Psychic and Angel Readings
By Denise Bennett

Denise Bennett, Qualtiy PsychicsDenise is a high-quality intuitive and psychic. She tunes in remotely, so she doesn’t even need to be with you in person. Denise explains... “The language of Angels is eloquent and comforting. I simply ask them your question. What I receive is direction and clarity. The process is always safe.” Denise offers profound Angel-guided Readings, Animal Communication (Pet Psychic), Release Work and Soul Retrieval. She is a member of the International Natural Healers Association and the Association of Animal Behavior Professionals.


    PLEASE NOTE: Intuitive readings are like road maps. They offer direction and clarity. Readings are informative, comforting, and often revealing. They are sought for many reasons. I prefer to do psychic readings solely for healing purposes rather than as predictions or other forms of psychic entertainment.

Angel Readings and Psychic Readings

What’s really interesting about psychic readings by Denise is how perfectly-designed they are. Each one of the intuitive readings is tailor-made for the individual requesting it. Oftentimes, the angels will be detailed but sometimes, they will only hint because the receiver would benefit by working out the solution on their own. The guidance you are given may include the diet or may be geared more toward behavior and habits, but it will always address the mind. Inner workings dictate the condition of the outer. My job is just to remain a clear channel and to refrain from self-influence. I have been doing readings for many years. It’s a matter of habit now, to trust my angels completely.

The reading itself can be short or long but most often, they are about a page in length. It is common for the readings to have analogies… and just like other meaningful spiritual text, interpretation often changes as the receiver deepens their understanding of its meaning. Furthermore, subtle changes will continue to occur in the weeks and months following the reading because of the very nature of them. Those seeking this type of healing are willing to discard old beliefs and are ready for change, though they may not know it on a conscious level.

It isn’t necessary to have the person present. In fact, in-person readings are more difficult because of potential distractions. I speak briefly with you so that I know how to phrase your question. Then I merely get myself out of the way. Once I do, the answers flow pretty easily. I “hear” the words with my mind, not my ears. I believe the term for it is clairsentient. By choice, I do readings for mental and physical health, not for frivolous purposes.

Pet Psychic and Animal Communication... a REAL Pet Whisperer

When people tell me about a problem with their pet, they talk of behavior modification. It is a one-sided deal. But communication is two-sided… a meeting of the minds in which both sides are represented. We speak of a deep love for our pets so why aren’t we listening to them? It’s not a matter of merely extinguishing an unwanted behavior. The solution to the problem lies in our desire to see another point of view. The important question is, what is our pet trying to say to us? Let Denise’s pet whispering ability help you.

Release Work and Soul Retrieval as a Healing Intuitive

To explain briefly the process of this shamanic work, there are pivotal moments in our lives that result in a blockage to our energy flow. Oftentimes, these moments occur in the formative years. A traumatic event prompts us to shield ourselves from future harm by building a fortress of sorts. What initially begins as a protective device becomes a prison... a barrier to our heart’s expression. Therein lies the problem. Facades and disguises replace the ability to be present and fully-engaged. Repetitive patterns including victim mentality, will to fail, and other destructive behaviors are all indications that release work is needed.

Soul retrieval is another facet of release work. It involves reclaiming missing parts of us. The separation occurs when we experience emotional trauma and leave a “piece” of ourselves behind. Visualization is used... it is a powerful tool. Each person is unique so the imagery may differ, but it always leads to the same goal... a return to wholeness.

To begin the work, I simply tune in and let my angels work through me. I pick up claresentient and claraudient signals and messages as I speak with someone and repeat what I hear and feel. The person must be willing to look at their past in order to heal it. Forgiveness is an important part of the process. If there is resistance, I will slow the process or use another approach so that we stay in sync.

After some deep breathing to prepare, I ask the person to revisit an emotional time when they felt fearful. Anger or resentment usually accompanies this memory. Feelings of helplessness are beneath that. It’s the peeling of the onion with its many layers, each one releasing heaviness as it falls away. There is a sense of relief and lightness that follows. Joy and laughter often bubble to the surface as blockages are removed. It is common to feel a bit tired yet peaceful afterward. I recommend that this important work be done whenever one feels off-balance. Healing the Self is vital to our happiness and creative expression.


$150/hour Angel Reading/Psychic Reading
$125/hour Animal Communication Session
$250/hour Release Work/Soul Retrieval

Please contact Denise (below) you to set up your reading.

About Denise Bennett

Denise Bennett is a healing intuitive and author of “The Enlightened Path of Health.” Her approach is holistic, assisting with the clearing of toxins and emotional trauma. She is directed during each healing session by the guidance of her angels. Denise can tap back into that place of higher awareness whenever she needs answers. In 2006, Denise was “called” as she describes it, to the Red Rocks of Sedona for spiritual growth and to finish her book. Shaman friends introduced her to other healing modalities including remote viewing and soul retrieval. Denise writes healing music and has recorded two albums. She also works with animals as a communicator and healer. Denise is passionate about her work and encourages others to explore and discover their own path. She inspires us all to create the life we truly desire.

Important Note From Denise

    “Clients are encouraged to actively participate in the process which empowers them and builds self-confidence. My readings are intended for healing, not entertainment purposes. If you’re ready, some amazing and wonderful changes are in store for you. All that is required to take that important first step is a willingness to see things differently.”

Angel Readings Information Sheet

Contact Denise

Denise has the gift of being able to connect with your inner being over the phone. So she is able to work with you regardless of where you live. If you reside in Southern California, she may be available for an in-person session in the following areas: Orange County and Los Angeles County, including Laguna Beach 92651, 92653, 92656, 92677, Costa Mesa, 92626, 92627, Newport Beach, 92657, 92660, 92661, 92662, 92663, Rancho Palos Verdes, 90275, Marina del Rey, 90292, Beverly Hills, 90210, 90211, 90212, Santa Monica, 90401, 90402, 90403, 90404, 90405, 714, 619, 213, 562, 657, 949, 760, 909, 626, 805, 661, 951.

“Denise Bennett
is one of the
best psychics
you will ever meet.

Denise has a gift of clarity that is really remarkable. She does what she calls ‘Angel Readings’ where you ask her a question and then, either in person, or remotely, she communicates with the angels and they offer an answer. I recently experienced what she does and asked her a question about something that has been weighing heavily on me. The guidance that I received was absolutely clear and provided a sense of relief that my instincts about the situation were correct. I've had a lot of ‘psychic readings’ in my life and my barometer for ‘a good one’ is pretty finely tuned at this point. So you know if I'm recommending someone, you know she is AMAZING! I don't have a pet, but she told me about her other gift of ‘animal communication’ and for pet owners, I can see where this could solve a lot of problems. She is able to listen to the animal and explain to the owner what is the real source of the issue! Denise told me about this story that happened with a client just today. The dog was urinating inside for the past month and the owner couldn't figure it out. It turns out that about a month ago, the dog's dirt playground in the backyard was paved over and the small patch of dirt that remained had chemical fertilizers placed in it. The dog was being irritated by the chemicals and told Denise how unhappy she was with the situation. That is just incredible to me.”