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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Prevention Tips


        Simple free secret reduces wrist pain in computer typists, from Sound Feelings. This free carpal tunnel syndrome information, developed by a concert pianist, provides easy how-to solutions for self-improvement towards carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis. These tips provide valuable support for sore wrists, carpal tunnel syndrome therapies, carpal tunnel syndrome research, carpal tunnel syndrome remedies, carpal tunnel syndrome treatments, tunnel carpal syndrome and carpal tunnel syndrome cures.

          “This is a great article! I’m going to share this information with approximately 150 employees who are a part of our Ergonomic Task Force.”

        —Jody Knox, Sr. Loss Prevention Technician,
        State Farm Insurance Company, Austin, TX

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Wrong Angles Cause Pain.

        One of the most important things to be aware of when establishing correct typing habits is that the arm, wrist and hand remain in a straight line.


Typing Tilt Up


Typing  Typical

        It doesn’t matter if the arm is positioned horizontally, up or down, as long as the arm, wrist and hand remain in a straight line. This is because the fingers are controlled by muscles which are connected to tendons which go through the wrist and down along the arm. If there is a bend anywhere in this sequence, friction occurs which will lead to stress, inflammation and injury. Notice the bend in the wrist in the above “bad” picture. This is caused because the keyboard is tilted up with the flaps in the back and/or the person is sitting too high. Ironically, our “bad” illustration is often shown as the “correct” position in many diagrams and is the cause of much pain and suffering!

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