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How to Transfer Emails
from Eudora to Yahoo! Mail


        How to Transfer Emails from Eudora to Yahoo! Mail

        Step-by-Step tutorial shows how to convert POP3 computer-based email accounts to web-based email service. Eudora is a computer-based email client and Gmail and Yahoo! are examples of web-based email services. These free tips will guide you to convert emails that are in your Eudora folders to an internet-based system like Yahoo. This email migration requires several steps to convert emails but you will be thrilled with the results! This includes
        transferring all the saved email messages that you have in folders as well as transferring your address book contacts.
        • Transfer emails from Eudora to Gmail
        • Import emails from Eudora to Yahoo! Mail
        • Transfer Eudora to Yahoo! Mail
        • Migrate Eudora to Yahoo! Mail
        • Convert Eudora to yahoo! Mail

        Have you ever admired people who can travel and check their online email all over the world, on any computer? For 13 years, I was bound to my home computer to get my email and just didn’t do email on the road. The problem was that as my business grew, I realized that I could not wait a week or two, as customers needed my attention. Also, I would hate turning on my computer on that first day back from a vacation while my email program would be loading in literally 6,000 messages that were accumulating while I was away!

        Actually, I had experimented with web-mail, where I could check my mail on the road because my POP3 account provides “webmail” service. The problem is that usually, I wanted the “security” of having all my old messages available to me. I like to file things away into their correct folder, but the email folders existed only on my home computer! If I replied to someone while on the road, my response would not be synchronized on my home computer. This was so frustrating!

        The need to transfer POP3 email to web mail is not really an issue for many people because they don’t need to have access to all their old emails. So if that is the case, you just get a gmail or a yahoo account and you are ready to go. But if you have 1000s of old emails that you often need to refer to, it means that you need to find a way to export your emails to the new system, so you have immediate access to everything from anywhere in the world.

        The old-timers are the ones who have this issue. It’s humorous that most people who started using email since 2005 seem to automatically start with a web-based system, so they don’t get what the problem is at all! But those of us who have been using email for a long time are often “stuck” by our primary computer using a POP3 account and don’t have the flexibility of viewing email from other computers as you do with web client email.

        The following tutorial is describing my personal experience switching from Eudora, client-based email to Yahoo! Mail, a we-based email system. If you have another computer-based email client, like Outlook, Pegasus, Pine, SeaMonkey, The Bat!, PocoMail, Barca, Apple Mail, Entourage, Thunderbird, Opera Mail, FoxMail, Calypso, Penelope or others, these tips can be easily adapted to your needs to import emails into Yahoo! mail. Also consider this approach if you are looking for a Eudora replacement.

        If you are using Eudora, sooner or later it would be prudent at some point to migrate from Eudora because on October 11, 2006, QUALCOMM announced that Eudora would be no longer be developed or supported. They have moved to an “open source” version which is great if you are a developer but for the average person, it is nice to have support.


        By the way, You might ask why bother to export emails to Yahoo! Mail if you are able to transfer emails to Gmail? This is a personal preference. For me, the user-friendly layout and folder-based drag and drop system of Yahoo! Mail is very similar to what I was accustomed to with Eudora and similar computer-based email systems. Gmail has some wonderful features and their search ability is not to be beat. But it is hard for me to get used to their “labels.” I really like “folders” and Yahoo! uses folders. So if you are happy with Gmail, you could follow my tutorial below through step 4 and then stop.

Step 1: Prepare Eudora to Switch Email Systems (or whatever computer-based email program you are using).

        Unnest folders. “Nesting” is folders within folders. The online email programs sometimes offer this feature, but it may cause problems in the transfer process. So it is best if you can un-nest all your folders. The way to do this is to create all folders on the same hierarchy, transfer the emails to the newly-created folders and then delete the old sub-folders. If you had a folder called “Family” with the sub folders: “Robert, Kim, Mom, Dad, Stephanie, your new un-nested folders would be labeled like this:

        • FamilyRobert
        • FamilyKim
        • FamilyMom
        • FamilyDad
        • FamilyStephanie

        By labeling them as indicated above, at least when you search for the “family” folders, at least they will all be in the same section of your folders list!

        Delete unnecessary and old emails and folders that you will never need. Go through your emails and notice if certain emails and certain folders that you have been keeping for years are really necessary to your current situation. If not, just delete them. This will make the transfer process more streamlined.

Step 2: Convert Emails to Thunderbird.

        Why Thunderbird? Thunderbird is one of the few email computer-based email clients that offer the IMAP email client option for exporting emails. Most computer-based email clients just offer POP3. POP3 can receive data but IMAP can send, and you will need this feature to do what you want to do! You can download Thunderbird for free here:

        NOTE: If you already have Eudora 8, you can skip this step because it already has IMAP! (But most of us never upgraded to version 8 and and this tutorial is for the rest of us.)

        DO NOT IMPORT YOUR EMAILS FROM WITHIN THUNDERBIRD BECAUSE THEIR IMPORT FEATURE IS UNRELIABLE AND LIMITED! (The importer on Thunderbird does not work well and crashes, especially if you have a lot of emails!) I’m saying this from my own frustrated experience and just take my word for it.

        Instead, buy this program to make the conversion: Aid4Mail It works AMAZINGLY WELL and can convert many different types of email programs into Thunderbird successfully, without errors: 

        You have will have a choice to import the .toc files or the .mbx files. You should choose the .toc files ONLY. This will give you the ability to keep details about the message like if it was already read or not, and the forwarded or replied to status.

        Let Thunderbird index messages.

        Note: This approach may also be used for archiving emails, or to backup emails.

Step 3: Clean up Thunderbird.

        Reconcile inbox and outbox (from in and sent). Drag messages from old “in” into “inbox.” The terminology is slightly different. Eudora uses the “in” and Thunderbird uses “inbox.” So you realize that these are the same and you should, within the Thunderbird program, literally select and drag the messages from “in” into what is now called “inbox” and the same for the outbox from “sent.” Then DELETE the old folders.

        NOTE: During this transfer process, when new emails arrive, don’t use Eudora or your previous email program to open them. NEVER go back at this point. Just work with Thunderbird at this point and open new messages and let them come in until you are ready to go to the next step. Otherwise, you will have newly-arrived messages that will never make it to the final transfer and they will be stuck in Eudora!

Step 4: Transfer Messages and Folders to Gmail Using IMAP.

        Even if Gmail is not your ultimate choice for an email program, this step is crucial because it is set up for IMAP and you need this to make the transition from computer-based email to web-based email. So you will have to create a free Gmail account first, if you don’t already have one before you can do this step!
        In Gmail, you can upgrade your storage within google to at least 20gb or 80gb if you have that many messages, but most people will not need to do this. is a great tutorial for setting up the IMAP settings for gmail within Thunderbird.

        In Thunderbird, account settings, within the Gmail account, click on “synchronization and storage” Uncheck: “keep messages for this account on this computer.” That will speed things up considerably and to import all the messages that you are uploading seems unnecessary! Also, in the thunderbird account settings, Gmail account, uncheck “check for new messages at startup.” (If you wanted real-time viewing of  your Gmail from within Thunderbird, then of course these suggestions would not be good, but for our purposes, of uploading messages TO Gmail, these settings will help.)

        You will literally see two accounts within your Thunderbird Folders Pane and it is as simple as dragging folders from your Thunderbird account onto the Google account!! Amazing. Gmail doesn’t have folders but has “labels.” But the folder of Thunderbird will correlate to the label of Gmail.

        So you just sit there and folder by folder, just drag, within the Thunderbird program from your home account to your Gmail account. You literally can see the messages being copied.

        If the folder has more than 5000 messages, my recommendation is that you transfer the contents in stages. Select a batch of messages and note where you left off. Drag this to the desired folder on Gmail. After this has completed, then do successive batches. When the gmail folder approaches 5000, then errors can occur and the system cuts out. A good trick is to transfer a portion of the emails to one folder and then more to a completely different folder. After all the emails have been transferred to separate folders, from within Gmail, you can then merge the contents of the separate folders back into one large folder. I had folders of 50,000 or more messages and I got errors half way through the transfer and had to start over until I figured this out!

        If you have a lot of messages and a lot of folders, you may need to go into the Gmail account settings (on Gmail) “hide” the folders that have already been uploaded. This is because it may be too much for your computer’s ram to handle at once.

        This process could actually take a few days, depending on how many messages you have. After you think you have transferred everything, leave your computer on and the connection between Thunderbird and Gmail active for several more hours. This will allow for whatever the two systems need to do to further update and reconcile. (Just in case the process is not actually done even though you think it is done.)

        If the total messages in Thunderbird and Gmail are different, don’t worry. Gmail has a “remove duplicates” feature and this is probably what is happening.

        If you get a lot of error messages with this transfer, here are some solutions.

Step 5: Transfer to Yahoo!

        You are almost there. This next step is actually pretty fun and now that the emails are in a web-based format on Gmail, it is very easy to transfer to any other web-based email service. Yahoo! offers their TrueSwitch feature. But it doesn’t seem to be effective to transfer the actual emails but you definitely can use that feature for importing your contacts.

        To transfer your emails from Gmail to Yahoo! or to ANY other online email service or web based email clients, including AOL, Airmail, CableONE, FuseMail, Gmail, Hiwaay, Mail2Web, Netscape, PolarisMail…… I ONLY recommend Yippie Move.  They are an amazing company. For the low one-time price of price of $14.95, they can bulk move all your message from one web-based email provider to another. I highly recommend that you use them instead of messing with it yourself. Their customer service is AMAZING!


Step 1: Export Address Book Folder as .csv file.

        After you have converted your email account from Eudora to Thunderbird (see above), do the following: Within thunderbird address book: export each addressbook folder as a csv file

Step 2: Import Address Book Into Gmail.

        Within Gmail: go to “contacts” then “import” browse to the csv files you have created and upload them. That’s it!

Step 3: Transfer Address Book Into Yahoo! Mail.

        Yahoo! offers their TrueSwitch feature. This service is not good for transferring emails, but it is PERFECT for importing your contacts. Just look for TrueSwitch within your Yahoo! account and follow the directions to import your address book from gmail.

Troubleshooting Gmail Errors. 

        Imap error messages from Gmail. Possible solutions:

          The current command did not succeed. The mail server responded: unable to append message to folder (failure)

        One thing that seems to work at some point where all you are getting is errors, to use a completely different Gmail account that you create or have access to. Then after those messages are uploaded to that account, you can easily import the messages from that account into your primary account!

        It also seems to be a type of wording in the subject or even a character “!” or “/” or “%”. I was pulling my hair out until I realized that the folder that was giving me a problem had messages that said “Thank you for your order!” This was the folder that wouldn’t transfer. I recommend that you do a search for messages in each folder for subjects with those characters and delete those messages if they are not that important or re-email to yourself and delete those offending characters from the subject. (NOTE: the above character removal issues don’t seem to matter if it is just a short amount of messages that you are transferring… this issue only seems to matter if it is a lot of messages… the exact threshold, nobody knows.)

        Things that you may also try to make is work better: locates space-consuming folders and allows you to manage them

About These Free Email Conversion Tips

        HowardRichmanFilm75These free tips on how to convert your email messages from Eudora to Yahoo are written by Howard Richman. I’m actually a piano teacher and I’m not an IT person by any means! I do welcome your feedback and suggestions on what I’ve written. However, if you have highly technical questions, I probably won’t be able to help you. I suggest that you contact the respective company that you may be dealing with at the various stages of your transfer if you have questions or difficulty. Please see my other free tips on various subjects.

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