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Best Natural Hair Loss
Treatments for Hair Regrowth

by Howard Richman

        Best Natural hair loss treatments for hair regrowthNatural hair loss remedies and solutions to stop hair loss and prevent baldness, including women’s hair loss. Below you will find free tips and tools for the best natural hair loss treatments for hair regrowth. These include folk remedies, natural hair loss cures and natural hair loss products. Please beware that some “natural baldness treatments” claiming to offer a remedy for thicker hair with hair loss solutions, actually contain toxic chemicals that can cause bad side effects. Our free information will give you the tools and techniques you need to stop hair loss naturally and to help you to regrow hair using non-toxic approaches. These free hair loss tips can put you on the path to prevent hair loss and other baldness cures. Hopefully you will also find info helpful for natural alopecia treatments, natural baldness treatments and other hair loss solutions.

Causes of Hair Loss

        The most common cause in men is raised levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This is the aging hormone that tends to destroy and neutralize hair follicles. DHT will cause the hair follicle to shrink, and in some cases cause it to completely disappear. DHT is your body’s response high levels of estrogen in the body. In a man’s body, high levels of estrogen are often caused by toxins, either from the environment or from food additives. These toxins clog the liver and cause it to malfunction. One of the best things to do then, in this case is to do a colon cleanse and a liver flush. After the liver functions normally again, the estrogen levels will also return to normal. And, in turn, the body’s production of DHT will reduce and THAT will help to reverse hair loss!

        Genetics is rarely a factor in female hair loss. Usually female pattern baldness is caused by hormonal imbalance. These could be brought on by stress or by normal events like pregnancy, or menopause or even side effects of medications, such as birth control. One cannot rule out possible hair damage caused by harsh shampoos, perms or hair coloring products. But the MOST common cause of hair loss in women is hypothyroidism. This is where there is a lack of thyroid hormone in the body. This can affect the body’s metabolism, cell growth and absorption of nutrients, which indirectly can have an effect on your hair.

        Other causes of male and female hair loss may be from heavy metal poisoning, autoimmunity, nutritional deficiencies, and trauma.

Doesn’t Genetics Cause Baldness?

        Most people assume that male pattern baldness is genetic. This may be true, but we must not discount the environmental elements, which are often similar from generation to generation. This means that the behaviors and diet habits of a bald man can be passed on to his son and it may be THOSE that make the hair loss to APPEAR genetic. It could be merely a lifestyle that is so similar that the baldness is similarly induced! For example, a love of greasy foods, which are known to block the small capillaries to the scalp, can be passed on from a father to his son. Is the son’s baldness genetic, or does he just have bad scalp circulation?

Avoid the Following to Help Prevent Hair Loss:

        • Commerical shampoos that have SLS, Sodium Laurel Sulfate. This low-cost industrial de-greaser and pesticide may cause hair loss by attacking the follicle.
        • Anti-Dandruff shampoos clog the hair follicles. Here is an interesting article on the side effects of using products that contain selenium sulfide.
        • Hair conditioners clog the hair follicles
        • Hair dye damages the hair follicles
        • Margarine and hydrogenated oils block the tiny capillary that nourish the scalp.
        • Elemental calcium is contained in most “multi-mineral supplements. This type of calcium has been known to coat the blood vessels with scaling, similar to what happens when you put tap water in your iron. Eventually, these tiny blood vessels that feed the scalp are squeezed down to a trickle and then they cannot supply the necessary nourishment to the hair.
        • Showering with chlorinated water upsets the natural PH of the skin
        • Over-thinking/worrying. This sounds crazy, but excessive mental energy can literally “burn” out the hair

Supplements to Help Prevent Baldness.

        • Vitamin B complex (important nutrient for hair)
        • Lecithin (natural capillary cleaner to allow more blood flow to follicles)
        • Nettles (This herb is mildly irritating to the skin and for that reason, it is a folk remedy for hair loss.)
        • Horsetail (for silica content)
        • Cayenne (increase circulation)
        • Herbs This is my favorite article on herbal supplements to help prevent hair loss.

Diet as Natural Hair Loss Treatments.

        • Low-fat diet.
        • High protein diet
        • dark green leafy vegetables
        • biotin. A good source is egg yolks.

Best Natural Treatments for Hair Loss.

        • Scalp massage This is a great way to increase circulation to the top region of the head. You can use your fingers or you can use a very, very soft brush.
        • Exercise (rebounding)







        • Colon cleanse When you eliminate the build-up of toxins in your gut, you are able to absorb more nutrients from your small intestine and, in turn, your hair will be the recipient of these nutrients.
        • Liver flush There is a lot of evidence that shows a link between a toxic liver and imbalance of hormones. When you cleanse the liver, you your body will more likely to correct the hormone balance and that will have a beneficial result on your hair loss.
        • Skin brushing
          Natural Bristle Brush Natural Bristle Brush
          Skin brushing both helps the blood circulation throughout the body. It also aids in the elimination of the the toxic lymphatic metabolic waste that could be clogging the flow of good nutrition to your scalp area.




        • Shower filter
          • Aquasana shower filtersAquasana AQ-4100 Shower Filter Did you know that you absorb more chlorine from taking a shower than by drinking tap water? Did you know that chlorine is incredibly toxic to the human body and has been linked to many illnesses, including hair loss. This is the BEST shower filter you can get! Recently voted Product Of The Year by Cosmetology Today Magazine.

        • Alternations of heat and cold will help stimulate circulation to the scalp. You can use and ice pack and a heat pack or towels soaked in both cold and hot water. Alternate every 3 minutes or so.
        • Reflexology The tips of the fingers and toes correlate to the scalp! You can massage the tips of your fingers and toes or you can kind of rub the tips from each hand into each other. This will stimulate circulation
        • Homeopathy Note: Mild hair loss is treatable using homeopathy. Baldness is not curable using homeopathy. But it may be worthwhile to research:
        • Acupuncture can be very effective in improving circulation to the scalp. So indirectly, this modality may be helpful in increasing hair growth.

        These tips are written by Howard Richman and are offered for free as a courtesy.

        Best Natural Hair Loss Treatments for Hair Regrowth soundfeelings.

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