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10-Point Colon Cleanse
Kid's Cleanse


        The very mildest recipe to help constipation and remove toxic buildup in children. (This is even more mild than Level I of the adult recipe.) This would be appropriate for kids age 2-10. Kids 11 and older can follow the Level I routine.

        NOTE: I am not a doctor. The Kid’s cleanse is compiled based on my own personal knowledge and awareness about kid’s constipation. This cleanse is not intended as a permanent solution towards constipation in children, but rather as a jump-starter to help things begin to work more normally. So the Kid’s cleanse could be done between 1-4 weeks, but not beyond that. Generally, I don't think it is good to have kids get too aggressive on cleansing, but rather to guide towards normalcy. When he is 17 or 18 he can go for the serious cleanse. But for now, if he can develop good habits and you can provide him with the right awareness of drinking more water and having fiber and not ignoring the urge, etc, that is the best.

          Kid’s Cleanse Components Include:

            • 1. Chemical
            • 2. Enzymatic 
            • 3. Mechanical
            • 4. Parasitic
            • 5. Neurological
            • 6. Probiotic
            • 7. Thermal
            • 8. Emotional
            • 9. Intellectual
            • 10. Spiritual

Important Disclaimer Important Disclaimer Important!

        I’ve compiled the following recommendations based on my personal research with at least 10 different cleansing systems, over a period of 25 years. I suffered with terrible constipation growing up. I had headaches from autointoxication almost every day until I was 21 years old and I started my research into holistic healing. I’ve always been thin, but I used to have to loosen my belt in order to sit down! This program is an amalgam of the best things I’ve found to work, brought together for your experimentation. I am NOT a doctor. I’m passionate about this subject and I wanted to share my discoveries with you.

        Any intestinal cleansing procedure that you embark on should NOT be considered a treatment for a disease or condition. Your choice to do a cleansing program is NEVER a substitute for getting medical attention. Taking herbs may interact with certain medications you may be taking and it is best to consult with your doctor before taking any herbs.

        If you have already become accustomed to taking laxatives in order to have an evacuation, then this recipe will probably not help you to move your bowels! If you want to cleanse your colon, in that case, you should consider one of the many colon cleanse programs that include laxatives such as Blessed Herbs.

        It is not recommended to do a cleansing program if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Women may experience a change of menstrual cycle while on a cleansing program. In these cases, the pattern of ovulation may change, invalidating any birth control technique involving knowing or estimating one’s fertility period.

Eat Normally.

        One of the convenient things about this approach to colon cleansing is that you can continue to eat “normally.” However, if you can reduce the intake of “mucoid-forming” foods in your diet, the herbs will help to dissolve the existing mucous waste rather than the newly-created waste! Try to reduce your intake of sweets and dairy products. Yogurt and buttermilk seem to be ok for most people as well as goat’s milk cheese. These dairy products are “pre-digested” with bacteria and enzymes respectively and they don’t cause as much of a mucous reaction in most people.

Follow the Urge.

        When you have to go to the bathroom, go! One of the reasons the cycle of constipation begins is because we tend to hold the urge to go too long because we have no time or because we are trying to be polite. Eventually, the nerves shut down and we have serious problem. Don’t rush. Don’t force either. Sometimes if you wait one more minute, you will get another wave of elimination. It is to your advantage to have as complete an evacuation as possible each time you are in the bathroom.

Kid’s Cleanse Procedure.

        Purchase Ingredients
        You don’t have to get every single ingredient but it will work best if you do. Many of these can be purchased at your local health food store or supermarket except for a few of them. Some of the ingredients can be hard to find and I’ve created a
        resource page of internal cleanse products that lists reliable sources these, including some additional products.

        Before Bed (on an empty stomach or with a little fruit, particularly banana)

        • 2 ounces of orange juice (including pulp)
        • 2 super mega heaping teaspoons Arrowroot powder
        • 1/2 super mega heaping teaspoon Vitamin C Crystals Powder (ascorbic acid)
          • This is the ingredient that you can control. Take less if you have diarrhea and more if you’re not seeing any amazing stuff coming out.

        • 1/4 teaspoon bone meal powder
        • Stir ingredients in glass. The consistency should be fairly thick. If it is too thick to drink, add a tiny bit more liquid.  Take one sip of water to swish and swallow to clear esophagus. Then rinse teeth with baking soda/water mixture. (Don’t swallow.) Rinse mouth with water. Brush teeth. Do not drink any additional liquid all night even if you are really thirsty. (Drink all the liquid you need up to 30 minutes BEFORE taking this mixture.) Try to take this mixture before midnight.


        • Abdominal massage
        • Take 2 Probiotic Capsules This could be in the form of liquid or in capsules. For capsules, you can break open two capsules and stir the powder into two teaspoons of flavored or non-flavored yogurt. Then have the child drink water. Warm water is best but just room temperature water is fine.

          Wait at least 30 minutes after your last drink of water before eating breakfast.

        Before Breakfast

Additional Resources.

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