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Sound Wave Pattern
Loosens Mucoid Plaque
for Complete Colon Cleansing


        Mucoid PlaquePowerful mp3 instant download provides vibrational complement to colon cleansing programs. You’ve done intestinal cleansing and colon detox for years but feel that you’ve never gotten down to the final layers. This sound wave pattern is an acoustic approach to help loosen the oldest, hardened mucoid plaque. This mucoid waste begins accumulating from birth and can interfere with optimal health. The Intestinal Plaque Loosener is most effective when combined with an herbal cleansing program. This is because as the old fecal matter is loosened, it must be eliminated from the body immediately or it will be reabsorbed into the system, causing illness.

Imagine a Flat Tummy and a Clear Head.

        What happens when you remove a lifetime of mucoid plaque from your intestines is that the “bulk” of your tummy goes down. Since this poison is no longer being absorbed back into your system, you feel better, need less sleep and have more energy and can think more clearly!

Is it Fat or is it Poop? - Internal Weight Loss.

        Internal Weight LossIf there is just 1/32nd of an inch residue of old matter lining the inside of your intestines, and we have 30 feet of intestines, then imagine how much extra weight and bulk this creates! And most people have even more than this amount. In many cases, you may not even have an “overweight” problem but a bulging intestine problem. This would explain the cases where people have skinny arms and skinny legs, but a “fat stomach.” This sound wave pattern is specially-designed to help loosen the mucoid plaque build-up INSIDE your intestines. When this stuff finally comes out, it often looks like black ropes of mucous.

Reaches Mucoid Plaque in Both Large and Small Intestines.

        Because sound waves have an ability to permeate cellular structures, the Intestinal Plaque Loosener helps to loosen hardened mucoid material that resides on the lining of both the large and small intestines. There is small intestine plaque and large intestine plaque. The small intestine is where we absorb our nutrients and if there is a layer of mucoid plaque waste lining this, we could be malnourished, even if we have a great diet! In fact, this could make us feel hungrier and cause us to overeat, creating unnecessary weight gain!

Like “Sonic Scooping” of Mucoid Plaque.

        This sound wave pattern makes use of five tones that resonate in the bowel area. These are electronically-produced tones that oscillate their dynamics (volume) and overtones, but each at different rates. This creates an out-of-phase overlapping of sound waves which can literally be felt. It is as if the sound waves themselves are helping to scrape off the hardened mucoid waste that is inside our intestinal tract.

Sonic Mucoid Plaque Removal is a Complement to your Colon Cleansing Program.

        This product is not an intestinal cleansing program by itself. Instead, think of it as a complement to your current colon cleansing program, to help it to work more effectively. As the putrid material gets loosened, it needs to be carried off quickly and that is why you should never listen to this mp3 unless you are concurrently doing a cleansing system. There are many, many cleansing programs. Here are some programs worth researching. This sound wave pattern mp3 or FLAC will simply enhance the results of whatever program you are doing.

Based on 25 Years of Research.

        The Intestinal Plaque Loosener sound wave pattern is a result of the the inventor’s personal quest for optimal health and his passion for sound healing. He developed this product in his sound research lab by experimenting on himself. With more than 25 years of personal experience with internal cleansing programs and with 23 years of sound healing research, it seemed like a natural combination to merge these two interests together for fantastic results.

Mucoid Plaque Loosener Listening Suggestions.

        Intestinal Plaque Loosener HeadphonesListen to the Intestinal Plaque Loosener once a day for 15 minutes a day. In order to deliver the sound wave pattern directly into the abdomen area, it’s best to listen to the Intestinal Plaque Loosener with headphones, but not in the normal way. You actually stretch the headphones around so that one ear is on the front and one ear is on the back of your abdomen. Generally, if you position one of the headphone speakers directly on your belly button that is well-centered, but depending on your size, it may not be possible to reach, so you can split half the time on your right side and half the time on your right. It really doesn’t have to be exactly in the center of your body because the sound waves will travel and still offer the desired benefit. Set the volume as high as your headphones can handle without distortion. After you download the mp3 or FLAC you can easily transfer it to your iPod or similar device, or burn it to a CD from your computer and then you can play it on a normal stereo system where you can plug in your headphones. If you don’t have headphones, you can lie down on your back and simply rest the speaker of a portable CD player on your tummy. Experiment with volume levels. Another option is to simply place one of the external speakers that is connected to your computer right on your abdomen. This may give you the greatest option for experimenting with a louder volume level. Some people find that the results are quite spectacular with the louder volume level. Note: the Intestinal Plaque Loosener mp3 or FLAC is not the fabled “the brown note” that many people have heard about in pop culture.

        After you purchase the Intestinal Plaque Loosener, you may want to try using a special “pillow transducer” that can help transmit the sounds into your abdomen instead of headphone. This is completely optional.


        Do not use the Intestinal Plaque Loosener sound wave pattern if you are pregnant! You will permanently damage your baby’s hearing. You will also frighten and traumatize him or her.

Listen to a Mucoid Plaque Loosener Sound Sample.

        Mucoid Plaque LoosenerClick to listen: IntestinalPlaqueLoosenerSample.mp3 .5 MB

        You DO have permission to republish this sound sample only (NOT THE FULL TRACK!) If you do so, please, as a courtesy, link to the below URL. You DO have permission to send this sample to friends, to post on your website, to distribute through media, including radio play. If you do so, please, as a courtesy, link to this page:

        so people can find out how to buy the full version. To save the file to your computer, right-click on a PC and option-click on a MAC.

        MP3 Playing Tips: Sometimes your mp3 player might start playing the song before enough of it has streamed into your computer, causing the sound to break up. Try “pausing” your mp3 player for a few seconds before you “play” to let the stream build up. If you don’t already have an MP3 player on your computer, you can get one for free from (for Windows) For Mac, download iTunes for free.

Mucoid Plaque Technical Information.

          Intestinal Plaque Loosener: Sound Wave Pattern
          © 2005 Sound Feelings Publishing
          Howard Richman, Inventor
          Sound Feelings Publishing
          Our Catalog #98017e
          Format: Downloadable .mp3 or FLAC
          filename: IntestinalPlaqueLoosener.mp3
          File size: .mp3: 13.7 MB, FLAC: 63.89 MB
          Duration: 15 minutes
          $13.00 (U.S. Dollars)

90-Day, No-Risk, Money-Back Guarantee!

        Try using the Intestinal Plaque Loosener along with your current intestinal cleansing program and notice how the results are greatly enhanced! Try it a few days on and a few days off several times to compare and you should see a lot more debris coming out THE DAY AFTER you use it. If you are not excited and more than satisified, we will give you a complete refund of your money.

How Much Longer Can You Wait?

        Do you want the lifetime of putrefactive and post-putrefactive matter to continue to build up in your system? Do you want these poisons to continue to seep into your bloodstream, causing fatique, headache, insomnia, and many, many other illesses? Do you want to keep trying to lose weight but always have “a tummy.” Aren’t you tired of this?

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          PLEASE NOTE: This product is only available as a digital download. If you prefer to have a CD, you can then make a CD from this .mp3 or FLAC on your own computer with your CD burner. If you don’t have a CD burner, you have permission to transfer this file to a friend’s computer and they can make the CD for you.

        The Intestinal Plaque Loosener mp3 or FLAC is not available in stores. Please order directly from us. AVAILABLE INSTANTLY. The cost is just $13.00 that you charge to your credit card or PayPal account. Pay NO SHIPPING and NO SALES TAX! You will gain immediate access.

        Intestinal Plaque Loosener - mp3 or FLAC digital download
        Price: $13.00 (U.S. Dollars)
        (You may easily delete it later.)

About the Inventor.

        Howard Richman, Teacher/Pianist/Sound Researcher, has blended his advanced music training and his intuitive awareness to create music for transformation since 1982. Mr. Richman’s specialty is to help people break through their most stubborn blocks. He performs and speaks throughout the United States and abroad.


Other Products We Recommend.

        VibroAcousticTableIf you want to feel the full impact of the Intestinal Plaque Loosener sound wave pattern to help you release hardened fecal matter, then you need to get a VibroAcoustic Table! These are not cheap but it is something that you want to consider for maximum health benefit. You can experiment with various types of music. You can FEEL the sound in every part of your body!

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“The Intestinal Plaque Loosener is awesome! I had to stop in the middle because I had to go to the bathroom! So far, I am happy to report I have had a great healthy bowel movement after each time I listen to it. The vibrational sound really does work. Thank you for this great innovation.”

—Diane Page, Norfolk, Virginia

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