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10-Point Colon Cleanse
Level 2


10-Point Colon Cleanse - Level 2

        This level offers the best balance of effectiveness with the minimum amount of ingredients to get excellent results. This is where most people will be comfortable. To make sure that this is the right level for you, please see the overview here.

        All elements of the complete 10-Point Colon Cleanse are shown below. Please note that the elements that do not pertain to this current level are grayed out!

          Level 2 Components Include:

            • 1. Chemical
            • 2. Enzymatic 
            • 3. Mechanical
            • 4. Parasitic
            • 5. Neurological
            • 6. Probiotic
            • 7. Thermal
            • 8. Emotional
            • 9. Intellectual
            • 10. Spiritual

Important Disclaimer Important Disclaimer Important!

        I’ve compiled the following recommendations based on my personal research with at least 10 different cleansing systems, over a period of 25 years. I suffered with terrible constipation growing up. I had headaches from autointoxication almost every day until I was 21 years old and I started my research into holistic healing. I’ve always been thin, but I used to have to loosen my belt in order to sit down! This program is an amalgam of the best things I’ve found to work, brought together for your experimentation. I am NOT a doctor. I’m passionate about this subject and I wanted to share my discoveries with you.

        Any intestinal cleansing procedure that you embark on should NOT be considered a treatment for a disease or condition. Your choice to do a cleansing program is NEVER a substitute for getting medical attention. Taking herbs may interact with certain medications you may be taking and it is best to consult with your doctor before taking any herbs.

        If you have already become accustomed to taking laxatives in order to have an evacuation, then this recipe will probably not help you to move your bowels! If you want to cleanse your colon, in that case, you should consider one of the many colon cleanse programs that include laxatives such as Blessed Herbs.

        It is not recommended to do a cleansing program if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Women may experience a change of menstrual cycle while on a cleansing program. In these cases, the pattern of ovulation may change, invalidating any birth control technique involving knowing or estimating one’s fertility period.

Between One Week and One Year.

        The 10-Point Colon Cleanse can take anywhere between one week and one year or more, depending on the accumulation of toxic waste. You will know when to stop because weird stuff will stop coming out. Each person is different. It really depends on you. By the way, even though you hear other programs offering a shorter plan like the “7 day cleanse” you eventually realize that you are not completely cleaned out with these other systems after 7 days and that they usually require more days than they say, or repeat attempts.

        When you see the interesting things coming out of you begin to taper off, you are ready to go to the next level. When you have done level 4 and you see strange things stop coming out of you, then you know you are done!

Drink a lot throughout the day.

        The psyllium absorbs many times it’s size in moisture and will CREATE constipation if you don’t hydrate yourself. While on the program, drinking two gallons of water a day WOULD NOT BE CONSIDERED TOO MUCH! Also, coffee, alcohol and sodas dehydrate you so you have to drink even MORE water if you drink these beverages! If you can start drinking distilled water, it will help the program. At least, get purified water that has no chlorine in it. Chlorine in municipal water is a mixed blessing. It kills dangerous pathogens, but it also kills the benificial bacteria that is supposed to be in your gut. Also, the chlorine itself is toxic to humans.

Eat Normally.

        One of the convenient things about this approach to colon cleansing is that you can continue to eat “normally.” However, if you can reduce the intake of “mucoid-forming” foods in your diet, the herbs will help to dissolve the existing mucous waste rather than the newly-created waste! Try to reduce your intake of sweets and dairy products. Yogurt and buttermilk seem to be ok for most people as well as goat’s milk cheese. These dairy products are “pre-digested” with bacteria and enzymes respectively and they don’t cause as much of a mucous reaction in most people.

Follow the Urge.

        When you have to go to the bathroom, go! One of the reasons the cycle of constipation begins is because we tend to hold the urge to go too long because we have no time or because we are trying to be polite. Eventually, the nerves shut down and we have serious problem. Don’t rush. Don’t force either. Sometimes if you wait one more minute, you will get another wave of elimination. It is to your advantage to have as complete an evacuation as possible each time you are in the bathroom.

What to Expect.

        Within a few days, you will start seeing strange things coming out of you. This can be pretty exciting. If you don’t start seeing strange stuff — darker, entwined matter, then either you need to bump up to the next level or you are already clean! You may not see the “ropes of mucous” that are described in other colon cleansing programs because this approach is gradually dissolving layers of hardended mucous rather than stripping off whole chunks. You should expect to have 2 to 4 bowel movements a day but the urge to go should be without panic because there are no laxatives used in this program. Some people report a connection between emotions and the physical waste that is being removed. As the layers of putrid matter are loosened, you may have dreams or feelings that come up which seem to be associated in the reverse order of those times in your life that the matter may have been originally deposited!

        Long Term Positive Benefit
        Notice that you have so much more energy. This is because you are now able to absorb the full nutrition from the good food that you eat. Notice that you require less sleep and still wake refreshed. Notice that the little aches and pains that you used to have are gone. Notice that your eyes are so much brighter. Notice that your skin is softer, smoother and healthier-looking. Notice that you feel lighter and happier overall. Notice that you have lost weight. Notice that your digestive system works 1000% better without needing laxatives, enemas, or any type of support, as you’ve gotten things working correctly again!

        Temporary Negative Impact
        You can expect to feel a little bloated at first as the psyllium is absorbing moisture in your gut. But eventually, this will go down as you progress through the program. You may feel strange “pulling” sensations that you never felt before, inside your gut. You may feel light-headed or dizzy or headachy as old toxins are stirred up within your system. You might feel gassier than normal as the toxins are released into gas form. Some people might develop a temporary skin rash as toxins are being released faster than can be eliminated. You may feel a burning sensation in your anus when you evacuate. This is nothing to worry about. It is caused by the high level of vitamin c (ascorbic ACID) in your stool, coming in contact with the sensitive skin. You may develop temporary bad breath due to the release of old toxins in your system. You may feel more tired than usual at first and then have surprising bouts of boundless energy. When your body becomes strong enough you MAY experience a “healing crisis” or a “cleansing reaction” or sometimes called the “Herxheimer reaction.” You reach a point where your body is ready to release massive quantities of toxins and every part of your being will do this. This usually lasts three days and you feel really sick. But the difference is that you are not “sick.” You are actually GETTING RID of the sickness within and it comes out every part of your being. Although the symptoms of a healing crisis may be uncomfortable, it is an event to look forward to because it is a sign of improving health.Your body knows what it is ready to handle. Please note: MOST PEOPLE NEVER NEED A HEALING CRISIS!

Level II Procedure.

        Notice that the schedule below recommends different things depending on the time of the day. The mucoid plaque dissolving ingredients are taken at night. The “intestinal broom” ingredients (to sweep out the junk) are taken in the morning. This makes sense because during the night when you are sleeping, there is no additional food or liquid intake and the supplements have a better chance to adhere to the walls of the intestines and do their job. This is ANOTHER reason why we don’t recommend laxatives on this program because if you force the material out too quickly it won’t have a long enough chance to dissolve the mucoid plaque.


        Purchase Ingredients
        Purchase only the ingredients highlighted below. You don’t have to get every single ingredient but it will work best if you do. Many of these can be purchased at your local health food store or supermarket except for a few of them. Some of the ingredients can be hard to find and I’ve linked to sources where you can find them.

        Before Bed (on an empty stomach or with a little fruit, particularly banana)

        • 1 ounce of orange juice (including pulp)
        • 2 super mega heaping teaspoons Arrowroot powder
        • 1 super mega heaping teaspoon Vitamin C Crystals Powder (ascorbic acid)
          • This is the ingredient that you can control. Take less if you have diarrhea and more if you’re not seeing any amazing stuff coming out.

          Drink the mixture with:

          Stir ingredients in glass. The consistency should be fairly thick. If it is too thick to drink, add a tiny bit more liquid.  Drink mixture. Take small sips so you have enough liquid for all the capsules. Because the mixture is thick, you don’t need a lot of liquid to swallow the pills. With small sips of liquid, taking two pills at a time, you will be able to take all the pills and still have liquid left over. After taking the mixture, Take one small sip of water to swish and swallow to clear esophagus. Then rinse teeth with baking soda/water mixture. (Don’t swallow.) Rinse mouth with water. Brush teeth. Do not drink any additional liquid all night even if you are really thirsty. (Drink all the liquid you need up to 30 minutes BEFORE taking this mixture.) Try to take this mixture before midnight.

        • Sound Wave Pattern
        • Foot roller


        • Situps
        • Abdominal Massage
        • Stretching
        • Mix together in an empty peanut butter jar (16oz):

        • Concord grape juice to one inch below top
        • 1/2 teaspoon of psyllium HUSK powder
        • 1 super mega heaping teaspoon of psyllium SEED powder
        • 2 tablespoons (approx) Aloe Vera Gel
        • 1/2 teaspoon of vitamin C crystals
        • 1/2 teaspoon bone meal powder
        • Shake mixture and drink immediately.

          Drink the mixture with:

          Immediately after the above drink, drink another small glass of water/Apple Cider Vinegar. (Approx. 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar in a glass of water.) Drink at least ANOTHER 12 ounces of water within the next 20 minutes. Wait at least 30 minutes after your last drink of water before eating breakfast.

          Please note: the juice above can be diluted with water if it is too strong or if you don’t want that much sugar (fructose.) Also, above, where you are to drink another 12 ounces of water, that could be herb tea or any other liquid that you like. Some people don’t want to drink COLD drinks in the morning, so of course you can heat up the liquid. Some people even leave the quantity of juice that they will need out the night before so that it will not be so cold. You can experiment.

        Before Breakfast

        Start Parasite Cleansing

          Wait at least three weeks into the program to get things moving before you start a parasite program. Many times, the mucoid plaque is wrapped around the visible and invisible parasites within your system. When you kill these organisms, great wads of junk starts coming out. It is quite disgusting, but also very exciting to think that you no longer have this stuff inside you.

Additional Resources.

        If you have found any of our free information to be helpful, please let us know! We also grateful for your donation!


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