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Music for Weight Loss


        FeelingFatCDTransformational piano composition to help overweight, anorexia, bulimia, depression and low self-esteem. Feeling Fat: Touching Deep With Music, from Sound Feelings, is a downloadable .mp3 or FLAC intended as an adjunctive, supportive entrainment weight loss music tool to encourage emotional expression, which complements natural healing, treatments and low-fat (lo-fat, non-fat) diets for weight-management, food addictions, fat-loss and eating disorders. This music first reflects the current stress or turmoil and transforms into the desired mood and feeling.

        (Note: CD image above is for illustration purposes only. File is actually a downloadable .mp3 or FLAC that you may burn to your own CD.)

Listen to a Sound Sample. Please be prepared for the “entrainment” transitional effect of this special music.

        CDSpinClick to listen: FeelingFatSample.mp3 902 KB

        You DO have permission to republish this sound sample only (NOT THE FULL TRACK!) If you do so, please, as a courtesy, link to the below URL. You DO have permission to send this sample to friends, to post on your website, to distribute through media, including radio play. If you do so, please, as a courtesy, link to this page:

        so people can find out how to buy the full version. To save the file to your computer, right-click on a PC and option-click on a MAC.

        MP3 Playing Tips: Sometimes your mp3 player might start playing the song before enough of it has streamed into your computer, causing the sound to break up. Try “pausing” your mp3 player for a few seconds before you “play” to let the stream build up. If you don’t already have an MP3 player on your computer, you can get one for free from (for Windows) For Mac, download iTunes for free.

Technical Information.

          Feeling Fat: Touching Deep With Music.
          Copyright © 1984 Sound Feelings Publishing
          Piano Solo
          Performed and composed by: Howard Richman
          Sound Feelings Publishing
          Producer: Howard Richman
          Engineer: Robert Shoji
          Cover Painting: Jamie Charles
          Catalog: #98021e
          Format: Downloadable .mp3 or FLAC
          File size: .mp3: 13.96 MB, FLAC: 55.06 MB
          Duration: 15:14
          Price: $15.00 (U.S. Dollars)

Music Can Touch Emotional and Physical.

        Music has the distinct quality of being able to touch both the emotional and the physical parts of our being. Each person will respond differently to the Feeling Fat music. Some people will experience more of an emotional response and others will experience more of a physical response

Emotional and Physical are Linked.

        It has been shown that there is a “mind-body link” between the emotional and physical. This means that certain emotional states are associated with certain physical conditions. Weight issues have been found to be associated with depression and a lack of self-esteem. If the emotional pain is reduced, it could be indirectly helpful for the physical condition. Similarly, if the physical condition is improved, it could be indirectly helpful for the emotional state.

Creates a “Sound Mirror.”

        The musical entrainment process creates a type of sound “mirror” that first reflects the current stress or turmoil of the listener, and later reflects the desired mood and feeling. As the music gradually transforms, its resolution may be experienced in the listener, physically or emotionally.

No Hypnosis or Subliminals — Only Music.

        There is no hypnosis, affirmations, subliminal messages or guided imagery embedded in the track. The music incorporates the broadest range of melodic, harmonic, rhythmic, structural and dynamic shifts and contains only piano music.

See the Uses and Applications for Feeling Fat.

Listening Suggestions for Feeling Fat.

        Please click here for educational information about this very special music. Here you can learn the details of what to expect.

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        Available INSTANTLY. After you make your payment, you will be given a password which will allow you to download the .mp3 or FLAC version of Feeling Fat. You will then be able to hear the complete track on your computer. If you prefer, you may use your CD burner on your computer to burn a CD of the track, which you then will be able to play on any CD player.

        CDSpinFeeling Fat by Howard Richman is available only from Sound Feelings Publishing. You may order directly from us:

        Feeling Fat - .mp3 or FLAC Digital Download
        Price: $15.00 (U.S. Dollars)

        (You may easily delete it later.)

About the Composer.

        Howard Richman, Teacher/Pianist/Sound Researcher, has blended his advanced music training and his intuitive awareness to create music for transformation since 1982. Mr. Richman’s specialty is to help people break through their most stubborn blocks. He performs and speaks throughout the United States and abroad.

For More Information.

        For more information, it’s possible that your question has already been asked by someone else and you may be able to find a quick answer by looking on our Q&A page. Otherwise, please contact us.

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“Your concept of sound and its induced inner experience and its feelings to transfer your inner self’s psyche overcome self sabotage is a breakthrough. It is using the sense of sound as an instrument to change your subconscious. I can beat this weight loss thing. I feel empowered. I feel new hope. I feel new commitment. I know I can meet my weight lose commitment. That is because it is empowering to be able to stand tall during a storm. It is like an oak tree that stood firm. I am now emboldened.”

—Michael Block,
Kissimmee FL

“Your music provides a heightened awareness of mind and body, and is particularly helpful for compulsive personalities who have difficulty experiencing their feelings. The Feeling Fat tape is a positive adjunct to body awareness and relaxation training. I would strongly recommend your music to reduce emotional and physical stress and to promote recovery from addictive behaviors. The music plays a tremendous role in integrating the mind and body.”

—Robin Pinski, M.S., Director,
H.O.P.E. Institute, Los Angeles, CA

“Feeling Fat has eliminated or reduced many of my appetites and cravings for chocolates and greasy foods. Using it has brought to the surface many of the emotional matter I have been avoiding for the last two years. Consequently, my weight has started to o down, without a specific regimen. I realize that it will take more than simply listening to this music to rid myself of years of accumulated fat. However, I would not have been able to make this start without the emotional release generated by the piano music.”

—Eva Rosenberg, MBA, Pres., Independent Research Services
Taxation & Real Estate, Sherman Oaks, CA

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