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Stop Stuttering!
Two Amazing Free Tips.


        Two amazing free secrets to help stop stuttering, from Sound Feelings. This free stuttering information provides easy how-to solutions for stutterers for self-improvement towards fluent speech. These will be extremely helpful for those seeking stuttering cures.

1 Think Before You Speak.

        Don’t even open your mouth until you are exactly sure about the word or words you are about to say. People who stutter often are smarter than average. This ironically works against the stutterer because when he or she attempts to speak, his or her mind tends to think too far ahead! This causes the conscious mind to not be in line with the current immediate word being expressed. The result is a jam or a block in the flow of speech. It really is not enough to “slow down the rhythm of your speech,” as is so often recommended. This can be slightly helpful, but what really counts is to think before you verbalize each word. It may be temporarily helpful to slow down just in order to retrain yourself how to think ahead of each word spoken rather than after, but eventually, the speed of the speech can return to normal.

2 Say it in Your Mind.

        Literally hear yourself successfully saying the word you want to say in your mind before you say it. This is a type of aural visualization. All people who succeed in anything admit that they practice visualizing their success, with optimism, before actually attaining their goal. Imagine the sound of each word, one by one, in your mind before you physically say it.

        These tips were prepared by Howard Richman and are offered for free as a courtesy. For additional information to help master the elements of fluent speech, order Mr. Richman’s booklet,
        Stutter Control Drill.

        If you have found any of our free information to be helpful, please let us know! We also grateful for your donation!


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“After using these tips I feel that I can speak without stuttering for the rest of my life and I think these tips will help me to be successful in my career. I am 23 years old. I've always had to work hard to be normal in my speech. I managed to get a job but I always had a fear in my mind, wondering if I will be able to speak without stuttering in the work place. I thank Howard Richman for his wonderful work, which has taught me how to speak, and he has also contributed his invaluable tips for free. This is great! Thank you sir!”

—Arjun Kanna, Technical Support
Engineer, Madurai, India

“My stuttering is all cleared up now, and I have no more problem! What I did was take one of your tips to stop stuttering (tip #2). In one week I got so much better that I could talk well on the phone. I say the word once in my head, then not even a second later, say it verbally. I’m glad I fixed it because I’m only 14 and I’d be stuttering for a lot longer. From this I met two girls already. Thanks!”

—Carl Michelson

“You have hit the nail on its head with the problem. The first time I did the drill, I realized that is exactly my problem.”

—Jeff, Graduate Student

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