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Authorized Resellers of
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        Please do not support thieves! It has come to our attention that many people are reselling unauthorized versions of our digital products on their websites. These people have never contacted us. They just make a copy of our products and sell them. In some cases they are giving our ebooks and music away for free! This activity is COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT and it is ILLEGAL. Since this activity has begun, our own sales have suffered. PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE ANY OF OUR TITLES FROM THOSE DEALERS. PLEASE DO NOT ACCEPT FREE VERSIONS OF OUR DIGITAL PRODUCTS. PLEASE DO NOT SUPPORT ILLEGAL ACTIVITY!!!!!!

        See below for the list of Authorized Resellers of Sound Feelings Digital Products.

        Ironically, we have made our digital products very easy to copy for personal use and our customers appreciate that. No special readers or viewers are required and no nasty codes are embedded because we TRUST people. Unfortunately, this has made it TOO EASY for THEIVES to also copy our works and SELL THEM to unsuspecting buyers!

        ONLY purchase Sound Feelings products directly from our website: OR from an AUTHORIZED RESELLER OR an AFFILIATE of Sound Feelings. An authorized reseller is one that has had the courtesy to contact us and to ask permission to resell our products and who agrees to track sales and to pay us a percentage of sales. A Sound Feelings affiliate is one that promotes our products on their site but whose sales actually goes through OUR shopping cart. We then pay that affiliate a percentage of sales.

Authorized Sound Feelings Digital Products Resellers.

        At this time, there are NO authorized resellers of Sound Feelings digital products!

        At this time, the ONLY authorized seller of Sound Feelings products is

        Any company that you are attempting to purchase one of our digital products from is doing so illegally and is not reimbursing us our share of sales. PLEASE DO NOT SUPPORT SUCH DEALERS! (This does not include companies who have become “affiliates” of Sound Feelings and who promote our products on their sites. In these cases, the SHOPPING CART is actually OUR cart, via modular merchant. THOSE sales are legit.)

        As we acquire authorized resellers, we will promote them from this page and from other pages of our website.

        Become an authorized reseller of Sound Feelings products.

        Become an affiliate of Sound Feelings.

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