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Weight Loss
and the Art of Focusing

Three Easy Non-Diet Steps
to Permanently End the Yo-Yo Cycle

        Weight Loss Books Weight Loss ebooksWeight-Loss and the Art of Focusing reveals unconventional non-diet steps to stop diet torture. This revolutionary ebook from Sound Feelings Publishing helps you to permanently end the yo-yo cycle, without dieting, as you learn how to think and act like a naturally-thin person. Learn the mental, physical and emotional aspects of weight-control and weight-management. This easy system guides you to establish proper focusing techniques, to release the cellular memory and to finally eliminate destructive habits, food myths and fear of food.


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Unlike Anything Else.

        Weight Loss and the Art of Focusing has nothing to do with food restrictions, calorie counting, grams-of-fat counting, food weighing, frequent eating schedules, exercise regimens, exercise equipment, weighing-in, packaged food products, powdered drinks, appetite suppressants, drug therapy, reducing cream, surgery, leptin shots, medicated patches, acupressure devices, herbs, vitamins, fasting, willpower, hypnosis, visualization, subliminal programming, registration fees, membership fees, renewal fees or contracts. It also has nothing to do with menu planning or nutritional information. There is certainly enough helpful information available on these subjects and there is no need to duplicate what is already out there. Yet, for most people, something still seems to be missing. Weight Loss and the Art of Focusing will very likely be this missing link!

Three Easy Non-Diet Steps.

        So, what does Weight Loss and the Art of Focusing have to do with? It introduces three unconventional concepts or steps which form a synergistic team to help you permanently end the yo-yo cycle:

1) Develop Your Ability to Focus.

        The mind of the naturally-thin person tends to be focused, with attention on one thing at a time. This quality simply mirrors itself in the body as narrow, pointed, intense or small. In contrast, the mind of the person who has a problem with their weight tends to be distracted, with attention on many things at once. This quality simply mirrors itself in the body as expanded, broad, encompassing or large. These are generalizations, of course, with many exceptions, but consider the overall message here. Because of the mind/body connection, it is suggested that the body will usually reflect the condition of the mind. As you narrow the focus of your mind, you will gradually experience a similar thinning within your body.

2) Release the Cellular Memory.

        It is crucial to release the cellular imprint from the cells of the body itself so that once the preferred weight is established you won’t still “feel fat.” Otherwise, even after losing weight, every metabolic function will tend to continue as if you are still overweight. No wonder it is so natural to gain weight back. Different emotions are linked to various parts of the body. Fat will often collect in these areas — to create a type of protection from feeling an old hurt or anger. By finally releasing the old pain or anger, the weight will have nothing to cling to. This might be called “emotional weight loss” — an actual reduction of negative emotional energy.

3) Stop Fearing Food.

        It is advantageous to change broadly-ingrained attitudes and assumptions that repeatedly sabotage success in attaining permanent weight loss. Interestingly, these attitudes and assumptions seem to be common among people with weight problems and not among people who are naturally-thin. There are three reasons why fear of food keeps one fat. (1) The tendency to overcompensate later. (2) The body thinks it’s starving and literally stores calories. (3) (The least obvious) Food absorbs an emotional “charge” and will affect the person eating it.

Book Data.

          Weight Loss and the Art of Focusing:
          Three Easy Non-Diet Steps to Permanently End the
          Yo-Yo Cycle - Revised 7th Edition
          Copyright © 1995 Sound Feelings Publishing
          Author: Howard Richman
          Sound Feelings Publishing
          Catalog: #97011e
          ISBN-13: 978-1-882060-91-7
          Format: pdf ebook
          Pages: 79
          Price: $17.00 (U.S. Dollars)

        Weight Loss and the Art of Focusing is only available as a downloadable ebook. You may order directly from us.

About the Author.

        Howard RichmanHoward Richman is an unlikely expert in the field of weight loss since 1984. He is a naturally-thin person who shows people how to break through their most stubborn blocks. He is the author of Act Thin, Be Thin, the creator of the Slim Photo motivational tool and the composer of the Feeling Fat cellular-release music. His approach to weight loss is as unconventional as he is. Mr. Richman’s formal training is in music. Since 1982 he has pioneered a transformational approach to music relaxation which sensitized him to the connection between the mind and the body. This sensitivity is evident in his understanding of the issues regarding weight loss.

What is an ebook?

        This ebook is simply a web page that you may view on your own computer or print out. You do not need to be connected to the internet to view this ebook. It is compatible with both PC and MAC computers. This ebook is simply a .pdf file that you may view on your own computer or print out. It will be 79 pages when printed out on the average printer. There is nothing else involved for you to do. The only “viewer” you need is Adobe Acrobat Reader, which may be downloaded here for free:

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        Let this wonderful ebook provide the missing links to help you achieve your weight loss goals that you have sought for so long! Available INSTANTLY as an ebook only from us! The cost is just $17.00 that you charge to your credit card or PayPal account. Pay NO SHIPPING and NO SALES TAX! The ebook is a downloadable .pdf file which works equally-well on both PC and MAC computers.

        Weight Loss and the Art of Focusing - ebook
        Price: $17.00 (U.S. Dollars)

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“At last, a new and important book on weight-loss that deals with the mental, physical and emotional aspects of losing weight, and maintaining a healthy body. Howard Richman has created a program which I can enthusiastically recommend not only to my own patients, but also to those people who go on diets which end disappointingly. I particularly like his program to permanently end the yo-yo cycle of failed dieting. He turns it into successful living.”

—Arnold Fox, M.D., Internist/Cardiologist/
Author of the National Best-Seller, The Beverly Hills Medical Diet /
Founder & Medical Director of the Beverly Hills
Anti-Aging Medical Institute, Beverly Hills, CA

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