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iPhone Voicemail Backup Service  

iPhone Voicemail Backup Service

Save iPhone voicemails to Your Computer
as an mp3 or Burn to a CD

Only for iPhones

        This information is to help you learn how you can transfer your voicemails from your iPhone to an mp3 or to a CD. Normally it would export to your computer first and then from there you could burn the CD. If you have ANY OTHER TYPE OF PHONE, please see our main article on backing up voicemails

What’s Different about iPhones?

        Most mobile phones store the voicemail messages on the provider’s server. The unique thing about iPhones is that the voicemails are stored ACTUALLY ON YOUR PHONE! This is known as “visual voicemail.” So in order to retrieve and archive voicemails from your iPhone, we have to do something different than with other phones. (Even our own voicemail backup service will not work with iPhones!)

3 Ways to Backup Voicemails from your iPhone

        1) DO IT YOURSELF Use iTunes and iCloud and the cost is FREE. The bad thing is that you have to be VERY, VERY computer-savvy and even THEN it is confusing. See Apple’s tutorial here.

        2) LET US DO IT FOR YOU Send your whole phone in and let us do it for you. $45. If you don’t know what a USB plug is, then this is the right choice for you. The down side is that you will be without your phone for about a week.

      GoldStarTiny3) (Our recommended choice) Sign up for ONE YEAR of UNLIMITED iPhone voicemail recording and storage with Voicemails Forever for for $29.99.

          If you know how to:
          - plug your iphone into your computer using the USB cable
          - download free software to your computer and follow simple instructions,
          Voicemails Forever will be your best choice to save your iPhone voicemail messages.

          We have referred business to Voicemails Forever for many years. They offer a great service at a great price for and they stand behind their service.


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