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        Sound Healing research articles and clinical trials performed by Howard Richman and other sound healing researchers.

Entrainment Music for Pain Reduction,
by Howard Richman

        from International Zeitschrift für Musik Tanz Und Kunsttherapie
        (International Journal of Music, Dance and Arttherapy)
        April 1988 Page 173
        Publisher: Ferdinand Hettgen Verlag ISSN 0933-6885,

        This paper was presented at the International Symposium for Music Medicine in 1988, Lüdenscheid, Germany. It also set the foundation for the book/CD, Ease Chronic Pain.

        As conflict in the music smoothly transforms into tranquility, the listener experiences sympathetic sensations, resulting in the reduction or elimination of pain. These “Musical Mirrors” imitate, and mask the negative energy and transform iit into positive energy. By matching resonation frequencies, the physical and emotional essences are “re-harmonized.” My findings are based on five years of personal work with hundreds of individuals. Original live and taped music is administered, often using the
        Feeling Stressed tape, (.mp3) with headache, muscle/backache, arthritis, cancer and other chronic pain patients. The components of music, such as rhythm and pitch, are shown to be intimately related, subtly reflecting as a microcosm, the balance or imbalance of the forces within the subject, and ultimately, his or her perception of pain.

        for the .pdf of the full article, please click here.

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