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HeatBands™ Hand Warmers
All-Natural Remedy
for Cold Hands

    Heatbands hand warmersHeatBands™ are the BEST handwarmers. They work by trapping a layer of still air between the material and the skin while reflecting heat back to the wearer.


    They provide a completely natural remedy for cold hands. Heatbands natural hand warmers insulate the vulnerable area around the wrist preventing heat loss, which promotes a better flow of warm blood into the hands and fingers. Body heat tends to escape via the wrists because the blood vessels are close to the surface of the skin. Heat Bands™ hand warmers will capture this escaping heat and reflect it back into the wrist. This safe and unique product can be considered as an alternative to chemical heat packs.





HeatBands™ Natural Hand Warmers Use

      • NO drugs
      • NO chemicals
      • NO electricity
      • NO activation

Heatbands are Disposable but can be Reusable (Technically)

    The “14 pack” is designed for two hands, one pair per day, which would equal one week's worth, if you were to change them each day. But you don’t actually need to replace them every day. Theoretically, you can re-use them for as long as you wish and they will remain just as effective. (Just dirty and stinky.)Heatbands Hand Warmers Use Space-Age Technology to Manage Heat Loss.

    HeatBands  Best Hand WarmersHeatBands natural hand warmers work by trapping a layer of still air between the material and the skin while reflecting heat back to the wearer. This helps keep the blood flowing into the fingers warm. They do not need batteries or an electricity supply. Heatbands are made of three layers and are very thin and ultra light-weight. 1) The inner layer is a skin-safe absorbent comfortable lining. 2) The middle layer is a specially-developed heat-reflective core, using space-age technology. 3) The outer layer is a soft waterproof outer surface.

Heatbands Hand Warmers are Imported From the UK

    You know you are getting something that works if people in the UK are using it! Heatbands are manufactured in the UK and we import this wonderful product directly from the manufacturer.

Heatbands Hand Warmers are More Convenient than Gloves or Heat Packs.

    HeatBands Hand WarmersHeatbands are the best hand warmers you can buy. They are more convenient than wearing mittens, gloves, or wrist bands that require heat pads or microwave or those that rely on chemicals to generate heat. Heatbands are made from natural and man made fibers, combined with high tech materials that are perfectly safe for use next to the skin. The really nice thing about Heatbands is that they don’t interfere with your normal activities. Unlike with gloves, you can still play the piano, golf, cook or anything else — while wearing them! Heatbands are appropriate for all ages including children.

Use HeatBands Hand Warmers as a Preventive Measure.

    Since HeatBands reflect your body’s existing heat back into the wrist and hand area, each person will respond differently. If you have a little bit of warmth already in your hands, the heatbands will usually allow you to feel a maintenance of that warmth and often even an INCREASE! However, if you have no warmth at all, such as in Raynaud’s or Scleroderma situations, the best way to use the heatbands is to warm your hands up first. You can place them under warm water or in any other manner. THEN apply the HeatBands to lock in the heat. You will love it because instead of feeling like your hands get cold again in a few minutes, your hands will remain warm for hours!

Hand Warmers are One Size Fits All.


    Heatbands are 8.5" x 2.75". They are are soft and comfortable to wear. A built-in adhesive strip allows you to size the Heatbands hand warmers to your comfort level. It will fit large wrists and small wrists. (The adhesive does not come in contact with your skin. It sticks to the outside of the Heatband itself.)

Heatbands Hand Warmers Available in “Neutral” color.

    Heatbands hand warmers are available in neutral, which is basically beige. You may re-use heatbands, but most people start fresh each day. They will continue to work as long as they are worn but are disposable for hygienic purposes. One size fits all.





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