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Colon Cleanse Recipe

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        colon cleansingThe 10-Point Colon Cleanse program was designed to be the MOST effective to help cleanse your intestinal tract while being the LEAST intrusive into your daily lifestyle. You won’t be needing to take massive amounts of bulking agent and having to carry your shaker around with you. You won’t be running to the toilet every five minutes. You will be able to maintain a normal diet instead of fasting.

          • No Laxatives
          • No Fasting
          • No Enemas
          • No Colonics
          • No Special Diet
          • No Massive Quantities of Bulking Agent
          • No Disruption of your Schedule
          • No Disruption of your Lifestyle
          • No Urgent Cramping

        The Ten-Point Colon Cleanse is a recipe or a protocol to help alleviate constipation and to promote vibrant health, by GRADUALLY removing, layer by layer, the “mucoid plaque” that has accumulated from the inside walls of the small and large intestines. This will then allow the lymph fluid and metabolic waste to drain into the colon and help the cleansing of every cell in your body, which will have a profound impact on all kinds of annoying illnesses. It is called “colon cleansing” which refers to the large intestine but it also cleans the small intestine.

        The 10-Point Colon Cleanse is different than many “colon cleanse programs” in that it is not just one “product” that you buy. Rather it is a combination of various products that you purchase from various sources, combined with other activities.

        For more information on the causes of constipation, please click here.

        Even if you are not constipated, most people accumulate a residue of matter lining the length of their intestines. When you remove this material, you will feel better.

Four Levels of Cleansing.

        The 10-Point Colon Cleansing Program has four levels of intensity, starting with the most mild and ending with the most aggressive cleanse.

        Level I. If you are skeptical or don’t want to over-commit, start out at Level I. This gets you going with the least amount of financial and time investment so you can get a feeling for the program.

        Level II. Best balance of effectiveness with the minimum amount of ingredients to get excellent results. This is where most people will be comfortable.

        Level III. This level is slightly more advanced than level II. Use this level if you notice things starting to taper off with level II.

        Level IV. Only for the most serious cleansers. This level should not be done for more than 2 weeks.

        Kids’ Cleanse. The very mildest recipe to help constipation and remove toxic buildup in children.

        Also known as 10-step colon cleanse program and Ten-step colon cleanse program.

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Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse Program

“I have been working with your colon cleanse info for over a year on and off. I feel honored when I get to meet people like you that are actually out there making a difference in the lives of others. Your recipe has helped me so much. It is like magic to my system. There are so many people out there that could use your help.”

—Joe Reno, Nashville, TN

“I have lost some weight on the cleanses that you have on your website and for that I thank you again. I plan to do the cleanses once more before I get my colonoscopy and another colonic. I have shared your info with the friends of mine that are educated enough to appreciate them.”

—Marsha Moore

“I was amazed by your article on constipation. I have a healing business and I intend to share that article with my clients.”

—Erin Heaven, Boise, ID

“I really like this colon cleanse because it is not obtrusive. I mix my concoction in the morning and go. I travel a lot for work, so the streamlined program is a must. It is difficult to mix a cleansing concoction when you are sitting on a plane.”

—Kelly Burks

“Thank you for telling me about the gradual colon cleansing recipe! I was feeling sick, and toxic inside and assumed that it must be my “advanced” age of 51 or something. Well, it's nothing short of a miracle! This is the truth. I feel so much better with a lot more energy, and I'm not feeling toxic anymore. Thanks very much!”

—Evan Sachs, Pianist/Teacher/
Mission Viejo, CA

“I am loving this colon cleanse. It is doing so much more
than the ‘packaged’ cleanse I tried first... THANK YOU!!!”

—Cara A. Coe, Cleveland, Ohio

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