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        Howard RichmanHoward Richman is a pianist, composer, teacher and author. He writes pop, musical theatre, jazz and new age music and film music. Since 1982 he has pioneered a transformational approach to music relaxation which sensitized him to the connection between to the mind and the body. This led him to his work with music education, music medicine, weight loss techniques and stutter control techniques. Mr. Richman’s formal training is in music. He has a B.A. degree in piano performance from UCLA and an M.F.A. (Master Fine Arts) degree from California Institute of the Arts, where he also taught on the faculty for three years.

        As a composer, Mr. Richman’s specialty is writing melodies that touch people deeply. He has blended his advanced music training and his intuitive awareness to create “music for transformation.” His company, Sound Feelings, is the publisher of his many healing music titles, including: Ease Chronic Pain, Feeling Stressed, Feeling Fat, Cancer, AIDS, Music for Children, Music for Intimacy, Music for Birth, Scleroderma.

        He began doing improvisational piano interpretations in 1982. Since then, his perceptive awareness and intuitive sensitivites about people and conditions have been refined to an uncanny degree. As of Jan, 2008 he has created more than 3000 of these “Sound Portraits.”

        As an educator, Mr. Richman is a leader in the development of unique and effective learning strategies. His book, Super Sight-Reading Secrets, is now used as a textbook at many universites. Mr. Richman has also developed a rehabilitation program for pianists with pain or injuries. He studied the biomechanics of playing to maximize efficiency and relaxation and is often sought as a consultant for other teachers and doctors dealing with musicians’ hand injuries.

        This expertise inspired him to apply the same successful principles to typing when he wrote his highly-acclaimed booklet, Pain-Free Typing Technique.

        Various disabilities, including stuttering, among Mr. Richman’s piano students showed noticeable improvement through doing the sight-reading drill. This inspired him to formulate the Stutter Control Drill, based on the same successful principles.

        Howard Richman is an unlikely “expert” in the field of weight loss. His weight loss book, Weight-Loss and the Art of Focusing, is as unconventional as he is. He is a naturally-thin person who reveals successful concepts based on his own experience and observation of others.

        Mr. Richman teaches between 50 and 60 private piano students each week. He is a member of the Music Teachers Association of California.

        Howard Richman frequently donates his time to assist others. He spent one year volunteering at the Mental Health Center at Northridge Hospital, doing music therapy with mental and emotionally ill, substance abuse, eating disorder, and elderly patients. Mr. Richman also volunteered one year at the Special Children’s Center in Newhall, CA, working with abused children through music expressivity. He also set up a free series of workshops for cancer patients using movement and music therapy. He held these for one year at Vital Options in Studio City, CA.

        Howard Richman is married to opera singer, Cherie Valaray. Together, they have a daughter, Danica Richman. Howard also has a son, Oliver Richman from a previous marriage. Mr. Richman’s father is well-known actor, Peter Mark Richman.

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