. I've always been reading challenged. I've always wanted to play/read better. I've tried and tried everything to improve my reading with no luck. I found your book and have been working on sight reading drills and for the first time in my life I have hope. I think I may be able to crack this nut which has been plaguing me my entire life. I believe in a few weeks I'll have improved more than I have in the last 30 years!”

MJ Mynarski
Film Composer

“What piano player doesn’t want to have a superhuman sight-reading ability? If Super Sight-Reading Secrets suddenly landed on your doorstep, your dream might just have come true. Full of inspiring and valuable tips, this book makes a refreshing change from the many monotonous teach-yourself sight-reading books.”

—Pianist Magazine (UK),
April/May, 2003

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