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          Cancer: Touching Deep With Music
          A piano solo composed and
          performed by Howard Richman
          © 1986 Sound Feelings Publishing
          Piano Solo
          Performed and composed by: Howard Richman
          Sound Feelings Publishing
          Producer: Howard Richman
          Engineer: Mark Waldrep
          Cover Painting: Jamie Charles
          Catalog: #98019e
          Format: Downloadable .mp3
          File size: 15.1 MB
          Duration: 16:29
          Price: $15.00 (U.S. Dollars)

          Please read before playing.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are health professional and you would like to incorporate this special music in your treatment program, we have some suggestions on how you can do this in our Health Professional Integration Guidelines:


        Cancer is a transformational piano composition to help release pain and anger. Powerful, angry, chaotic and unrelenting energy gives way to nurturing, loving and liberating energy. The resolution may be experienced in the listener, physically or emotionally. The listener should be process-oriented rather than goal-oriented to appreciate this music. The physical condition of Cancer has been found to be associated with supressed anger.


        Sound Feelings music provides an innovative approach to relaxation and self-reflection. It is intended as an adjunctive non-verbal support tool for various conditions. The insight gained from listening can often be helpful in dealing with the respective illness or condition.

No Hypnosis or Subliminals — Only Music.

        There is no hypnosis, affirmations, subliminal messages or guided imagery embedded in the track. The music incorporates the broadest range of melodic, harmonic, rhythmic, structural and dynamic shifts and contains only piano music.


        ABSOLUTELY NO MEDICAL CLAIMS ARE MADE ABOUT THE USE OF SOUND FEELINGS MUSIC, NOR IS THE MUSIC INTENDED TO BE A SUBSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS OR TREATMENT. Do not listen to this music while doing any activity that requires concentrated thinking or 100% attentiveness such as driving, working, or operating machinery.

About the Composer.

        The music is composed by Teacher/Pianist/Sound Researcher, Howard Richman. Richman has blended his advanced music training and his intuitive awareness to create music for transformation since 1982. He has found that certain sounds, in specific sequence can help bring the listener from one place to another. This music incorporates the broadest range of melodic, harmonic, rhythmic, structural and dynamic shifts and contains only piano music.

Listening Schedule.

        Play it for 30 days, two sessions per day. After this period, listen whenever desired.

Listen Responsively.

        Unlike typical “background” or meditation music, it is preferable to listen to Sound Feelings music responsively, all the way through, without interruption. This allows for the optimum response to the transformation process. Many people do not like the initial “taste” of this music, but they like how they feel after they have heard it! This is because the music creates a type of sound “mirror,” that first reflects the current stress or turmoil of the listener, and later reflects the desired mood and feeling. As the music gradually transforms, its resolution may be experienced in the listener, physically or emotionally. You may reach a point where you just can’t stand to hear it one more time. If this occurs it is suggested that you hang in there anyway and continue to the end of the listening schedule. It is as if you build up a momentum and then meet a certain resistance. This resistance would be like a breakthrough or threshold of change so please don’t give up at that point!

Prepare Your Environment.

        It is ideal to listen to the music through speakers rather than headphones so that the cells of the body themselves may “listen” to the sound. (If you only have headphones, this will still be O.K.) Arrange your listening environment so that you are as comfortable as possible. Take off your shoes. Stand relaxed, sit or lie down, and breathe.

Respond Freely.

        Allow the music to reach your inner feeling, and respond freely to it. Everyone has a different manner of expression. You may experience visual images, thoughts, movement, an intensification of emotion, physical vibrations, sleep, or nothing at all. Remember, your honest response to the music is what is important here. It is through your response that the emotional/cellular memory may be released. Listen actively rather than passively. Do not think that you have to just stay still and concentrate on the music! In fact, if the music inspires you to get up and do something or if your mind begins to wander, allow, allow, allow! Allow all responses without judgement. On the other hand, do not begin listening to the music while you are already doing other unrelated activities, because it is not intended as background music. The important thing is to let the music embrace you totally.

Integrate Experience Into Your Life.

        When the music stops, it is suggested that you bask in the silence for many moments. This will help integrate the feelings. Often, the desired response may not occur until after several hearing, and over several days, so it is recommended that you be patient. If you wish to record your progress in a journal, it can be helpful, but not necessary.

Technical Information.

        Producer: Howard Richman
        Engineer: Mark Waldrep

        Sound Feelings Publishing
        18375 Ventura Blvd. #8000
        Tarzana, CA 91356
        Tel: 818-757-0600

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