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Backup Voicemail When Messages are Full

Tarzana, CA, April 14, 2009 – If you’ve ever tried to leave a message for someone and there’s no room for more messages, you know how frustrating that can be. Since 2001, Sound Feelings Publishing has offered their quality voicemail backup service. All messages can be saved as an mp3 or on a CD. They even post their free tips on their website, explaining different ways you can do it yourself:

People are inclined save important voicemail messages because they have value. These might be the cherished words of a deceased loved one, a child, or even harassing verbal attacks needed for legal purposes. Eventually, so many messages get saved and re-saved that there is no more room for new messages. The problem is that most phone services do not offer an option for permanent archiving of messages. So we find ourselves re-saving the messages every 30, 20, 14 days, depending on the provider.

Here’s what some people have said about the service: “I am so happy I will be able to save these messages forever! This is such a great and important service.” —Jennifer Turnbough, Jersey City, NJ. “Thank you! My husband recently died, and that is the only message I have from him — the only way I'll ever hear his voice again.” —Wendy Morman, Harrodsburg, KY. “Your service is awesome.” —Gavin Carey, Canada. “Thanks, guys ... my messages sounded great and it was a relief to finally delete all that stuff from my voicemail.” —Kim Rye, Mount Airy, MD.

On the old answering machines, it was easy. You could just put in a new micro cassette and save the old one and that was that! Now, all the new answering machines are digital and it doesn’t seem as easy to create permanent backups.

Backing up digital voicemail requires VOIP technology which allows you to call your voicemail directly from your computer. The sound gets recorded onto your computer and then from there you can make an mp3 or burn a CD. But most people don’t want to sign up for VOIP phone service so it often seems easier to have an outside service create the backups on their behalf.

For more information on voicemail backup, please contact Sound Feelings Publishing, 18375 Ventura Blvd. #8000, Tarzana, CA 91356. 818-757-0600.



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