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Internal Cleanse Products


        Internal cleanse products to assist with cleansing the colon and internal organs. The following products include herbal supplements with constipation, bloating, colon cleansing and removing toxins from your body. Many of the products below are referenced in the 10-Point Colon Cleanse. A few additional products are included here for your experimentation. Most of the products below are available from your local market or health food store. Some of the products are rather hard to track down and that is why we’ve found some reliable resources. In a few cases, the products are available directly from Sound Feelings.

Products Recommended in the 10-Point Colon Cleanse.

        PLEASE NOTE: Listed below are all the products one might consider using for the 10-Point Colon Cleanse. This does not mean that you must use every product below!!!!! In fact, when you see that there are 4 levels, you only need to get a few of the products below to start out. Please select the level that feels right to you and then come back to this page if you have a hard time getting the ingredients.

        Arrowroot Powder Arrowroot Powder is a very mild thickening agent. It is soothing to the digestive tract and is even used as an ingredient in baby biscuits. When taken with a small amount of liquid at night, along with the mucus dissolving ingredients, it helps keep those ingredients in contact with the inside of your intestines so that the old matter can be dissolved. Also known as arrowroot starch or arrowroot starch flour.

        SUBSTITUTE: This ingredient can be successfully substituted with Potato starch flour, but the arrowroot powder tastes much better.

        Mucus-Dissolving Capsules are an easy way to gradually remove the toxic coating in your intestines. They contain pepsin, which is an enzyme that dissolves hardened “mucus.” (Please note that the term “mucus” in this case is not the runny nose type of fluid we’re all familiar with. We’re talking about “mucoid plaque,” a BLACK, RUBBERY, PLASTIC lining to our intestines of poison that could be 1/16 inch to several inches thick!!) These products also contain a mucilaginous herb to help the pepsin stick to the intestinal wall long enough for the pepsin to do its job. They are all very similar in their potency, and YOU DO NOT NEED TO GET ALL THREE! However, you should experiment to find the brand or combination of products that seems best for your body. Please note that the instructions on the bottle are to take this after each meal. We recommend that you take it on an empty stomach so that it will help “digest” the mucoid plaque lining your intestines rather than the food you’ve just eaten. For an interesting article on the Okra Pepsin, please click here. Although this article references the Okra Pepsin specifically, all three products below would be comparable (The Okra Pepsin is the most expensive.)

        PLEASE NOTE: In most cases, the “pepsin” capsules that are available at your local health food store are the type that are combined with hydrochloric acid (HCl.) This could be helpful for you, but in fact, they DILUTE the potency of the proportions of the mucus-dissolving ingredients AND these types of capsules do not contain the mucilaginous herb that helps the pepsin stick to the intestinal wall. So, it would be to your advantage, if you cannot find any of the three products listed below locally, that you order them online with the recommended links.


          Small Intestine Detox CapsulesSmall Intestine Detox capsules
          (Nature’s Sunshine)
          $12.50/100 capsules
          (For Canadian orders, click here.)

          (For UK orders, the best thing we can find is two separate products that you combine: marshmallow, pepsin)


          Mullzyme Mucus DissolverMullzyme capsules
          $18.45/90 capsules


          Okra Pepsin E3Okra Pepsin E3 capsules
          (Standard Process)
          $43/150 capsules







        Multi-Pure water filtersfiltered or distilled water, NEVER tap water. The chlorine in your drinking and showering water causes extremely bad conditions in your health!






        Psyllium Husk PowderPsyllium Husks Powder creates “intestinal broom” to push loosened material out. Yerba Prima developed Psyllium Husks formulations to provide the highest cleansing activity of all fibers. Psyllium Husks formulations help to promote regularity, lower cholesterol and are 4-8 times stronger than oat bran.It is a concentrated source of natural dietary fiber. NOTE: THERE ARE MANY COMPANIES THAT OFFER “PSYLLIUM HUSKS” BUT THIS IS THE ONLY ONE THAT PROVIDES FINELY GROUND PSYLLIUM HUSKS SO THAT IT IS EASY ON YOUR SYSTEM AND WILL NOT CAUSE AS MUCH BLOATING. IT IS ACTUALLY A POWDER. ALL OTHER PSYLLIUM HUSKS PRODUCTS ARE NOT AS FINELY GROUND.

        SUBSTITUTE: I think psyllium is the best, but if you feel you are allergic to psyllium, you can try oil palm trunk fiber, guar gum or acacia gum. You have to experiment with the proportions in this.

        Sonnes9 Psyllium SEED Powder helps to pull material off the intestinal wall. Psyllium seed has certain advantages over psyllium husk. It contains a range of nutrients the husk does not. Having less pectin, it degrades more slowly in the digestive tract, releasing acetates and butyrates that may protect the lining of the colon from mutations that lead to colon cancer. The psyllium seed powder includes the WHOLE SEED, including the bran outer covering (husk). This means that it includes BOTH the seed and the husk. The complete name of this product is “Sonne’s No. 9. Intestinal Cleanser.”

        Intestinal Plaque LoosenerIntestinal Plaque Loosener: Sound Wave Pattern Powerful mp3 instant download provides vibrational complement to colon cleansing programs.


        Bone Meal Powder bone meal powder is a very digestible form of calcium. Calcium is a crucial mineral to stimulate normal peristalsis of the intestines. Other pre-packaged cleansing formulas often include calcium carbonate which comes from “elemental sources” which is NOT digestible and can lead to arteriosclerosis or arthritis!

        SUBSTITUTE: Any “calcium powder” will work fine. The reason I recommend the bone meal is that it tends to be better-utilized by the body and does not cause arteriosclerosis or arthritis like calcium carbonate-based products. BUT, this concern may be minor as your duration for doing the intestinal cleanse may not be that long and the higher good of getting the stuff out of your colon is offset by the other possible health risks of taking the wrong kind of calcium!

        Acidophilus ProbioticsProbiotic Supplements provides intestinal “flora.” If you’ve ever taken antibiotics, then the bad bacteria has been killed in your system, along with the good bacteria. Jarrow’s probiotic acidophilus formula is one of the very best you can get. It has a shelf life and must be refrigerated. Because it needs to be refrigerated, it is best if you can find this product at a local health food store.



        Apple Cider Vinegar Apple Cider VinegarHelps create alkaline condition, pulls out toxins and stimulates bowel function. Only get the “raw, unfiltered.” apple cider vinegar. This has active enzymes that are destroyed in the commercial, pasteurized type. Take two tablespoons in a glass of water.

        SUBSTITUTE: lemon juice.


        Cayenne Pepper Capsules Nature's Way Cayenne 450 MG - 180 Capsules - Other Herbs break up mucous and increase circulation. Believe it or not, even though it seems counter-intuitive, cayenne is used to heal stomach and intestinal ulcers!



        Pancreatin Capsules Pancreatin Capsules digest mucoid waste and are a wonderful complement to the mucous dissolving capsules listed above.





        Peppermint Gels Peppermint Gels  Peppermint Oil is an extremely potent form of the ancient herb peppermint. The softgels are enteric -coated to allow three herbal oils to pass through the stomach and release within the intestines. (The reason this is important is that if they dissolved in the stomach they would relax the valve that connects the stomach and the esophagus, which can cause acid reflux!) Also includes Fennel Oil and Ginger Oil. Combined, these serve as antispasmodics, which helps to relax the cramped muscles of the intestines. This, in the long run, may help to loosen the matter that is stuck to the inside of the intestines, as the tight muscles of the intestines relax.


        NaturalBristleBrush Natural Bristle Brush stimulates flow of lymph towards the bowel. This helps purify the toxins that are hiding in the tissues throughout your body.




        grape or cherry juice is very cleansing. (From local market.)

        unfiltered apple cider vinegar helps create alkaline condition. (From local health food store.)

        lemons help create alkaline condition. (From local market.)

        citrus juicer to create lemon juice. (From local market.)

        baking soda to rinse mouth from lemons or vinegar. (From local market.)

Additional Colon Cleanse Products.

        Oxy-Powder for ConstipationOxy-Powder® is a full intestinal cleanser which has been formulated to melt away and oxidize compaction in the bowel.








        Aloe Vera Gel Aloe Vera GelAloe Vera Gel may be used for skin rashes, burns, ulcers, internal bleeding. It also promotes bowel movements, which helps to relieve constipation. It has a mild laxative function. Add two tablespoons to moning cleansing drink.




        BeetJuiceTablets Sonne's Organic Foods Whole Beet Plant Juice - 150 TabletsThe beets used for this product are organically grown. The whole beet (leaves, stems and beet root) is juiced, and the extract is vacuum dried to retain maximum quantities of the enzymes, vitamins and mineral factors. It is then tableted and bottled in nitrogen to prevent oxidation and spoilage. This product, being a concentrate, is nutritionally potent. It takes 20 tons of beets to make 1 ton of beet powder, so all of the natural beet nutrients are present at 20 times the normal amounts. It has an effect on the gall bladder, apparently aiding the metabolizing or breaking up of fat. The body assimilates iron from the beet root more easily than any other known food - unlike other sources of iron. Nucleic acids in concentrated beets nourish cells.

        Footsie RollerFootsie Roller Different parts of the bottom of the foot are like a map of the whole body. When you stimulate the specific part of the foot, you are stimulating that part of the body! You can make a life study of this. But here’s all you really need to know: As you’re massaging the bottom of your foot, where you have 1) Pain or 2) Callouses, this is an indication of the “blocked energy” in your body and would suggest where you can really dig in, even if it hurts a little. Do this for about 2 minutes a day. It’s helpful to get a Footsie Roller for your main foot area and a stick to use on the sides of your big toe or other specific areas. (The back end of a tooth brush would do, or a cut-off segment of a 1/4 inch wood dowel.)

        BackRollerBack Roller Massage Tool This contoured wood massage roller is perfectly designed for deep therapeutic massage along the spine. There are several points along the spine that stimulate the function of the intestines and the digestive organs. May be used either to massage your own back, or someone else can assist. Begin by just laying down on top of the roller. Relax and don't roll. Your body weight will help the tool work deep into the erector muscles along the spine. Recommended and enjoyed by successful doctors and chiropractors. The Back Roller is made of lightweight solid birch wood.

        Get a Squatty Potty Stool to turn a modern toilet into a “squat toilet” for better bowel function! Supports the body in a natural and anatomically correct position. The modern toilet does not position the body properly for elimination. The natural position for humans is to squat as our ancestors did. In a squatting position, the abdominal wall and the bowels are fully supported for more complete elimination. The Squatty Potty Stool also makes an excellent toilet step for small children. Recommended for adults and children to support a health digestive tract and food elimination.

        Trampoline Mini Trampoline Mini Trampoline allows you to perform Rebound Exercise. Many people believe that this exercise it is superior to any other because it not only uses gravity but also two other forces, acceleration and deceleration. At the top of the bounce you experience weightlessness, and at the bottom your weight doubles pulling you into the center of the rebounder. This truly exercises all the cells in your whole body, including your intestines! This is a marvelous way to “massage” and to help loosen the mucoid plaque in your intestines.

        TramplineWBar Mini Trampoline With Stabilizing Bar Trampoline with a handle bar. This is great for disabled people or if your knees or hips are bad. You can still get the benefit of the trampoline bounce and how it can help your intestines! Try sitting on the surface of the trampoline instead of standing. Adjust the bar to the correct height for you. Then use your arms to support yourself and bounce with your butt!

        Get iridology pictures before and after
        This is completely optional! If you have the ability to have an Iridologist take pictures of your iris BEFORE you do this program and then compare again AFTER you do the program, you will be able to have proof of the healing that has taken place. This is absolutely fascinating and most people don’t know about this. The iris, or color portion of your eye is literally a map of your whole body. It reflects various states of health or sickness with minute changes of color. Each part of the iris corresponds to a part of the body. Some people have cleansed so Iridology Mirrormuch that their brown eyes became blue! At least dark toxic brown eyes become light brown and gray-blue will become bright blue, creating that “sparkle” effect. The part to look for is the ring immediately around the pupil. This is your intestinal tract. If it is a different color than the rest of your eye then you know you have lot of junk in there. If you’re into this, you’ll want to get an iridology mirror so you can monitor your progress.

        VibroAcousticTableIf you want to feel the full impact of the Intestinal Plaque Loosener sound wave pattern to help you release hardened fecal matter, then you need to get a VibroAcoustic Table! These are not cheap but it is something that you want to consider for maximum health benefit. You can experiment with various types of music. You can FEEL the sound in every part of your body!

Optional Supplements That You Can Add to Your Meals to Enhance the Results.

        Lecithin granules Lecithin Granules 2 heaping tablespoons of lecithin granules 1x/day. Lecithin is an “emulsifier” and will help dissolve mucoid plaque in the intestinal tract as well as in the arteries. Can sprinkle on cereal or salad or steamed vegetables.




        Coconut Oil Coconut Oil 1 teaspoon of coconut oil. This helps dissolve mucoid plaque.




        Olive Oil on vegetables instead of butter. This helps dissolve mucoid plaque. (from local market.)

        kelp  Kelp Capsules2 kelp capsules with breakfast. Natural source of iodine which supports thyroid function which has a beneficial effect on the digestive system.




        niacin Niacin Tablets (Vitamin b3)Niacin will give you a flushed feeling. This is a bit strange at first. What is happening is that it increases the blood flow to all the tiny capillaries throughout your body, including your colon. You get a flushed feeling throughout your body. This is helpful, especially when combined with lecithin, to remove plaque from the your arteries. Indirectly, this will help to increase your overall body temperature, which will be helpful to burn off the mucoid plaque within your gut. Take 1 with breakfast.

        L-Tyrosine L-Tyrosine Tablets Take 1 L-Tyrosine tablet with breakfast. Supports thyroid function which has a beneficial effect on the digestive system to help raise body temperature and burn mucoid waste.




        Gentian rootGentian herb capsules 2 with breakfast. Gentian root has been shown to stimulate the gallbladder and pancreas, and mucous membranes of the digestive system which indirectly can be helpful to loosen old mucoid plaque. Gentian can be toxic to the liver if taken for too long, but the benefit of cleansing the system outweighs this concern if taken for a short period.


        Slippery Elm capsules Slippery Elm CapsulesTake 2 slippery elm capsules with breakfast. Slippery elm herb heals mucous membranes and ulcers.





        Lobelia Lobelia CapsulesLobelia has anti-spasmodic effects, which has led to it being used to treat asthma and food poisoning. It is a physical relaxant, and can serve as a nerve depressant, easing tension and panic. It is also helpful to reduce tumor growths.




        Blackstrap Molasses Blackstrap Molasses Molasses is the syrup remaining from the crystallization of sugar cane or sugar beet juice. The third and final separation is called blackstrap molasses, which is a thick dark liquid syrup. It has the most minerals and nutrients of all molasses. Blackstrap Molasses is rich in iron and calcium, and is also known as the richest natural source of potassium. It will have a mild laxative effect on the intestines. This is not because it is a laxative, but because it is so rich in minerals, that it supplies the intestines with the nutrients to do their job better! Take one tablespoon in a glass of cup of hot water. Make sure to rinse your mouth or brush your teeth immediately after as the molasses can erode the enamel of your teeth.

Recommended Reading.








        Hollywood's Age-less Beauty Secrets Hollywood’s Age-less Beauty Secrets by CarmenDIana.
        Start adding years to your life and life to your years! This breakthrough ebook features an all new, nowhere to be found secret liver cleanse! Learn to banish cellulite for good and lose weight without dieting.


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