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Secrets of Singing On Pitch

Easy Steps to Cure Tone-Deafness


        Secrets of Singing on PitchInstant ebook reveals 11 innovative steps to help you sing accurately on pitch. If you’ve had tin ears or been called tone-deaf your whole life, this easy method is for you. Say goodbye to singing off key and singing flat. Our how-to system shows simple steps to awaken your hearing so that you can start singing on pitch as if you were born with this ability. Stop being embarrassed that you sing off key, sing out of tune or that you sing flat. You will be able to sing with the pitch control and intonation you desire. Learn how to cure tone deafness. You can be singing in pitch. These abilities are also known as singing on key or singing in key or how to sing in key or how to sing on key.

Here’s What You Can Do RIGHT NOW To Get Better Pitch.

        1) Play and LISTEN to Chromatic Scale.

        Just play each note on your keyboard up and down, very slowly, and listen. That’s all. Before you will be able to sing notes on pitch, you have to become familiar with how the notes sound in order. By listening, this is a crucial step. Do not sing the notes. Just listen. Play the notes along the “chromatic scale,” up and down, within your general singing range of the keyboard. The chromatic scale is every single note, black and white, as they occur in order on the keyboard, without leaving any notes out. The formal name for these notes are “half steps.” Begin playing half steps near the low part of your vocal range and then go towards the top part of your vocal range. Play each note at the rate of approximately two seconds per note. Just listen.

        People who have a pitch problem also tend to have a habit of not listening or not paying attention to others when they speak. This habitual block-out bleeds over to not hearing yourself singing the note in your mind before you actually sing it, because you are in a hurry. So in addition to doing this step, try to work on changing your habit of ignoring people when they are speaking to you. In other words, even though you may want to tune someone out, you are inadvertantly “practicing” how to not listen if you continue doing this. Then, when you want to hear, such as in singing, you can’t!

        2) Play and SING Chromatic Scale.

        Now you’re ready to reproduce what you’ve played on the keyboard, in your own singing voice. Continue to do the above step, but now sing each note after you have played it. There is a secret here that is very important: HEAR YOURSELF SINGING THE DESIRED NOTE IN YOUR MIND FIRST, BEFORE YOU ACTUALLY SING IT OUT LOUD!! This will give you the greatest success. Don’t rush. Take all the time you need. Again, DON’T RUSH! Why? because if you just blurt out the note too soon, without thinking about it, you will not improve at all.

          1. PLAY the note
          2. HEAR yourself singing it in your mind (Don’t rush -
                 wait until you really hear it!)
          3. SING the note

For The COMPLETE Information On This Subject, Order
THE SECRETS OF SINGING ON PITCH ebook (below) for just $5!

          Secrets of Singing On Pitch:
          11 Easy Steps to Cure Tone Deafness. 2000
          Howard Richman, Author
          Sound Feelings Publishing
          Our Catalog #97006e
          5 pages (approx, if printed)
          $5.00 U.S. complete ebook

        PLEASE NOTE: This is not a singing method. Do not purchase this ebook if you want general singing tips. This information will not teach you how to sing or how to improve your vocal quality, breath support or anything else a good teacher would teach. However, whether you’re a trained singer or an amateur, if you tend to SING FLAT, this information is exactly what you are looking for! This information provides solutions only for pitch problems. That is — how to sing the right notes. In fact, most teachers don’t actually know how to help their students with this particular problem. If you want to learn to sing accurately on pitch, then keep reading.

It’s Never Too Late To Sing Perfectly On Pitch.

        If this ability was never acquired in a natural way, there are specific steps to developing one’s ear and improving pitch that can be artificially instilled. Our Secrets of Singing on Pitch ebook teaches you the exact steps to help you in your goal of singing on pitch.

        Everyone can learn to sing on pitch. Some people have a natural ability to do this and they cannot explain how it is done. Others go through their whole life avoiding situations where they might be heard singing, knowing how bad they sound. Well, if you are one of these people, this ebook is written for you!

        If you were one of the people who naturally sing on pitch there might have been many elements that helped to develop this skill: These might include any or all of the following: (1) your genetic makeup, (2) your exposure to music while you were growing up, (3) your early support system, (4) early encouragement to sing, (5) your mother sang to you while you were in the womb (and she sings on key!).

        If you missed out, for whatever reason, on the above list don’t despair! It is never too late to sing perfectly on pitch. If this ability was never acquired in a natural way, there are specific steps to developing one’s ear that can be artificially instilled. Our ebook will teach you the exact steps to take so you can reach your goal of singing on pitch!

No Special Equipment or Musical Ability Required.

        All you’ll need is access to a piano or electronic keyboard. (You don’t need to know how to play piano. The keyboard is used just as a reference.) You’ll also need a cassette player.

Your Progress is Paced Till You Reach Your Goal.

        This ebook recommends 11 specific musical exercises to do in an exact sequence. Try to master each step before going on to the next. Mastery of each step will occur somewhere between one day and one month. Each person is different. There is NO benefit by going on to the next step prematurely. In fact, each step requires mastery of the previous in order to do it correctly, so don’t rush and just enjoy the process. When you are really ready to go on, you’ll know. If a particular step presents absolutely no challenge then immediately skip it until you get to the step that challenges you.

What is an ebook?

        This ebook is simply a web page that you may view on your own computer or print out. You do not need to be connected to the internet to view this ebook. It is compatible with both PC and MAC computers. It is a one-page web page, which will become approximately five pages when printed out on the average printer. There is nothing else involved for you to do. There are no special viewers or readers required or any special software for you to install. In some cases a browser “plug-in” such as RealAudio or Macromedia Flash will be necessary to access the multimedia components of this ebook.

1-Year, No-Risk, Money-Back Guarantee!

How Many More Times Do You Want To Be Embarrassed Before You Do Something About it?

        Stop telling yourself that a “tin ear” is something you were born with and that there’s nothing you can do about it. That is simply not true. It is possible to sing naturally and easily on pitch. Imagine the joy and freedom of not having to worry about this problem any more!

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        Available INSTANTLY as an ebook only from us! Get the complete information to learn how to sing on pitch RIGHT NOW. The cost is just $5.00 that you charge to your credit card or PayPal account. Pay NO SHIPPING and NO SALES TAX! You will gain immediate access to the ebook. The PC version will automatically un-compress after downloading without any special “unzipping” software. The MAC version will require Allume’s Stuffit Expander, but this most likely is already installed on your computer.

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About the Author.

        Howard Richman is an educator, pianist and composer. Since 1976 he has pioneered innovative teaching strategies in the fields of music education and stress-management. Many of his private students are singers who have requested his help in self-accompanying, singing on pitch and other supportive skills. From this first-hand experience he distilled the exact steps to take to improve your ability to naturally and easily sing on pitch.

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“I'm so thrilled to have found this page. In my teaching I have come across children who could not pitch a note. I realised that it was people who don't listen that have trouble pitching. Also I realised that because this particular girl imitated me perfectly when being sarcastic (including pitch) it showed me that she had to hear in order to reproduce. From there I started getting people to listen to a sound in their mind before starting to sing it back. I'm very keen to read your method, which I'm sure is more detailed and better trialled than mine.

—Peggy Hooper
Melbourne, Australia

“I purchased the ebook regarding pitch because I was having trouble with
a singer in my group. She literally couldn't hear that the note was flat.
The reason I know she couldn't hear that the note was flat is because
when I talked to her about it, she had no clue to what I was referring
to. Every singer is important to me and I know they want to perform to their
very best. Thank you so much for your helpful hints because it makes so
much sense now. Thanks again!”

—Terri Traverso
Providence, RI

“My 12 year old daughter has been in several school plays over the years but has avoided singing auditions because she: (a) had absolutely no pitch sense whatsoever (I do not exaggerate here); and (b) had a very narrow singing range (singing up an octave from middle C was way out of the question). Though initially skeptical (I really thought that people were born tone deaf and were stuck with whatever range they had), but with nothing really to lose, we decided to give your method a try, supplementing it only with some additional exercises regarding breath support (See your Step 8). Her target was a singing audition for the lead in a May school play. I was shocked (even this is an understatement) to see my daughter progress week by week ... in range, in pitch, and in ultimately confidence. After a month of this she was not only able to sing her audition song well, she was having a great time just singing around the house (something we never thought we would hear her do). But here is the incredible part: The audition day came and she was up against many girls, several of which who had been singing for quite some time. Worse yet, she chose a song that began on A above middle C (a note she could not have even hit without sounding strained, let alone sang on pitch four weeks earlier) so if she missed the note she would never be able to recover. Howard, not only did she nail the song, she got the part! We cannot thank you enough! So, for anyone thinking of giving your method a try, I say, GO FOR IT. Literally, my daughter’s life will be different because of it. Is this a great value or what?”

—Sincerely, Bruce McKellar

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