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Music for Chronic Pain
“Ease Chronic Pain”

        Sound Healing: Ease Chronic PainLet music and guided imagery be an effective part of your pain management program. Sound Healing: Ease Chronic Pain, Book/CD, with original piano solo music and spoken word guided imagery, is a supportive and comforting self-help tool to for pain relief. These two natural healing therapies are an alternative to pain medication. The Sound Healing: Ease Chronic Pain book explains step-by-step how these techniques work and how to use the CD to help relieve pain, along with a lot of other information and useful tips to help reduce your pain level. It also features a journal where readers can record their progress, and their feelings. The CD offers special relaxing music designed to influence the biological responses that can trigger healing, followed by a soothing spoken guided imagery to bring listeners to a meditative, pain-free state. Sound Healing: Ease Chronic Pain is available for a discount. See below.

Listen to Sound Sample of the healing music and the guided imagery. Please be prepared for the “entrainment” transitional effect of this special music.

        CDSpinClick to listen: MusicToEaseChronicPainEXCERPT.mp3
        1.49MB (Full version is 22.4 MB)

        CDSpinClick to listen: GuidedImageryForPainReleaseEXCERPT.mp3 1 MB (Full version is 27.4 MB)

        You DO have permission to republish this sound sample only (NOT THE FULL TRACK!) If you do so, please, as a courtesy, link to the below URL. You DO have permission to send this sample to friends, to post on your website, to distribute through media, including radio play. If you do so, please, as a courtesy, link to this page:

        so people can find out how to buy the full version. To save the file to your computer, right-click on a PC and option-click on a MAC.

        MP3 Playing Tips: Sometimes your mp3 player might start playing the song before enough of it has streamed into your computer, causing the sound to break up. Try “pausing” your mp3 player for a few seconds before you “play” to let the stream build up. If you don’t already have an MP3 player on your computer, you can get one for free from (for Windows) For Mac, download iTunes for free.

        Click here for high quality images of the book/CD and the authors.

        Click here for more testimonials about Sound Healing: Ease Chronic Pain (with signed releases giving permission to quote.)

          Sound Healing: Ease Chronic Pain. 2006
          Howard Richman, Judy Nelson, Authors
          Stewart, Tabori & Chang, (STC Books, a division of Abrams Books) New York
          ISBN 1-58479-466-6
          Hardcover book/CD, 8.6 x 6.4,
          Book: 96 pages,
          CD running time: 58 minutes
          Sound Feelings Catalog 97013
          Our Price: $10.95 US ($17.95 suggested retail)

Helpful for Many Types of Pain.

        Sound Healing: Ease Chronic Pain is helpful for many types of pain, including: headache pain, back pain, knee pain, lower back pain, joint pain, arthritis pain, hip pain, neck pain, chest pain, leg pain, stomach pain, shoulder pain, heel pain, abdominal pain, upper back pain, kidney pain, breast pain, pelvic pain, muscle pain, eye pain, wrist pain, elbow pain, groin pain, arm pain, ear pain, phantom pain, phantom limb pain (PLP), surgical pain, pain from surgery, tooth pain, toe pain, headaches, muscle spasms, cancer pain, fibromyalgia pain.

        Sound healing and music therapy are not cure-alls but should really be included in your medicine cabinet as part of your pain-reduction program.

Sound Healing: Ease Chronic Pain Chapter Headings.

        • How to Get the Most from This Program
        • Music as Healer
        • How This Music Works
        • Guided Imagery: A Mind/Body Experience
        • Metaphysics and Music
        • Other Self-Help Options
        • Create Your Own Healing Music
        • About Music Therapy
        • Your Healing Journal
        • Guided Imagery for Pain Release (CD Script)

Like Music Medicine.

        You often take cough medicine because you know it will bring relief from your symptoms and discomfort, even though you don’t like the taste. The music on the Ease Chronic Pain CD is like music medicine. It is not a taste you recognize or necessarily enjoy, but you try it because you know it will make you feel better. Music to Ease Chronic Pain follows the musical entrainment process for the optimal results in helping you with your pain relief. The music starts out by mirroring your current pain state and gradually shifts to an enveloping, warm nurturing and comforting state. You are carried along with it.

A Musical Massage.

        The sound waves themselves have a force that can help relax the blocked energy that may be associated with your pain. Some of the sections of the music are repetitive in nature. This minimalistic approach to repeating a musical pattern may seem odd until you begin to understand and actually feel the hidden benefit. The repetition is intentional in order for the musical passages to resonate in the areas of your being where you have the most pain — just like fingers kneading a sore back during a massage.

Guided Imagery Helps “Image” Your Pain and Set it Free.

        The guided imagery component is designed to help you develop the power of your mind over your body by focusing on your thoughts. The words will help you paint a picture of your pain in your mind, then visualize it as images, light, color, and energy moving throughout and then out of your body. You will feel totally relaxed. The exercise will help you release tension and stress, and experience reduced pain or even a pain-free state. As you experience the imagery repeatedly over time, you may gradually deepen your ability to use visualizations to achieve more voluntary control over your pain.

About the Creators of Sound Healing: Ease Chronic Pain.

        Howard RichmanHoward Richman, M.F.A., is a pianist, composer, music teacher, and sound researcher. He has been blending his advanced music training and intuitive awareness to create healing music since 1982. “As someone who had migraine headaches nearly every day as a child, this natural pain relief is something that I’m very passionate about!”

        Judy NelsonJudy Nelson, M.S., CCC-SLP, MT-BC, is a board -certified music therapist and speech pathologist and founder of the Music Therapy Wellness Center at California State University, where she is an associate clinical professor of music therapy. She also teaches meditation, guided imagery, and stress reduction.

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        Sound Healing: Ease Chronic Pain - book/CD
        Price: $10.95 (U.S. Dollars) ($17.95 suggested retail)

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“I would recommend ‘Sound Healing: Ease Chronic Pain’ to my clients.”

—Teresa M. Andreoli, Psy.D., Psychology Assistant,
Psychotherapy Pain Management,
Brain Therapy Center,
Westlake Village, CA

“It was week two after undergoing a major surgery and I was writhing in pain. I was having a problem easing off of my narcotic pain medications. Howard, my friend since elementary school, knew I was going through a rough time and sensed that the pain management book/CD might help me. I remember playing the CD and being very open to it because I knew that Howard was a brillant pianist and a very kind and healing person. I definitely had an out of body experience while I listened to the sounds. I focused on the music healing the area where the surgery had taken place. When the discordant notes were played, I imagined them vacuuming up all the painful energy within my body. I completely surrendered to the suggestions of the CD and was totally open to the power of the healing thoughts that were spoken. A few hours later I woke up from the experience to find that the excruciating pain that had been tormenting me was GONE. After listening to the CD, I was able to dramatically reduce my narcotic pain medications until I got off of them completely. I believe the pain management CD sped up my healing process and I will be forever grateful to Howard for giving me such an important gift of healing.”

—Carole Medway, B.A., R.N.
Tarzana, CA

“I had major surgery due to an old injury that would not heal or allow me fall asleep. I couldn't even begin my physical therapy because the pain was unbearable. After listening to your CD the very first time, I was able to sit and stand up straight AND take deep breaths all without pain. Minutes later, I was dancing and days later I began my physical therapy. Thank you Howard and Judy for making it possible to 'ease my chronic pain' quickly and without drugs.”

—Sun Rose, Founder,

“You are most talented. I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a connective tissue disorder that causes severe joint hypermobility and organ displacement. This has resulted in 21 surgeries, with mixed results. Pain is my constant companion, and your CD is so helpful that I actually got addicted to it at first, and listened 4 or 5 times a day for a couple weeks. Now it's place is more balanced among my meditation repertoire, but it's among my very favorites. I bought a copy for my friend who has fibromyalgia, etc., and she loved it, too.”

—Jennifer Gal,
Indianapolis, IN

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