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Original Piano Solos
Listening Suggestions


PLEASE NOTE: If you are health professional and you would like to incorporate this special music in your treatment program, we have some suggestions on how you can do this in our Health Professional Integration Guidelines:


        Creative background music perfect for working, studying, meditating, creating and entertaining. Original Piano Solos, from Sound Feelings, is a set of eight pieces actually created to be music for background. This instrumental new-age music is not too ambient that it puts you to sleep, nor is it too driven that it distracts you from whatever you are doing. This balance helps to assist creativity and the focusing process. Perfect for studying, working, meditating, entertaining, creating and more.


        ABSOLUTELY NO MEDICAL CLAIMS ARE MADE ABOUT THE USE OF SOUND FEELINGS MUSIC, NOR IS THE MUSIC INTENDED TO BE A SUBSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS OR TREATMENT. Do not listen to this tape while doing any activity that requires concentrated thinking or 100% attentiveness such as driving, working, or operating machinery.

About the Composer.

        The music is composed by Teacher/Pianist/Sound Researcher, Howard Richman. Richman has blended his advanced music training and his intuitive awareness to create music for transformation since 1982.

Listening Suggestions.

        Unlike our other recordings of entrainment music, There are no restrictions on how to listen to Original Piano Solos. Play the music in the background to any activity for which you desire music.



Side 1
(1) 6:20
(2) 6:36
(3) 1:47
(4) 5:44


Side 2
(5) 5:45
(6) 5:04
(7) 3:54
(8) 5:12


Technical Information.

        This tape has been recorded with the Dolby B-type noise reduction characteristic. During playback, set Dolby NR switch ON. Without Dolby NR, adjust treble control if necessary. Normal bias tape is used because it actually produces a richer sound for piano recording.

        Producer: Howard Richman
        Engineer: Mark Waldrep

        Share this tape with others but please do not make copies.

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