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Cellular Release Modalilties
Releasing the Cellular Memory

        Cellular Release Modalities Releasing the Cellular MemoryThere is a correlation between the physical and emotional body. When we can finally dissolve the emotional armor that is situated in specific parts of our body, then the commensurate physical illness will have a chance for a deeper healing. How do we acquire this blockage? This could be from early childhood traumas or from our own self-imposed fears, or even from past life imprints, if that is within your belief system. In some cases, just being yelled-at as a child can lay the groundwork for blocked energy later in life as we hold on to these “emotional darts” for years and years. There are many, many reasons we develop these blockages and it almost doesn’t matter!

        The main thing to consider is that we tend to attract our emotional blockages where we are weak and vulnerable. Over time, this “mass” of energy will often manifest as a physical illness in that part of the body! This includes every possible illness, including weight gain, cancer, arthritis, asthma, constipation, etc.

        Emotional therapy, such as talk-therapy is really very good for the bulk of your healing. But in most cases, there is a cellular imprint or a cellular memory or a cellular programming that is so deep that it needs something more profound or more esoteric for a full release to occur. That is the purpose of this ebook -- to offer valid emotional release techniques or emotional release systems that are known to helps scoop out the final vestiges of this old emotional pain. In this way you can feel hopeful for cleansing emotional blocks and releasing the cellular memory.

Many Ways to Release the Cellular Memory.

        Cellular Release Modalities provides you with the most comprehensive list of ways you can release the cellular memory. Approximately 40 techniques have been selected and reviewed for their effectiveness. You will not find a better resource of therapies that actually work. Some of the therapies listed are widely known, including Rolfing or Chiropractic. But many of the most effective ones listed are fairly unknown. You will see the value of this great resource after you purchase your copy of the ebook for yourself. Once you see all your options for releasing your cellular memory, you will then know which modality seems right for you. At that point, all the contact information is provided to find a practitioner to help you reach your goals of releasing emotional blockages. (This ebook does not provide the actual protocol for you to follow the cellular memory using each modality. It DOES make you aware of all the different approaches for you to consider.)

Book Data.

          Cellular Release Modalities:
          Unlocking the Cellular Memory for Ultimate Emotional Release and Physical Healing
          Copyright © 2007 Sound Feelings Publishing
          Author: Howard Richman
          Sound Feelings Publishing
          Catalog: #97010e
          ISBN-13: 978-1-882060-90-0
          Format: html ebook
          Pages: approximately 17 pages when printed
          Price: $3.00 (U.S. Dollars)

About the Author.

        Howard RichmanHoward Richman, Teacher/Pianist/Sound Researcher, has blended his advanced music training and his intuitive awareness to create music for transformation since 1982. Mr. Richman’s specialty is to help people break through their most stubborn blocks. He performs and speaks throughout the United States and abroad.


What is an ebook?

        This ebook is simply a web page that you may view on your own computer or print out. You do not need to be connected to the internet to view this ebook. It is compatible with both PC and MAC computers. It is a one-page web page, which will become approximately 17 pages when printed out on the average printer. There is nothing else involved for you to do. There are no special viewers or readers required or any special software for you to install. The file is an .htm file and this is instantly viewable in your normal browser, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox.

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        PLEASE NOTE: Cellular Release Modalities presents information that was first introduced in Howard Richman’s ebook, Weight-Loss and the Art of Focusing. If you already have this ebook, or if intend to purchase it, you do not need to buy Cellular Release Modalities.

        Also, please DO NOT PURCHASE this ebook if you want specific instructions on how to release the cellular memory via a specific technique. This wonderful ebook provides the most comprehensive RESOURCES ALL IN ONE PLACE for you to then CONTACT, to THEN learn exactly what to do!

        Let this wonderful ebook provide options for the healing that you have sought for so long. Available INSTANTLY as an ebook only from us! The cost is just $3.00 that you charge to your credit card or PayPal account. Pay NO SHIPPING and NO SALES TAX! The ebook is a downloadable html file which works equally-well on both PC and MAC computers.

        Cellular Release Modalities - ebook
        Price: $3.00 (U.S. Dollars)

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