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Top Native So-Cal Carpenter/Construction

    Top So-Cal Carpenter Construction CoordinatorHighest caliber finish carpenter and framer for any size project big or small, interior/
    exterior, rough to finish. Best independent contractor and trustworthy carpenter you will find!
     “Dr. Wood” is one of the best carpenters and top contractors in the San Fernando Valley. He is responsible, reliable, fast, very clean, efficient with a perfectionist mentality. 30 years of hands-on fine carpentry experience. 12 of those years, construction coordinating and fabricating scenery as the head of his department as a freelance independent for TV, film and music video.

“Dr. Wood,” Ph.D. in “Woodology”
Performs Surgery on Lumber!

    A great carpenter should first communicate well. Second, he should be extremely well-organized. If he also happens to be a masterful craftsman, that’s the icing on the cake. Wood can be manipulated and forced to do right, with TRUE finessing abilities & tooled skill. The material should not be smarter than the tradesman. True carpentry is a gift and a mentality. You cannot fake it! Ether a man has it or he doesn’t.
    “Dr. Wood” is a top contractor/ best carpenter and he “has” it.

    “Dr. Wood” prides himself in being ahead of schedule and under budget with no compromise in building integrity. Whatever he may be fabricating or altering, it is done as if he were creating it for his own home or business.            

Dr. Wood has been Doing the Trade of Carpentry his Whole Adult Life.

    Dr Wood ready for work“Dr. Wood” is a third generation Southern California Native.....and a second generation Angelian. Born & raised in the Bel-Air / Beverly Hills area. Super deep rooted in his hometown of Los Angeles. He has a God-given gifted ability to be able to make a block of wood look like a Ferrari. A carpentry project should look like a machine spit it out… BEFORE paint -- uniform nailing, tight corners, tight seams and perfect applications!

    “Dr. Wood” is extremely detail-oriented. He has great chops and he has a VAST amount of integrity and professionalism. Wood is always on-time and responsible. He has the knowledge and experience to do things right. In fact, he’s been called in hundreds of times to fix problems caused by shoddy workmanship! Always straight eight hour break or lunch. “Dr. Wood” stays on the job a straight 8 hours until completed to perfection.

    “Dr. Wood” has a great reputation and great references. Photographs and resume available upon request. Carpentry specialist with a motto: “Perfect is good enough!”

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“Dr. Wood” does not mark up his
materials cost. In fact, he is usually
able to pass on his professional discount
to his customers.

Expert Construction in the San Fernando Valley For:

    • Framing residential interior/exterior, custom framing details: stairs, archways etc., remodel framing.
    • Finish carpentry Trim, mouldings, door and window casing, crown mouldings, mantles, shelving finish carpentry design details etc.
    • Door installation interior/exterior, entry, sliders, single or double French doors, pocket doors, closet door etc.
    • Window installation in new construction or remodel.
    • Exterior rough exposed patio covers, gazebos, decks, fences, gates, exterior wall coverings such as siding etc.
    • Interior wall coverings out of wood such as paneling, wains coating etc.
    • Recording studio & rehearsal room soundroom design & fabrication. Fully floating facilities from scratch. Framing and finish: octagonal vocal booths, sloping ceilings, no right angles, no corners, no sound pockets, live room risers, control room radius wall to live room. Recording Studio window, door jambs & trim ALWAYS fabricated out of solid oak. Sound Proof windows, Double doors, double glass, acoustical wall coverings and room tuning, soundproofing, etc.

    • You may know 75% about building a music studio. You can read up on all the various materials & applications and educate yourself. However the 25% that you DON'T know, that only comes from repeated applicable hands on experience, will kill it and will not give you the best room possible. These types of builds are only successful if they are handled properly from the begining stages.

      Obviously the goal is getting a dead, tight, sound-deprived room. These types of builds are different animals from any typical commercial or residential build. The average “reputable” contractor will know absolutely nothing about this type of specific building.

      The builder must have the repeated experience in application and a huge concrete knowledge of sound channeling. He must also know the best manner in how to physically apply the materials in order to have no sound leakage and transfer of vibration.

      Even if a builder has some knowledge, the lack of applicable hands-on experience and concrete knowledge of what sound is going to do at a high decibel level in a variety of instrumentation circumstances will also kill it. If the structure itself is off, then later, even when you tune the room with treatments, it will never be optimal.

      Don't waste your money!!! “Dr. Wood” is a professional rock & roll drummer and he knows what is needed.

    • Any or most odd carpentry custom projects big or small.

“Dr. Wood” is One of the Best Carpenters/Top Contractors Serving the San Fernando Valley and Some Westside Cities.

    “Dr. Wood” serves many areas of the San Fernando Valley and related areas of Southern California, including Sherman Oaks, Tarzana, Woodland Hills, Canoga Park, West Hills, Granada Hills, Northridge, Chatsworth, Encino, Van Nuys, Reseda, Studio City, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Westwood, Brentwood, Los Angeles, LA, Hancock Park, Calabasas, Universal City, North Hollywood, Studio City, Santa Monica, Agoura Hills, Hidden Hills, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Topanga, The Valley, 818, 424, 213, 310, 323, 747.

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“Dr. Wood” Resume.

    “Doctor Wood” is one of the top carpenters of the San Fernando Valley. In addition to being one of the best carpenters for residential projects, he also is a finished set construction coordinator in the motion picture, television, music video and entertainment industries.

    Quality finished scenery and carpentry experience in the following areas: Feature Films, Commercial Television, Music Videos, Concert Staging, Backdrops, Facades, etc.

    Multiple years of experience in all phases of Commercial and Residential structural rough construction, cosmetic carpentry and detailed wood working, including foreman, lead man, construction coordinating and general contracting experience.

    Deep, new construction roots in: condominium and apartment development, rough production framing, including high end custom home building, room addition and remodel.

    Rough exposed construction expert, designing and fabricating repeated custom patio covers, gazebos and sun-decks.

    Experienced with all professional power and manual construction equipment.

    Positive results, bringing in numerous scenery projects ahead of schedule and under budget, with a diligent focus.

    Very effective at hiring, training and supervising hourly carpentry crews, and scheduling fellow art department trades and subs, resulting in a quality building format.

    Extremely high-end residential interiors.

    Commercial Quality High-end Residential Recording Facilities with No Sound Pockets, Sound Proof Floating Production & rehearsal Rooms in private residences from scratch (Many built for numerous high-profile recording artists unmentioned.)

    Excellent organizational skills
    Leadership qualities
    Works well in high-pressure situations
    Radius Specialist
    Creative, imaginative, and articulate
    Versatile with a keen knack for detail
    High standards of building integrity and professionalism
    Tenacious with a perfectionist mentality

    In Living Color (3 Seasons) 20th Century Television
    Studs (Series) 20th Century Television
    In Concert (Series) ABC Television
    Dead or Alive (Pilot) Hard Times Productions
    Red Shoe Diaries (4 Seasons) Showtime/10DB Inc. Greville-Morris

    Monster House (episodes 22 & 31) Original Productions/Discovery Channel
    Catch it Keep it (contestant) NEW SHOW
    True entertainment/Disney-Discovery

    Natalie Cole (Unforgettable) Starlight Productions
    Hammer (To legit) Propaganda Productions
    INXS (New Sensation) Atlantic Records
    Tears For Fears (Pale Shelter) Phonogram Records
    RATT (Round & Round) FYI
    Madonna (I’ll Remember) Ridley Scott & Assoc- USA/Scenery west
    Ice Cube/George Clinton (Bop Gun/One Nation) Quick on the Draw Production
    LA Greville-Morris
    Madonna (Like a prayer) Propaganda Productions
    Collective Soul (Gel) A&R/Sumney Janet & Michael Jackson (Scream) Propaganda Productions
    Seal (A prayer for the dying) Greville-Morris
    Madonna (Beautiful Stranger) Ridley Scott & Associates

    Interceptors Hess Calberg, Inc.
    Webber’s 15 minutes Den Music, Inc
    Leprechaun Purple Tree Productions
    Kuffs Dino De Laurentis Communications
    Double Impact Columbia Pictures/Morning Glow prod
    Perfect Weapon Paramount Pictures/Film Arts, Inc.
    House IV Cunningham Productions
    Mask of the Red Death Concorde New Horizon pictures
    Dragon Old Code Ltd.
    Shrunken Heads Full Moon Entertainment/Paramount
    Ice Cream Demention The IceCream Demention Co./Danger; Grey
    The Maker The Maker Productions
    The Unbowed Filmanthropic Inc.

    Jane Fonda Workout Video Gallanty Productions
    Cher Fitness Video Isis Productions
    Bank of America Angel City Productions
    General Mills/Triples Cereal Red Car Productions
    James River Dixie Paper Products Red Car Productions
    Anheuser-Busch, Inc Eggars Films, Inc.
    Max Factor Cosmetics Ridley Scott & Associates - USA
    Mercedes Benz Ridley Scott & Associates USA
    Honda Dream Quest Productions
    BackDraft Exhibit Universal Studios/Lexington
    Tools For Life Video Series Law Enforcement Video, Probation unit
    Lexus Johns & Gorman Films Kellogg’s Corporation One Such Films
    Infinity Coppos films/Danger; Grey
    AT&T Propaganda Films/Scenery West
    Range Rover Plum Productions
    Kix & Cheerios (International) Carbo Films/Danger;Grey
    Schlitz Malt Liquor The End Productions/Greville-Morris
    Spooky House annual haunted theme park BK Productions

    AIDS Benefit Propaganda Productions
    In Concert (series) ABC Television / FYI
    Donna Summer Donna Summer World Tour

    California Contractor School
    (U-WOOD or WOOD- U) Ph.D. in “WOODOLOGY” School of “HARD KNOCKS” continual

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EPIC!!! One of “Dr.Wood's” General Contracted, High-End
400 sq.ft. Bathroom Remodels



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"Dr.Wood" has done it again!!! A recently completed full-tilt, fully sound-proofed, perfectly tuned, residential pro-tools live-room. Dead enough to track vocals. This recording studio is flawless in every aspect of a residential recording room along with stellar esthetics! Designed & built by "Dr.Wood" for a multi Grammy & AMA award winning LA based recording artist. See you on the next one! Musically yours, "WOOD!"




“Dr. Wood”
Best Carpenters, Top Contractors Testimonials

“Dr. Wood is amazing! He shows up prepared in every way and immediately takes careful control of the project. His work ethic and integrity should never be questioned because he is a very honest and hard working man. The project becomes an immediate obsession. It consumes him day and night until he delivers the final product which is nothing short of perfection. Once he starts the job he does not leave until the project is complete and the client is totally satisfied with the results. What you see is what you get with Dr. Wood...just be prepared for a journey you will never forget. The man is blessed with hands of gold, a big heart and a strong spirit that never quits. I am now the proud owner of a new custom built, state of the art music recording studio ....more importantly I have made a friend for life in Dr. Wood. I would very highly recommend him for any project... small, medium or large. Dr. Wood knows how to plan and execute on a very high level. He is a master at his trade and a very classy individual.”

—Joe Laurita, Chairman
Rocawear Jrs. Apparel President,
Margaritaville Apparel
Frank Sinatra School of the Arts -
Executive Committee Member

“I had a small job to design and build entry doors to a courtyard that is the entrance to my small house in the West San Fernando Valley. Finding someone to work with me to make something special (the focal point for curb appeal), get it done fast and not break the bank was see, I had just been robbed, so these needed to be as much security doors as the gateway to my Shangri-La. Still in a fog from the robbery, I found Dr. Wood on Craigslist. Risky? Chance? Fate? Just what I needed -- a leap of faith. Wood is PASSIONATE about this stuff. Yes, he IS a force of nature when it comes to the craft. And YES, he delivers quality that meets his standards, which you will find his will to be higher than your own. But for me, I also needed the lift he delivered when he was tossing wood around at the lumber yard like a crazed genius looking for just the right pieces and repeating over and over 'I'm really excited about this, man.' It made ME excited, and made me trust, and now every time I look at the front of my home, I see that excitement in this awesome entranceway. Trust this guy even if you don't speak the language of his craft, because he gives it all for the vision and isn't satisfied with just doing it...he needs to walk away feeling like he kicked the sh-t out of it!”

Matt Wein
West Hills, CA

“It’s rare these days to find an artisan who is skilled, absolutely precise,
tenacious in achieving excellence – and fast! Doc Wood is all that -- and in addition a really good guy. I’m a sculptor and recently gave Doc the unique and challenging task of fabricating a complex wooden structure evoking the sculptural works of Louise Nevelson. Doc grasped the concept immediately and in one day, selected poplar wood (smoother than plywood!), and successfully cut, assembled, caulked, and painted the piece. It’s great to see a fellow artist
doing his thing! Whatever you have in mind, don’t put it out for bids – just give the job to the Doctor and watch the magic happen fast!”

Norton Wright
Artist/Painter & Sculptor
Sherman Oaks, California

“Dr. Wood changed my small apartment from a wilderness to a palace! Among other things, he surgically separated large sections of custom made cabinetry and rejoined some of them to look like an original piece! Unless you knew what went before, you would never guess that the cabinetry had been downsized. He works with care and precision. I have been around a long time, but I have seen very few craftsmen of his high caliber. If you really will not settle for less than the very best, call Dr. Wood.”

Appreciatively, Rabbi Prof.
Dr. Stephen Passamaneck,
Van Nuys, CA

“I’m a fairly obsessive person and to say I’m detail-oriented is an understatement. Frankly, I'm unwell. When it came to building an office/recording studio behind my garage, I knew straight away who I was going to use: Dr. Wood. He knew construction, he knew studios and, most importantly, he was the ONLY carpenter/contractor whose previous work had left me totally satisfied (the fencing/trellis work he had done for me some years before was still beautiful and rock-solid). Yes, he’s unorthodox. Yes, he has a full-on personality. Some might mistake his confidence for arrogance (to quote the Doc himself, ‘Once I understand what you want and I start this, you're really nothing to do with it anymore.’). But don't let his Rock ‘n’ Roll stories and hilarious slang put you off - they belie the mind of a serious craftsman. He's honest, on-time and under-budget. Most of all - THE WORK IS IMMACULATE. I mean SUPERB. Which is all I really care about. I know I could have hired a team of guys from the Home Depot parking lot and it might have been 20% cheaper but I wouldn't have been happy with the end-result. If you’re only happy with smooth, accurate, clean lines, beautiful curves and meticulous clean-up, Dr. Wood is your man. To quote the Doc again, my office/studio ‘looks like a machine spit it out.’ I’m thrilled with it. I should also mention that the sub-trade people he uses are all diamonds in the rough; the sorts of guys you only find after spending years in a business. I’ve noticed there seems to be a small clique of old-school master-craftsmen out here in California and they all tend to work with each other. Dr. Wood was my introduction to, and my guide through, this secret world. If you're an obsessive like me, I would highly recommend that you let the Doc do the same for you.”

—Brandon Christy,
Composer / Songwriter / Producer
(NBC’s “Access Hollywood” Theme, Disneyland’s “Space Mountain,” Robbie William’s Worldwide #1 Hit ‘Bodies’)
Sherman Oaks, California.

 “ ‘Dr. Wood’s’ brilliance as a carpenter is not just due to his superb craftsmanship. He also has something special that I’ve really never witnessed before. He allows his divine connection to spirit to assist him in such a way that it is absolutely remarkable. It is like a dance between him, the vision of the project, the tools and the material. How can someone see the outcome of what is wanted, and to be able to work it backwards in his mind, and know exactly what to do in what order, and to purchase the exact amount of material, and make zero mistakes? It’s as if he has a computer in his brain dictating each precise step! This type of genius is only paralleled by J.S. Bach, who could improvise a melody backwards while simultaneously composing the original forwards. I am grateful to have had several projects built by ‘Dr. Wood!’ If you want your project done right the first time, then you would be making a mistake to hire anyone else.”

Howard Richman,
Woodland Hills, California

“It has been my great luck to have found Dr Wood. He has worked on my recording studio and made fantastic additions and changes. Dr Wood approaches his work with a real concern for detail and perfection. He has also worked in my home building some beautiful high-end interior details that enhanced my residential interior conciderably. I highly recommend ‘ The Dr.’ In addition, he is a pretty good hang and a pretty interesting man.”

Jesse Valenzuela
Gin Blossoms
Original Member

“I contracted Dr Wood to build an expansion into my home recording studio. I had a fixed budget, and an idea, and Dr Wood took care of the rest. He delivered exactly what he promised, he worked quickly, efficiently, and was always positive and eager to answer my questions. The sound-room / sound-proof, double glass window unit that he fabricated and installed is beyond beautiful, it is inspiring. It makes me want to sit down and make music. I found Dr Wood to be exceptionally honest and up front, and I would reccomend him to anyone looking for the finest possible carpentry work available.


Peter Shukoff
Creator: epic rap battles of history.
Pro Musician / Producer /
Engineer / Composer

“For years I had dreamed of having my own home recording studio that would be both inspiring and practical at the same time. Once I had the ability to make my dream a reality, I needed to find the perfect partner bring my vision to life. Finding a contractor in Los Angeles can be a daunting task to say the least. But after doing much research and consulting with many people, the search for the ‘right’ person lead us to Dr. Wood. We started with a brief phone conversation about our project, and within a few hours, Wood was at our doorstep to see the space and further discuss the next steps in the process. Upon our first meeting, we knew instantly that we were in the right hands. Wood's positive energy and enthusiasm are infectious, he and his crew are completely professional, knowledgeable and true gentlemen as well. He made the process very enjoyable, and the end result is far more amazing than we could have hoped for. He seeks perfection in everything he does, and his attention to detail and ability to transform a space into something truly magical is a gift and a blessing. Coming from a musician's background and with plenty of studio construction experience, he was able to build a sound insulated space that works well for my needs. I am truly able to be more inspired, creative and productive now, thanks to Wood. Most importantly, Wood has integrity and honesty as a person and in the work that he does. Wood makes you feel like family and we consider him family as well. We will always recommend him highly and work with him again in the future.”

—Adam Hamilton
Producer / Composer
Original L.A. Guns Guitar Player

“I’ve been involved in new construction and remodeling for nearly 30 years in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley and Santa Clarita areas. I have known ‘Dr. Wood’ on both a personal and professional level for about 23 years. He has worked with me on innumerous projects over this time period — from rough framing of apartment buildings to finish carpentry in high end remodels and room additions. Most recently he assisted me in constructing a very elaborate $150,000 combination 1st and 2nd story deck. There is no question that he is an excellent carpenter. He has years of multifaceted experience in the trade, and he is a meticulous craftsman with a keen eye for detail. So, if you're interested in building a custom patio cover or other rough exposed structure; if you need someone to install detailed base, casing, and crown moulding throughout your home; if you need a quality door hanger, or just someone to construct that custom architectural rendering — he’s your man. Call ‘Dr. Wood.’ ”

—Craig Roach, Licensed General Building Contractor,
 LA City Firefighter

“With home remodeling, it is difficult to find a carpenter who has both the skills and the knowledge to see the work done properly. ‘Dr. Wood’ stepped in after we had mixed results with someone else. The project was all custom work, which frankly, was above the skill level of the other contractor. Our project was a total house renovation with new additions totaling over 3,800 SF. The scope of the work entailed a new basement media room, wine cellar, enlarged kitchen and dining room, three bedroom suites, entrance area and 2nd floor guest house. All of the carpentry work was custom in nature and design and ranged from framing walls, hanging doors, numerous archways, decking, open beam ceilings, fireplaces, stairways, skylights and many other aspects of rough and finished carpentry. As with any remodel, unexpected problems and conditions constantly present themselves. The mark of a true professional is how these situations are handled and brought to a successful outcome. In instances where other trades were needed, Dr. Wood brought in other skilled tradesmen with whom he had worked with in the past and that met his high professional standards. ‘Dr. Wood’s’ knowledge, skill and dedication to his craft were instrumental to the success of our remodeling project and are the hallmark of a true professional.”

—Peter Lund,
Managing Member,
PacifiCal Properties, LLC
Sherman Oaks, CA


“My wife and I were looking for a finish carpenter to custom build a window seat for our new born daughter’s nursery. We found Dr. Wood’s website and were impressed by his extensive resume. We were concerned that because of his expertise, he would be too expensive, and he might not even want to take on a small project like ours. From our first conversation, Dr. Wood was very informative and passionate about his craft. Dr. Wood was busy but assured us he was able to find time between his other projects, and that he was able to work with our modest budget. The Doctor told us that it wasn’t about the money. Dr. Wood really just wanted to do this project because of how personal it was to us, and how lasting it would be for our daughter’s room. Dr. Wood was always prompt, polite, and really seemed passionate and excited about our project like it was his own.  The window seat came out beautifully and we were very happy with our overall experience with The Doctor. Just looking at the window seat now, it looks like it was built with the house, like it had always been there. It really transformed the room and made it the nursery we envisioned. Thanks Doc.”

—Seth G.,
Los Angeles Police Office

“A few months ago my husband and I decided to look for a carpenter to build a table and bench for our kitchen. It is a tricky area, and we didn't know the first place to look. After searching the internet, I found 'Dr. Wood.' At first, we were hesitatnt to use a carpenter that went by the name 'Dr. Wood.' but I'm glad we got over our hesitation! From the beginning and throughout the project he was professional and a perfectionist (emphasis on ‘perfectionist!’) We are SO GLAD that we choose Dr. Wood for our table, as the end result exceeded our expectations. We definitely plan on using him for future projects!”

—Arianne and
Rich Campbell

“Dr. Wood; the moniker of the ever eccentric mastermind behind my two car garage studio conversion. 'Doctor,’ meaning his precision carpentry and obsession with constructing a healthy, functioning, and acoustically sound studio, and 'wood,’ meaning, well, the material he most specializes in. In the midst of the conversion, as we were picking out wood for the door frame, I knew that I had hired a guy who 'knew his shit' when he meticulously analyzed unassuming pieces of said material that looked exactly the same to me (because, as a musician and audio engineer, I know all there is to know about carpentry, right?). I also knew I'd found the right contractor when, on Day 14 (on schedule and on budget), I walked into a garage once filled with leftover fishing equipment and pseudo-nationalist Iraq War propaganda, satisfied to find a beautiful room that I'd be spending 90% the rest of my young life in. For all of my career in music and audio, the same space I lived in doubled as the space I created in. This produced a strange duality, as I didn't know where domesticated, responsible Andy ended and where spacey, creative Andy began. Now, thanks in no small part to Dr. Wood, I am no longer haunted by that double life. I am both relieved and nostalgic about the experience. His positivity, honesty, and outright enthusiasm about the conversion was something I didn't expect. I felt at times that I should have paid extra for those amenities, but thankfully for my small budget, they came free of charge. If you want your project done in a timely and costly manner, with loyalty and a touch of eccentricity to boot, he is your guy. Thanks Wood!”

—Andy Marshall
Founding member and sole songwriter/lyricist of Resident Peasant, Producer, and Editor/Machine Room Op at Media City Sound in Studio City, CA

“Working with the Doctor has been a fantastic experience. He’s been up-front about every cost, met every deadline, and the work is far beyond what I could’ve expected. I drew what I wanted and Wood reproduced it exactly in the physical world. It was like magic — as if he plucked it out of my imagination and made it real. I can hold up my drawing next to the finished piece and see everything executed perfectly.”

—Adam Levin
Executive Producer
Headquarters Music

“Dr. Wood is not only proficient in
woodworks, he also has proficient timing. Troubleshooting any obstacle that may occur during rebuilding seems to come second nature to him. He takes pride in his work & I can see why. The project that he did for me was atypical & unusual! But Dr.Wood
master-minded it and created perfection!”

—Kimmarie Johnson,
High fashion Model / Actress
SkinGlow by Kimmarie skin care line

“Thank you so much for making the shelving happen for us! We have been planing this project for such a long time now, it almost seemed like it would never happen. We are letting out a huge exhale, having this done before the baby arrives is an enormous relief and blessing. Ash and I are so thankful that we decided to use your services. You certainly are a man with an impeccable work ethic as well as integrity. That combo is not easy to come by these days. Thanks for staying true to yourself and true to the craft.”

Brandy & Ash
& baby boy too :)

“I had some issues with a prior contractor and needed a true professional’s help. The wood on my 20' by 8' hillside deck was rotting and I thought the entire deck needed to be replaced. I had gotten several estimates, but was not comfortable with hiring anyone due to the issues I had from the previous work done. Then Dr. Wood shows up and sets me straight. Dr. Wood points out all of the issues I am having, and then tells me it’s quite sad that the people I hired called themselves carpenters. Dr. Wood then tells me I should not worry as the issues are only in curtain specifics of the structure. Dr Wood says that in just two to three days my nightmare will be over. Dr. Wood then tells me that not only will the nightmare be over, I will enjoy looking at the work for years to come, as it will be nothing short of perfection. Dr. Wood used his 30 years of carpentry experience, true building wisdom and tenacity to pull my old rotten deck 'out of the flames' with finesse! The deck is a focal point at our home and highly visible. Now the esthetics of the deck are visually pleasurable, as well now it is much stronger and structurally sound. Let’s just say he shows up on time, actually puts in a full’s days work, and cleans up when he is done. I have to agree with the following reference: 'I would very highly recommend him for any project... small, medium or large. Dr. Wood knows how to plan and execute on a very high level.'”

—Mark Walker, Institutional Sales
A FoLods, LLC.
Agoura Hills, C

“Dr. Wood took the time to thoroughly analyze our bedroom closet remodel and walk us through the process. He was very respectful and communicative. There was no messing around once the project was underway and he and his talented crew finished on time with a beautiful end result. Dr. Wood has a big personality and walks the talk. Don't be offended by the sometimes use of his salty language and his outsized ego. Dr wood is larger than life and his work is immaculate! He's the real deal.”

—John Vincent,
TV Photo Journalist

“Dr. Wood lived up to his name by building beautiful built-in bookshelves that transformed our living room. His incredible level of craftsmanship was matched by his strong sense of design. I wholeheartedly, without any reservations, recommend him for your next woodworking project.”

Ken & Anthony,
Professor & Entrepreneur

“Truth be known, you set an excellent example and benchmark/standard for others ‘in the trades.’ Awesome work, uncompromising attitude for perfection, always an inspiration and motivation to built it right, or even better! Thank you for setting the bar so high for our brothers in the trades (and for our customers too)!”