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How to Lower Your Weight Fast

3 Steps to Change Your Life!


by Susan Brown

        Fast Weight LossIt’s an open secret in the weight loss community. In order to speed up your weight loss effort, you’ve got to pump up your metabolic rate so that your body fat can be melted away as easily as under blowtorch! The only way to induce really fast weight loss is to make your metabolism running with optimum efficiency and maximum effectiveness. Then you work to keep it at this rate for as long a period of time as possible to ensure continual burning of fat. Here are 3 steps that not only boosts your metabolism, but also prevents it from slowing down.

Step 1.

        You get started by simply choosing the best and eating very healthy food. Put a complete stop on all food items labeled unhealthy. You must let go of all those fat-laden foods and sweet cookies in your diet menu and quit your habit of snacking on those deep fried stuff. If the temptation to snack is too much to resist, replace the unhealthy fries with carrot, fruits and vegetables, yogurt, etc.

Step 2.

        Be accountable for what you eat! Keep track of your food consumed daily and find out more about their nutrients, and how they act on your body. You can make them work for you and also build a habit of consciously choosing healthy food.

Step 3.

        The final step is to work out a time-table for your meals. This has to be carefully planned so that you won’t get affected by hunger attack throughout the day, which likely to tempt you to go for unhealthy, comfort foods. You should not reach out on impulse for those oily, instant take out foods any more. Instead try to pack your lunch making it balanced with generous portion of protein and fresh fruit. As a rule of thumb, don’t ever get succumb to late night snacks. Allow your body at least three hours to burn off your dinner before hitting the bed or you will find fat deposit back on your body in no time!

        Try to have three main meals spread out across the day, with light snacks go between the three main meals so you never induce ‘starvation’ in your system (a condition where our body tries to preserve calories rather than burning fat). Light snacks should be light and nothing more than the usual apple or banana. The idea for this eating pattern is to keep your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) running as high as possible. This is the rate at which your body burns calories while not being active.

        Take baby steps. The advantage of doing it slow is that you will not be forcing drastic change and you systematically phase in the good eating habit into your routine. You can progressively work these changes into your daily routine if you find difficulty to do a wholesome change to your lifestyle straight away. The important thing is that if you go on this path, you will find yourself more energetic and shedding off fat really fast.

About These Tips.

        These tips were prepared by Susan Brown and are offered for free as a courtesy. Susan Brown is a health webmaster specializing in nutrition and diet with a passion for food, health and fitness. She writes weight loss themed articles for related sites.

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