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Best Free Way to
Save Voicemail Messages Permanently.
How to
Convert Voicemail to .mp3 or CD.

A VoIP Recording Tutorial.

        How to Save Voicemail Messages PermanentlyThis free tutorial will help you learn how to save voicemails permanently, including those cute voicemail messages from your children. Also, you will learn how to save important phone messages with business information, or even messages that you need for legal purposes. Now you can easily archive saved voicemails. Learn how to permanently backup your answering machine messages. Learn the best way to store your voicemail messages to your computer Learn how to save those important cell phone messages before they are auto-erased. These are things that have bugged me for years and I finally set out to find some easy solutions on how to retrieve voicemail and offer them here in these free tips and free information. Here I will explain freeware and shareware, software, solutions to call recording and how to save voicemails and backup voicemails.

Here are FIVE different solutions to help you retrieve voicemails and permanently save them to your computer as an mp3 or burn them to CD.

Learn how to:

        • transfer or save voicemails to computer
        • transfer or save voicemails to laptop
        • transfer or save voicemails using voip
        • transfer or save voicemails as email attachment
        • transfer or save voicemails to .mp3
        • transfer or save voicemails to .wav
        • transfer or save voicemails to .aif
        • transfer or save voicemails to CD
        • transfer or save voicemails using cable connections
        • transfer or save voicemails using a service
        • transfer or save cell phone to CD
        • transfer or save telephone answering machine to CD
        • capture voicemails to mp3 or CD
        • save messages for legal voicemail backup

        When you save voicemail to computer it frees up the space for to record more voicemails. You are literally downloading voicemail messages.

        On the old answering machines, it was easy. You could just put in a new micro cassette and save the old one and that was that! Now, all the new answering machines are digital and it doesn’t seem as easy to create backups. In addition with voice mail, if you wait 30 days with most systems, the messages are erased, unless you keep manually saving them. But in this case, you soon exceed your limit and nobody can leave a new message!

        Please keep reading so you can learn all about saving voicemail messages, saving answering machine messages, audio answering machine messages, internet answering machine service, voice mail recording service, download answering machine messages, voice mail recordings, downloadable answering machine messages, save voicemail to audio, recording voice mail messages, how to save voicemails, archiving voicemail, archiving answering machine messages, transferring voice mail messages, sharing voice messages, how to retrieve voicemail, how do I save my voicemail forever? How do you get a voicemail off your cell phone permanently? How do I save voicemail messages? Call Recording Software, convert voicemail to email, VOIP recording software and phone recorders, mobile phone message record, voicemail preservation service. Also voicemail forwarding and preserving voicemail messages.

Use these voicemail-saving techniques for the following situations:

        • “Sorry, the mailbox is full and there's not enough space to leave a message.”
        • Deceased loved one’s last message left on your voicemail
        • Child’s message that you never want to lose
        • Harassing messages that you need for legal purposes
        • Preserving old messages because you are getting a new phone and once they’re gone, they’re gone!

        Some cell phone services offer a way for you to download voicemail messages via email and then you can save voice mail messages to your computer. But not all cell phone companies offer this service and then what about your home answering machine or your remote landline voicemail service? You will need an alternative solution, such as recommended below!

SOLUTION #1 - FREE VoIP Service + Phone Recording Software

        This method USED to be our favorite, but lately, Skype has made it a bit more confusing to use the dial pad, so this is currently not our first choice. This is definitely the least expensive in the long run and it has high quality BUT it does require some computer knowledge and therefore may not be the easiest solution for some people. So, if you don’t consider yourself tech-savvy, I would like to recommend that you jump right to Solution #2.

        This approach will allow you to transfer your voicemail messages or your answering machine messages to your computer for permanent storage. You can save as .wav or .aif or .mp3 file formats and in many cases, even more than that. It basically involves two elements: 1) VoIP service and 2) phone recording software. You call your voice mail or answering machine from your computer. You press the record button and then you got it. It is really that easy. Then you have permanently saved your voice mail messages or answering machine messages, so you can then free up the needed space for more messages.

        VoIP means Voice Over Internet Protocol. This means literally plugging a headset into your computer and using your computer as a phone! Or, now, some VoIP services now give you the option of using your regular phone lines but it routes through their system! Most VoIP services offer calling crystal clear digital phone lines, unlimited calling, low international rates, no annual contracts, and a money back guarantee. Each VoIP service has slightly different terms.

        (PLEASE NOTE, that since our goal here is just to transfer your voice mail or answering machine messages to your computer, you don’t actually need any headphones that plug into the computer, because you won’t be needing to speak! So, when you hear that VoIP services means that you will need to get headphones, that is true, but only if you are going to use the service to hold phone conversations!)

        FIRST, you need to get the messages to your computer.
        Sign up for a VoIP service. Then you literally call your voicemail or your answering machine number from your computer using the VoIP service!

        Here is the best VoIP solutions for recording messages. The reason this is the best is that you don’t have to commit to a monthly service fee. You just recharge your credit whenever you want. A $5 credit could last for 10-50 hours of message downloads!

          Skype (Skype is free, but you need “SkypeOut” service to dial a non-Skype phone number)

        There are many other VoIP services and these are also very good, but they would only make sense to use if you are considering using your computer to make regular phone calls as well. This is because they require a monthly fee. The best monthly-fee VoIP services are:

        THEN you record your incoming message as a Sound File, .mp3, .wav, .aif
        You literally can turn your computer into a digital recording device and you don’t even need a microphone! (This is because the sound will be entering the computer via the internet.) Here are my favorite choices for recording software for the PC:

        (HAVE A MAC? There are many, many software choices for the MAC, but you don’t need to pay extra for recording software on a MAC, because it is a feature of GarageBand, which comes loaded with your computer. Another thing you can do if you have a MAC is buy a Skype plug-in called Call Recorder for Skype.)

        1) Dial your voice mail or answering machine number from your VoIP service. (In Skype, you look for “Call Phones” to find the initial dialer to dial your voicemail number. Then you click on the little icon called “Dial Pad” to get another dial where you will be able to key-in your password.) (It’s not labeled as “dial pad” but if you hover your mouse over the little icons, you will see the right one.) (If the sounds of the dialpad are not recognized by your voicemail or answering machine, try setting your Skype status to offline and then immediately to online. I learned this trick from
        2) Begin recording using the phone recording software. Use the “Wave Out Mix” recording source setting. (Make sure any microphones connected to your computer are turned off or temporarily deactivated via the control panel on your computer.) This would be usb or audio inputted mic, headset, or webcam. Otherwise, you will inadvertently add to the sound with your room noise and mouse clicks and coughing, etc.)
        3) Save file as .wav, .mp3, or .aif so you can use as needed.

SOLUTION #2 - Record Messages With Low-Cost Record Service, WITHOUT ANY Hardware or Software!!

        This option has the best blend of low-cost and ease of use.

        Voicemails Forever is an ingenious and EASY-to-use service that allows you to dial into your voicemail or answering machine from ANY PHONE and record your EXISTING voice mail messages as an mp3 file! The messages are stored safely on their site and can remain there indefinitely with the unlimited storage feature, or you can then download them to your computer. Once you download them to your computer, you can burn them to a CD if you like. Totally user-friendly and simple and amazing. On top of all this, you can even record live calls in case the need ever arises. They have first-class customer service if you ever need help.

        How it works: Upon signup, you will receive a special access phone number. You will dial into this phone number and then be connected to your voicemails. Simply listen to the voicemails you would like recorded. After listening to the voicemails you want recorded, you can log in to your Voicemails Forever account manager to playback, download or share your recorded voicemails. After you download to your computer, you can save as mp3 or as a CD! Finally, you will be able to erase those message from your voicemail or from your answering machine!

SOLUTION #3 - Voicemail Transfer Service. $22

        Voicemail Transfer ServiceThis is plug for OUR OWN non-subscription service. It is perfect if you don’t want to deal with ANY of the technology AT ALL and would rather pay someone to transfer your valuable voicemail messages to mp3 or transfer voicemails to CD. Click for more information on our own Voicemail Transfer Service.

SOLUTION #4 - Receive Voicemail as Email Attachment

        eVoiceSign up for eVoice Receptionist and you now will be able to recieve all your voicemails as email attachments! Your messages are automatically converted into audio .wav files or .mp3 files. PLEASE NOTE: This service cannot access old voicemails that exist prior to signing up. 30-Day Free trial!

SOLUTION #5 - Cable Connection + Phone Recording Software

        Using 1) hardware to physically connect your phone to your computer and 2) recording software. (See option 1, above.) This option has an initial cost to get the right equipment, and many people feel confused by dangling wires. However, if you are the type of person who cannot deal with signing up for a VoIP service and would rather buy some cables, plugs and adapters, this may be just the perfect thing! One end of the jack plugs into your phone. The other end plugs into the “mic” input on the back of the computer.

        TapeRecordertoTelephoneAdapter Computer To Telephone Adapter The Telerecorder TR-70 Connects your computer to telephone line for recording your messages or even live conversation! The product plugs into the audio plug at the back of your computer. Please note that they call it a “tape recorder” adapter, which you can definitely use that way, but now that everything is digital, you might as well use your computer and record digitally. In order to use this product, you will probably need a line splitter (immediately below).

        DualModularT-Adapter Dual Modular T-Adapter Converts single modular jack to a dual modular jack. This is a telephone line splitter or “telephone Y-adapter” that allows you to use one telephone and one other device like an answering machine or a phone recorder (above ).


        1) Plug one end of the adapter into the “mic” jack on back of your computer. Plug the other end (modular plug) into the Y-adapter.
        2) Dial your voice mail or answering machine number from your phone.
        3) Begin recording using the phone recording software. (Explained in solution #1, above.) Use the “Mic” or “Wave Out Mix” recording source setting. (Make sure any other microphones connected to your computer are turned off. This would be usb or audio inputted mic, headset, or webcam. Otherwise, you will inadvertantly add to the sound with your room noise and mouse clicks and coughing, etc.)
        4) Save file as .wav, .mp3, or .aif so you can use as needed.

Other Products and Services We Recommend.


Cell Phone Accessories

        Short Term Voicemail Service
        Unlimited voicemail capacity to allow for voicemail overflow with no contract required. If your voicemail messages are COMPLETELY full and there are no more room for more messages, you need this service in the meantime while you arrange to have your messages permanently saved, so you won’t miss any more important messages!

        How to save text messages. How to download text messages
        Free tutorial shows how to save text messages to your computer and how to download text messages permanently.

        iPhone Voicemail Backup Service
        Save iPhone voicemails to Your Computer as an mp3 or Burn to a CD.

        Voicemail to Email
        Voicemail to Email service has double meaning of voicemail email.

        Send Text Message from Computer to Cell Phone for Free
        Learn the best way to send a text message from your computer to a cell phone for free.

        Best Bulk SMS Texting Service.
        What if you want to send out several thousand texts at a SUPER low price? Then we have found the best bulk texting service. Think of it kind of like an email blast but using SMS text messaging service instead of email!

        Preventing Cell Phone Radiation Cell Phone Safety
        With a little research, you can uncover the facts about cell phone radiation and cell phone safety.

        Voicemail to MP3 Service Voicemail Transfer Service
        This service is perfect if you don’t want to deal with any of the technology and would rather pay someone to transfer your valuable voicemail messages to mp3 or transfer voicemails to CD.

        Break out of any cell phone contract with Cellswapper!
        This is a cool service that matches people who are currently locked into a cell phone contract, with people who want a shorter commitment, by taking over your contract! It is a great way to get out of your contract without penalties, or a great way to acquire short-term cell phone service.

    Try HearMe Video Conferencing Free for 14 Days  

        5 ways to get a free phone number
        Not only can you get a free phone number, but these methods also provide free voicemail service and many of them even provide a free way to record your messages and email them to you! Downside? You have to be above-average tech-saavy to take advantage of these cool benefits.

About These Free Saving Voicemail Tips


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