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10-Point Colon Cleanse


        The many components of the 10-Point Colon Cleanse are described in detail below. Please note that although this is the complete list of elements and activities, it does not mean that you must do all of them! In fact, please notice that the 10-point Colon Cleanse is broken down into 4 levels, and that Level One starts out with just few of these elements! This page attempts to summarize the elements of the cleanse. For understanding what to actually do, choose one of the 4 levels first and then reference back to this page.

1. Chemical

2. Enzymatic 

3. Mechanical

      • Abdominal massage
        This is a perfect complement to help loosen the material. As the herbs are working on a chemical level, the massage can help on a mechanical level.
        • LARGE INTESTINE MASSAGE. For 1 minute 2x/day: in a circular motion, up on right and down on left, simulating the natural movement of the bowels. You can do this sitting, standing or lying down.

          SMALL INTESTINE MASSAGE. For 1 minute 2x/day: Start by placing fingers in belly button area and press into abdomen and rotate in small circles. Don’t press too hard and DO NOT CAUSE INJURY! But you can feel where the “hard” areas are and those are the areas that can use a little massage.

      • psyllium
      • bentonite
      • Stretching and exercise
        Not much is necessary, but do a little each day.
        • Walking.

          Trampoline is fantastic to help loosen mucoid plaque. This is because there is an accelerated gravitational response with each bounce that can be helpful to help dislodge matter that has just been loosened by the recipe. You only need to do 1 minute a day on a mini-trampoline! If you are disabled or if you have bad knees or bad hips, you can still do it by using a special trampoline with handle bars!

          Sit ups. This is useful to stimulate peristalsis.

          In a standing position, Lean your upper body to the left with your right hand above your head as far as possible and hold for 10 seconds. Then reverse. This is very stimulating to the nerves of the colon.

      • Skin Brushing
        Before shower with natural bristle brush. Brush all parts of the body TOWARDS the abdomen. This stimulates the metabolic waste lymph fluid throughout the body and helps it flow into the colon area to be eliminated.
      • sound waves

4. Parasitic

5. Neurological

      • Self-Accupressure
        The nerves that come out of the spine near the lower back go to the small intestine, large intestine, and rectum. As you’re sitting on the toilet, you can reach behind your own back and press and hold or press and rotate these areas of the lower back near the spine and this will stimulate a bowel movement.
      • Chiropractic
        It is possible that the nerves to your intestinal tract are completely shut down due to an old injury. A chiropractor can detect if certain vertabrae are out of alignment. Each vertabra has nerves that come out and go to a different organ. If the spine is out of alignment then it is similar to a garden hose with a kink in it the water slows to a trickle. This is possibly what is happening with the neural energy that is supposed to trigger your intestines. You may only need one adjustment to see an amazing improvement!
      • spinal massage
        Many points along the spine have nerves that stimulate the intestines and other digestive organs. You can reach behind your own back with your thumbs and press. You may prefer to get a wooden back massage roller
      • foot roller This is fantastic for stimulating the various points in the feet that correspond to various parts of the body, including the colon.

6. Probiotic

7. Thermal

        If you increase your body temperature and heat within your body (in a natural way -- not through an infection!) then this is one more way to help “burn off” the mucoid plaque. The irony is that people who have a lot of mucus lining their intestines tend to be cold all the time and they are the ones who really, really need to increase their body temperature.

      • exercise
      • niacin
      • cayenne
      • warm drinks Cold drinks tend to suppress the function of the digestive tract! In contrast, warm drinks stimulate the function of the digestive tract.

8. Emotional

      • Cellular Release
        There seems to be a connection to the emotional blockage and intestinal blockage. The imprint of a negative emotion can have an effect on the functions of our body, including our digestive system. Release dark emotions such as anger, rage, depression, fear or sadness. Learn how to release the cellular memory.

9. Intellectual

      • Affirmations Our thoughts affect our reality. This concept has been known by a select few since the beginning of time. Lately, the “law of attraction” has become more widely understood, particularly with the popularity of the book and DVD, “The Secret.” Although you may have had a history of stomach issues, and you are inclined to think of yourself as STILL having a “sensitive stomach” or “prone to constipation,” you must see that by continuing these thoughts, you are only perpetuating the problem! From now on, twice a day, in a happy and joyful mood, with the strong feeling that it is true and has already happened, and with such clarity that you can “see it,” say the following out loud or to yourself:
        • “My intestines are clean, healthy and strong.”

      • Declutter Clean up your piles. There is a parallel between your outer environment and your inner environment. When we accumulate piles of paper and piles of things around our desk and our house with the intention that I will “get to it one day,” this energetically reflects an inner “backup.” Little by little, go through those piles and throw stuff out or make that phone call or write that letter or fill out that form, etc. Deal with your outer mess and there will be a commensurate effect on your inner mess. (Maybe that’s why they call hemorrhoids “piles!”)

10. Spiritual

      • past life healing Many people believe that our soul lives forever and that it has had many experience before our current life. It is possible that there may be some type of “imprint.” or memory from a former existence that is projecting onto our physical body. This is certainly an elusive area to delve into but it may be worth considering, particularly if you feel that your case is stubborn. This type of thing may be the missing link. Find a practitioner who understands things to help you.
      • prayer Many doctors have acknowledged that prayers done for someone who is very sick seem to make the difference in helping them to get well, when compared to another similar patient for whom no prayers were done. It might be a nice complement to all your other efforts to include the spiritual component.
      • Aura Balancing People who can see auras around people can see a blockage of energy that is associated with the illness. It is possible that an unblocking of this energy on a spiritual level will have a commensurate unblocking on the physical level. There are certainly a lot of people who can claim to help you with these types of things and you have to be a bit wary. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t qualified people who actually can do it, but please do your research in finding someone to help with this.

More Stuff You Can Do.

        Do a liver flush
        It is preferable to do the parasite cleanse BEFORE attempting a liver flush. A healthy liver will actually help your colon function normally as the bile produced in the liver stimulates peristalsis. When you do the liver flush you should temporarily stop the colon cleanse procedure. There are many ways to do a liver flush but I recommend that you go here:

        Eat more alkaline-forming foods and less acid-forming foods. Here’s a great chart that shows which foods create an acid condition in the body and which foods create an alkaline condition in the body. It is suggested that we should try to consume 80% alkaline-forming foods and 20% acid-forming foods for optimal health but most people have this reversed. Here is another detailed website on this subject.

        Mild Natural Laxatives
        This recipe is designed to be used without the harsh herbal or synthetic laxatives that are used in many cleansing products. However, sometimes, people feel the need for something to help push things along. Try 1) two or three prunes. Or 2) One tablespoon of
        blackstrap molasses in a cup of warm water. (Brush teeth immediately as the sugar is bad for teeth.) A good time to take the mild laxatives are at night, maybe an hour before you take your final evening mixture, so your stomach will be empty for that.

        Get iridology pictures before and after
        This is completely optional! If you have the ability to have an Iridologist take pictures of your iris BEFORE you do this program and then compare again AFTER you do the program, you will be able to have proof of the healing that has taken place. This is absolutely fascinating and most people don’t know about this. The iris, or color portion of your eye is literally a map of your whole body. It reflects various states of health or sickness with minute changes of color. Each part of the iris corresponds to a part of the body. Some people have cleansed so Iridology Mirrormuch that their brown eyes became blue! At least dark toxic brown eyes become light brown and gray-blue will become bright blue, creating that “sparkle” effect. The part to look for is the ring immediately around the pupil. This is your intestinal tract. If it is a different color than the rest of your eye then you know you have lot of junk in there. If you’re into this, you’ll want to get an iridology mirror so you can monitor your progress.

Additional Resources.


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