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Think Thin, Act Thin, Be Thin
Weight Loss eBook

Uncovering the Hidden Blueprint of the Fat Personality



        Discover the link between the overweight personality and lifelong weight problems with this instant ebook. Act Thin, Be Thin, from Sound Feelings, reveals non-diet weight-loss secrets, tools and solutions on how to think thin that transcend the typical diet and exercise programs. This inspired self-help ebook shows patterns of behavior in the thin and fat personalities and encourages the reader to develop certain habits which can help promote the goal of becoming naturally-thin.


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For the COMPLETE INFORMATION on this subject, order below the ACT THIN, BE THIN eBook (below) for just $8!

          Act Thin, Be Thin:
          Uncovering the Hidden Blueprint of the Fat Personality. 2001
          Howard Richman, Author
          Sound Feelings Publishing
          ISBN 1-882060-83-0
          Our Catalog #97007e
          20 pages (approx, if printed)
          $8.00 (U.S.) instant ebook version

Imagine If You Could Learn The Thin “Secret.”

        Have you ever wondered what it would be like to never have to worry about food again, like a naturally-thin person? Have you ever wished that you could be like that? Have you ever wondered how certain people eat whatever they want and never gain any weight? Have you noticed that all the weight loss programs seem to come down to “diet and exercise, diet and exercise, diet and exercise...” and you have done all that, but you still have a weight problem. Are you ready to learn the real solution?

Not the Same Old Stuff!

        Act Thin, Be Thin has NOTHING to do with dieting and exercise. It has nothing to do with calorie-counting or any of the other common weight loss approaches that never work.

Completely New and Different.

        Instead, this ebook reveals certain habits and behaviors that are associated with the “fat personality.” What’s different here is that many of the behaviors mentioned have NEVER, EVER been previously associated with weight issues. You have DEFINITELY never heard about this anywhere else guaranteed! This information is genuinely new. Act Thin, Be Thin should be considered a profoundly unique behavior and “attitude-change” tool that will finally provide you with the missing link to your weight-loss goals.

        This ebook pinpoints 44 non-food-related behaviors and 21 food-related behaviors associated with the “fat personality.” When these habits can be identified and broken, the weight “problem” will naturally diminish and most likely disappear completely and permanently! It’s doubtful that any one person exhibits every single behavior listed in the ebook. However, if the reader recognizes himself/herself in even one of the behaviors listed, then this could be the trigger for profound change. You can see some examples of the type of information you will learn from this ebook:

What is an ebook?

        This ebook is simply a web page that you may view on your own computer or print out. You do not need to be connected to the internet to view this ebook. It is compatible with both PC and MAC computers. It is a one-page web page, which will become approximately 20 pages when printed out on the average printer. There is nothing else involved for you to do. There are no special viewers or readers required or any special software for you to install. In some cases a browser “plug-in” such as RealAudio or Macromedia Flash will be necessary to access the multimedia components of this ebook.

1-Year, No-Risk, Money-Back Guarantee!

How Much Longer Can You Wait To Discover The Hidden Causes of Your Weight Problem?

        You see thin people who eat all they want and it makes you so mad! Believe it or not, it is not so much what you eat as much as it is how you act. Are you ready to learn how to Act Thin, Be Thin?

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        PLEASE NOTE: Act Thin, Be Thin presents information that was first introduced in Howard Richman’s ebook, Weight-Loss and the Art of Focusing. If you already have this ebook, or if intend to purchase it, you do not need to buy Act Thin Be Thin.

        Available INSTANTLY as an ebook only from us! Learn about the link between the fat personality and lifelong weight problems, and what you can do about it RIGHT NOW. The cost is just $8.00 that you charge to your credit card. Pay NO SHIPPING and NO SALES TAX! You will gain immediate access to the ebook. The PC version will automatically un-compress after downloading without any special “unzipping” software. The MAC version will require Allume’s Stuffit Expander, but this most likely is already installed on your computer.

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About the Author.

        Howard Richman is an unlikely expert in the field of weight loss since 1984. He is a naturally-thin person who shows people how to break through their most stubborn blocks. He is the author of Weight-Loss and the Art of Focusing , the creator of the Slim Photo motivational tool and the composer of the Feeling Fat cellular-release music. His approach to weight loss is as unconventional as he is. Mr. Richman’s formal training is in music. Since 1982 he has pioneered a transformational approach to music relaxation which sensitized him to the connection between the mind and the body. This sensitivity is evident in his understanding of the issues regarding weight loss.

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“This no-nonsense e-book is filled with interesting ideas which show the link between how our behaviour patterns influence our eating habits. By learning how to change the behaviour patterns we can modify our eating habits in order to lose weight. It offers really valuable advice that I haven't found anywhere else. It's simple, well-explained and very good value for money.”

—Susie Kelly, Writer
St Romain en Charroux
Vienne, France

“Very helpful, a different approach. Thanks.”

—Margaret Lehmann, Photographer, Berea, KY

“I recently bought your ebook Act Thin, Be Thin and I have to say that it was frighteningly accurate. How on earth do you know all this stuff? Its like you know me! I have known for a while that my issues with my weight have little to do with food but I had no idea that the behaviours you mention affect my ability to lose weight. Some of it was hard to read-its hard to face up to shortcomings or weaknesses but i'm glad that I have a new awareness of myself and my tendency to be distracted. Over the years I have purchased pills, ebooks, online programmes, liquid diets, diet books, had hypnosis, and been a member of more diet clubs than I care to admit, but it is only this cheap little e-book of yours that has managed to make me stop and think. I have read it several times, and cried quite a bit when I realised how I have been self sabotaging to combat boredom, avoid intimacy, to avoid expressing my fact, I identified with most of the behaviours so I have a lot of changes to make-but i'm grateful that now I know I need to change them-not the food necessarily. The ability to just be is something I am working on and is helping very much, I feel much more in control around food, I have thrown out my diet books, am feeling less guilty around food, and am actually taking excersise because I want to. I don't know how you did it, but this ebook is such a gift. Thank you.”

—Samantha Swan, London, UK

“Thank you for your excellent book. It is having a wonderful and immediate effect on me. My feelings about eating and my way of eating changed — well, I would say “instantly” — and are willingly remaining in this new and peaceful state. I am gradually losing my extra weight, although my fixation on weight loss has disappeared. Your book is a personal treasure to me. So simple and so beautiful.”

Salt Lake City

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