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Best AirTube Headsets
for Mobile Phones

      Best air tube headsets for mobile phonesRadiation-free headsets use hollow tube technology to protect the user from harmful EMF radiation. The air tube is similar to a doctor’s stethoscope! By using an air tube headset with your cell phone, you will be helping to prevent cell phone radiation and brain cancer! Air tube hands-free headsets are available as ear hook headsets or as ear bud headsets. The earbud headset just stays in the ear with slight pressure and the earhook headset hangs from the ear with gravity. Sizes accomodate all mobile phones that use either 3.5mm and 2.5mm jacks. compare to: biopro air tube headsets, Mercola blue tube headsets, GIA Wellness headsets, aircom technology headsets, Life Energy Blue Tube Headsets, Earthtrade Headsets, New Life Blue Tube headsets, Envi Brown tube headsets, rf3 headsets — Air Tube headsets are considered the safest headsets you can buy! There is no metal wire connecting the plug to your ear, as it is separated by air. Air Tube headsets are “wired headsets” and are not wireless. (In fact, wireless bluetooth devices actually have been shown to INCREASE EMF and are more dangerous to your health!)

Learn Why Air Tube Radiation-Free Headsets are the Best Headsets

      • Radiation Free
      • RF3 technology reduces radio frequency exposure to the head
      • Custom-molded lightweight earpiece
      • Tube clip
      • State-of-the-art sound chamber with enhanced SPL technology
      • Tangle-free retractable expansion cord
      • Mic Button with Answer, Disconnect, Mute/Unmute, Voice dialing features
      • Lightweight titanium ear hook design
      • Fully adjustable and rotates 360 degrees to fit either left or right ear
      • Fits all mobile phones
      • Competitive price
      • High Quality materials!
      • Safe for use while driving

    Mobile Phone Radiation  Chart

Air Tube Headsets Fit All Cell Phones

        Air Tube Headsets come with the 3.5mm or 2.5mm jack size. For help determining the size of your jack, use the chart below. While 2.5mm is the standard for phone headsets, the slightly larger 3.5mm size is the standard for music headphones and just about every other type of electronic device other than phones (music players, PCs, MOST smartphones etc.) So you can do a visual comparison by holding up your existing phone headset jack right next to a music headphone jack and you can immediately tell if it is the same diameter or if it is smaller. If your phone is not listed, check your phone's user manual, your phone's manufacturer or your mobile carrier.

        Cell Phone Headset Jack Size Chart

        2.5mm Jack Size

        3.5mm Jack Size
















        *Models above with the * could be either 2.5 and some are 3.5, so please check before you make your purchase!!!

        Prices range from $19.95 - $24.95
        ear bud or ear hook style, 2.5 or 3.5 jacks.


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“Got my headset. Love it. Will be ordering more at some point.”

—Bruce, Sarasota FL

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