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Lose Weight Permanently!
Ten Free Non-Diet Tips.


        10 free amazing secrets of naturally-thin people help to lose weight without dieting. These non-diet solutions from Sound Feelings provide easy self-study techniques for overweight and weight-management. You probably already know everything you care to know about “weight-loss plans,” “weight-reducing diets,” “weight-reducing plans,” “healthy diet” and exercise. Yet, for most people, something still seems to be missing! What follows will very likely be this missing link. Best wishes on your success!

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1  Develop Your Ability to Focus.

        The mind of the naturally-thin person tends to be focused, with attention on one thing at a time. This quality simply mirrors itself in the body as narrow, pointed, intense or small. In contrast, the mind of the person who has a problem with their weight tends to be distracted, with attention on many things at once. This quality simply mirrors itself in the body as expanded, broad, encompassing or large. These are generalizations, of course, with many exceptions, but consider the overall message here. Because of the mind/body connection, it is suggested that the body will usually reflect the condition of the mind. As you narrow the focus of your mind, you will gradually experience a similar thinning within your body. Focusing in its pure sense takes no effort. It exists simply as the absence of distraction.

2  Release the Cellular Memory.

        It is crucial to release the cellular imprint from the cells of the body itself so that once the preferred weight is established you won’t still “feel fat.” Otherwise, even after losing weight, every metabolic function will tend to continue as if you are still overweight. No wonder it is so natural to gain weight back. Different emotions are linked to various parts of the body. Fat will often collect in these areas — to create a type of protection from feeling an old hurt or anger. By finally releasing the old pain or anger, the weight will have nothing to cling to. This might be called “emotional weight loss”— an actual reduction of negative emotional energy. There are at least 37 modalities known to serve as catalysts to begin the release of negative cellular patterns. Many of these systems involve direct physical touch or manipulation. Others are more subtle, involving “energetic” healing. Music is also known to trigger a release of the cellular memory.

3  Fear of Food Keeps You Fat.

        It is advantageous to change broadly-ingrained attitudes and assumptions that repeatedly sabotage success in attaining permanent weight loss. Interestingly, these attitudes and assumptions seem to be common among people with weight problems and not among people who are naturally-thin. There are three reasons why fear of food keeps one fat. (1) You overcompensate later. (2) The body thinks it’s starving and literally stores calories. (3) (the least obvious) Food absorbs an emotional “charge” and will affect the person eating it.

4  Eat Only When You Are Hungry.

        Don’t eat when you are not hungry. A naturally-thin person simply would refuse food if he or she is not hungry.

5  Eat Regular Meals.

        Have you noticed that naturally-thin people do not skip meals? Why do you? Especially breakfast — Do you skip meals hoping to lose weight put on from the previous day? Please stop this — it only backfires.

6  Treat Yourself to the Foods You Like.

        Assuming you basically have a good diet, you must give yourself a treat once in a while. However, try to do it in moderation, the way a naturally-thin person would. For example, if you want some cookies, have two, three, four... then have one or two more, if you still want them. Then stop. THE TREAT IS OVER! If you keep eating, the treat now becomes the curse!

7  Never Eat in a Hurry.

        It seems that the people who eat standing up are the people who claim that there is no time to eat. They eat while they are cooking, while they are walking. The problem here is that not enough importance is placed on eating. But it is very important. When we rush, we end up feeling un-nourished, even though our stomach might be full. This will cause us to ultimately eat more than we want. How many times do you you see a naturally-thin person eating standing up, in a hurry? They instinctively place a high value on the pleasure of dining. They don’t want to rush it. Think about it.

8  Redefine the “Perfect Body.”

        By today’s strange standards, most people would consider Marilyn Monroe to be overweight! Yet putting things in perspective, if Marilyn Monroe had lived in the Renaissance period, she would have been considered too thin! She would have been “sickly” compared to the cherubic ideal. This was when food was scarce and to be what we now call “fat” was considered a sign of health and wealth.There are many many perfect body-types and it is extremely unfortunate that we allow ourselves to be influenced by society’s narrow, limiting, and unhealthy standards. Invariably, people set a goal of what they would prefer to look like in their mind. This goal usually is not only disrespectful to that person’s inherent body structure, but the process of reaching it would be to cause a severe risk to his or her health. We must change our individual and collective body image. We must change our distorted perceptions of what constitutes a beautiful body. Until then, people will continue to strive for the impossible, remaining in a constant state of self-hatred and unhappiness.

9  Visualize Your Success.

        All people who succeed in anything admit that they practice visualizing their success, with optimism, before actually attaining their goal.

10 Don’t Tell Everyone.

        When we begin something new, we are very vulnerable. It is like a little seedling which needs to be protected from the elements until it is strong enough to withstand the forces of wind, sun, water, etc. If we tell the wrong people about what we are doing too soon, we will sabotage the results. Only discuss your intentions to seriously lose weight with people you know for sure are there for you and who are completely supportive.

About These Tips.

        These tips were prepared by Howard Richman and are offered for free as a courtesy. For further unconventional and innovative non-diet weight loss solutions, buy Mr. Richman’s instant ebook now. Click below for more information:

        Act Thin, Be Thin ebook
        Did you ever wonder why thin people seem to eat all they want without guilt? This ebook uncovers the hidden blueprint of the “fat personality.” It has nothing to do with typical dieting and exercise extremes. Instead, this ebook reveals certain habits and personality behaviors that are associated with being overweight. By honestly recognizing these behaviors and then gradually adopting the behaviors of naturally-thin people, the reader has the best chance of becoming naturally-thin!

About the Author.

        Howard Richman is an unlikely expert in the field of weight loss since 1984. He is a naturally-thin person who shows people what works based on his own experience and observation of others. He is the author of Weight-Loss and the Art of Focusing, the creator of the Slim Photo motivational tool and the composer of the Feeling Fat cellular-release music. His approach to weight loss is as unconventional as he is. Mr. Richman’s formal training is in music. Since 1982 he has pioneered a transformational approach to music relaxation which sensitized him to the connection between the mind and the body. This sensitivity is evident in his understanding of the issues regarding weight loss.


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“I just want to thank you for the free information regarding diet tips based on Howard Richman’s book. There are really some great tips, and for those of us who have the yo-yo dieting syndrome, and have not read or seen Mr. Richman’s book or info, this gives us hope. Thank you again.”

—Sherry Hardin,
Bakersfield, CA

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