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Parasite Cleansing Recipe


        This parasite cleansing recipe is the perfect complement your colon cleanse program. Many sources agree that at least 80% of the population are infected with intestinal parasites. These are not just from food that we eat. If you’ve ever gone barefoot on the grass, you probably have parasites! They bore through the skin of the bottom of your feet and work their way through the body into every organ, including the brain, causing all kinds of illness and allergies. The following parasite purge ingredients will will provide what you need on how to kill parasites.

First, Start a Colon Cleanse!

        Before you learn how to get rid of parasites, wait until you’ve done the colon cleansing program for a while in order to clean out your “main sewer line” first. THEN start the parasite program WHILE YOU CONTINUE doing the colon cleanse. This parasite cleanse will complement ANY colon cleanse program, but, of course, we recommend our 10-Point Colon Cleanse.

Benefits of Parasite Cleansing.

        Do the parasite cleanse for 3 to 8 weeks and continue doing the colon cleanse during the same period. How do you know when you can stop the parasite cleanse? You will really feel amazingly better. The whites of your eyes will not have any red in them. There are many natural and herbal preparations to help remove visible and microscopic parasites. The following are my recommendations. You can do any or all! Obviously, the more ingredients you incorporate into your anti-parasite routine, the better.

        The following ingredients will help to kill parasites in your system. You do not have to do ALL the routines below. Most people will not. In fact, it is not necessary to do everything listed below. The variety is listed for your convenience, in case it is difficult to obtain some of the ingredients, try some of the other products listed below.

        jalapenosFresh jalapeņo peppers. This is overall a superior approach but hard to injest because they are so spicy. (Ever wonder why natives in Mexico don’t get stomach sickness?) What you can do is to chop them up into little pieces and mix with yogurt and swallow without chewing. Ingest between 1 and 3 each day. Or, if you combine it with a food that has a high fat content, it won’t burn when you chew it. Try avocado or goat cheese. Jalapeņos can be purchased at most markets.

        raw Pumpkin Seeds Raw Pumpkin Seeds contain an unusual amino acid called cucurbitin. This is believed to paralyze the worms over time, forcing them to loose their grip and get expelled from the body. These are available at most health food stores.

        ParaPureParaPure Herbal Parasite Cleanse is an herbal preparation that contains black walnut hulls, wormwood, common cloves, and when used together is known to kill 100 types of parasites and their eggs. This is product is very similar to Clarkia. Take one dropper-full 2-3x a day. You can take it straight in your mouth, or you can put into some water or other liquid.


        fennel capsules Fennel Capsules Fennel has been known to weaken many types of parasites, and this makes a good complement to the other techniques.





        kyolic garlic capsules Kyolic Garlic Capsules Raw garlic cloves is the best. But Kyolic gives you the benefit of garlic without the bad breath. Take at least two a day.







        hydrocholic acid Hydrochloric Acid Tablets This is naturally-occurring in our stomach and is the first defense against parasites. However, some people do not secrete enough hydrochloric acid and it is worthwhile to supplement with tablets. Often called “HCl,” which is it’s molecular formula. Taken with meals.



        Acidophilus Probiotics Probiotic Capsules  These include acidophilus or bifidus and other good bacteria that naturally fight the bad bacteria, fungus and protozoa (single-celled organisms),  including candida, Giardia and Cryptosporidia. If you’re ever taken antibiotics, the naturally-occurring beneficial bacteria that is in your system has been killed off along with the bad bacteria. Take on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning for at least 10 days. (May be taken with the colon cleanse “morning drink.”

        Multi-Pure water filtersChange habits with tap water. Our municipal water supply has become contaminated with parasites, including Campylobacter, Giardia and Cryptosporidia. When we wash our face and put our finger in our eyes, when we brush our teeth, when we “wash” our fruits and vegetables, we are actually perpetuating this parasite problem. It is not easy but if we make an effort to do these things with FILTERED water, we would stop reinfecting ourselves.

        Adhere to the Parasite-Killing diet: avoid sugar of any kind.

What to Expect.

        As the parasites die off, you may experience gas. This is annoying, but also exciting, because you know that you are really getting rid of these things! Most parasites will die within one week, but try to do the program for at least 30 days because the EGGS of the parasites will then hatch and you want to make sure that you kill those as well! After about three or four days, you will probably have the strongest sugar craving that you have ever had. DO NOT give into it!!!!! The parasites really like the sugar in your blood and if you refuse to give it to them it will help kill them.

About These Tips.

        These tips were prepared by Howard Richman and are offered for free as a courtesy.

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