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        Easy solutions explain how to get back to the previous site when your browser “back” button doesn’t work. If you’re having problems getting back to where you were, we know how frustrating this can be! It’s never our intention to keep you on our site. In fact, believe it or not, this problem is usually caused by the referring site! The following suggestions, free information, secrets, tutorials and tools should help you get back from this site or from any other site where you have this problem.

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1  Try the Back Button Sub-Menu.

        Some sites that link to us have a hidden “redirect” pages which command the browser to go forward. So when you click back, you get to this hidden page, which then forces it to go forward again! This is incredibly frustrating, because you start to see the previous page beginning to load, and then it snaps back (forward) to the page you want to get back from.

        The solution is to access the sub-menu of your browser’s back button and go two pages back.
        In Windows: “right-click” the back button to get the sub-menu.
        In Mac: hold the back button a few seconds to get the sub-menu.

2  Check if a New Browser Window Has Been Opened.

        Some sites that link to us are programmed to open our site in a brand new browser window. Since we’re the first site visited in that window, the “back” button will not work and it may be “grayed-out.” This new browser window may have been opened without you realizing it. If a new window has been opened, simply locate the previous browser window somewhere on your computer desktop. (It might be behind the current window!) The site displayed in that window should be the one you just came from. You’re “back” in business.

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