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Oxy-Powder for
Constipation Relief


        Oxy-Powder for ConstipationOxy-Powder® is a full intestinal cleanser which has been formulated to melt away and oxidize compaction in the bowel. Oxy-Powder® is a scientifically formulated compound used to safely aid the body in relieving the irritation and constipation associated with a toxic colon. A clean, toxin-free, intestinal tract is the beginning of maintaining optimal health.



Easy to Use.

        Just take some Oxy-Powder® capsules before bed. That’s it. You can eat normally. No fasting or enemas or anything disruptive or complicated.

What is Oxy-Powder?

        Oxy-Powder® is a full intestinal cleanser which has been formulated to melt away and oxidize compaction in the bowel and provide oxygen to the intestinal tract and bloodstream. Oxy-Powder® doesn’t just clean out the colon, it cleans the colon, small intestine, and large intestine,”all without the side effects of laxatives or psyllium based cleansers. While psyllium and other fiber products simply scrape matter out through the center of a clogged colon, Oxy-Powder® removes old, impacted fecal matter as it detoxifies and cleans the entire intestinal tract.

        Oxy-Powder® helps promote friendly intestinal flora. It is the oxygen therapy cleanser the Hollywood Stars use. Oxy-Powder® has no side effects like laxatives. It comes in easy to take vegetarian capsules.

Your Body is Craving Oxy-Powder!

        The human body is designed to have 2-4 bowel movements per day. If your bowels are not moving properly, you may be suffering from constipation. Oxy-Powder® effectively fights constipation by introducing nascent oxygen into the intestinal tract, oxidizing and melting away the 10-20 pounds of compacted fecal matter in your colon safely and effectively. Because Oxy-Powder® attacks the source of your constipation, you will have natural and regular bowel movements.

        Each day your digestive system handles approximately 2 gallons of food, liquids, and bodily secretions. Your colon DOES NOT digest processed junk foods well at all. Waste can begin to slowly pile up within your colon and become impacted. The result? Constipation, irritation, and overall poor intestinal health.

How Oxy-Powder Works.

        Oxy-Powder® works by introducing stabilized nascent oxygen into the bloodstream and intestinal tract. This oxygen is able to liquefy and remove the compacted fecal matter in the large intestine, small intestine, and colon. Oxy-Powder’s slow release of mono-atomic oxygen creates an inhospitable environment for anaerobic bacteria and other toxic matter. These “toxins” are removed while maintaining the friendly bacteria which are needed for proper digestive and intestinal health.

        By taking an oxygen based cleanser every other evening before bed we will feed the friendly bacteria with the oxygen they need to create a stable bowel environment. When taking an oxygen colon cleanser you raise the level of ORS (Oxygen Reactive Species), which causes a stimulation of lymphocytes to produce T-cells. This process results in a beefed-up immune system.

        Oxy-Powder®, when in an acidic environment, begins to slowly release nascent or mono-atomic oxygen. The release of oxygen continues throughout the digestive system. The magnesium acts as a vehicle to transport the oxygen throughout the body. The by-products of Oxy-Powder® are magnesium in an oxide form and nascent oxygen. In its oxide form, very little magnesium is assimilated by the body. It passes, through the intestinal tract, kidneys and bladder, helping to cleanse by delivering oxygen along the way. Therefore, it is the perfect vehicle for transporting oxygen.


        Oxy-Powder® is a scientifically formulated product consisting of complex oxides and peroxides of magnesium stabilized with ozone and oxygen at high pressure and low temperature to ensure that the oxygen remains stability attached to the oxide molecules. Organic germanium-132 has also been added to help further facilitate oxygen delivery and transfer. Oxy-Powder® also helps stimulate the immune system. It’s designed to slowly release oxygen when the formula’s citric acid combines with the hydrochloric acid already in your stomach. Oxy-Powder® is safe, non-toxic, and contains no calories or carbohydrates.

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