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Mullzyme Mucus Dissolver

        MullzymeSoundFeelingsMullzyme mucous dissolver is an easy way to gradually remove the toxic coating in your intestines. The pepsin is an enzyme which breaks down the old mucous. The mullein provides mucilaginous qualities which help the pepsin maintain contact with the hardened mucus so it can do its job of breaking it down. Pectin and bromelain are included to further enhance the results. This product will work best when used in conjunction with an intestinal cleanse program. This is because Mullzyme is great at dissolving the old matter in your intestines, but you need some other ingredients to help push it out quickly or it may recirculate old poisons into your system.

Superior Mucus Dissolver.

        Dews’ Mullzyme mucus dissolver contains a special processed form of pepsin which provides cathepsin. Unlike regular pepsin, cathepsin works at almost every pH (alkaline, acid, or very acid). It helps break down the first stage of proteins, breaking them down into peptones which are then passed into the lower tract where further digestion occurs. Mullein leaf and bromelain are added to help the body maintain a normal response to inflammation. This product is nutritionally used to help remove excess mucus from the body.

Properties of Mullzyme

        • Breaks down mucous
        • Helps soothe mucous membranes
        • Acts as an expectorant
        • All natural, no side effects
        • Helps digest carbohydrates, fats and proteins


        • Pepsin (1:3,000) 250 mg.
        • Pectin 120 mg.
        • Mullein Leaf 115 mg.
        • Bromelain 60 mg.

Product Specifications

          Mullzyme Mucus Dissolver
          Manufactured by Dew’s 21st Century Products
          Our Catalog: 1 bottle: #96030, 4 bottles: #96031
          Qty: 90 capsules (formerly 100 qty)
          NOTE: This product ships to USA addresses only.

How Much Longer Do You Want to Carry That Junk In Your Gut Around With You?

        Isn’t it time you did something about dissolving the mucus in your gut? We’re not talking about normal liquid mucus. We’re talking about old, hardened “truck-tire rubber” type of mucous. This accumulated poison is just sitting there rotting away, creating illness within your system. Think about how light you will feel to get that stuff out!

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Order Mullzyme Today and Start Feeling the Results of a Clean Digestive Tract.

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        Mullzyme - 1 Bottle - 90 Capsules
        Price: $18.45 (U.S. Dollars)
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        Mullzyme - 4 Bottles - 90 Capsules
        Price: $68.63 (U.S. Dollars) (Includes 7% Discount!)
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        Products from Metro Chem Associates are distributed by D-Distributing. (fomerly Dews 21st Century products)

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