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Tips to Create Your
Sound Feelings Affiliate Links

For Generating Your Affiliate URLs.

        To generate the required unique URLs that have your affiliate codes embedded in them, you must use the Affiliate Control Panel. Please log in to the Sound Feelings Publishing Affiliates login page

        and enter your username and password.

        Scroll down to where it says “Affiliate Tracking IDs”

        Then look for “Create a new Tracking ID Number”

        You can create multiple Tracking IDs for various pages on our website(s). If someone enters our website via a specific product page because of your specific tracking ID, but ends up purchasing another product, you WILL STILL RECEIVE THE SALES CREDIT! Or, you have the option of creating one or more generic links that land on any page of our website that you choose.

        WHAT IS THE LANDING PAGE? This is the exact URL that you want people to end up on.

        Then click the “create a new Tracking ID” Button. You can do this as many times as you want for as many entry pages you want to create. It’s a good idea to open another browser window so you can browse to the exact page of our website that you want to link to. Then COPY the URL of this page into the section of the Tracking ID window where it says: “Landing Page.” The "description" is optional. This is just for your own id purposes and you can call it anything you want. It will not display to the customer. Press "Submit."

        WHAT IS “TRACKING HTML?” This is exact code that you put in your website to make the link that will bring people to your desired landing page but will also magically keep track of any sales that arise through your link.

        Your tracking ID link will look like this:

        (replace the “xxx” with your tracking ID number.)

Assigning Text to Your Link.

        After you get your link code for each page you want to promote, you can theoretically associate this with any promotional “link text” you want. (This is what actually shows up as clickable underlined blue text on your own website to link to us.)

        Most website makers have a way to create links, but in case you need to know this, here is the format you can follow to create the HTML code that will make a clickable link with your desired link text:

        <a href="">YOUR LINK TEXT HERE</a>

        (Of course, swap the URL data and your link text data!)

For Images.

        You are welcome to take your own photos of our products or you may use any of the images that you like on our website.

For Descriptions and Ad Copy.

        You are welcome to write your own ads and descriptions to suit your needs. Try not to make claims about the products that we ourselves do not make. If you wish, you may copy or excerpt the descriptions of each of our products on each of our products pages.

Optional Link Creator, Link Tracker and Link disguiser.

        If you are generating links for various affiliate programs that become very long or “look” like they have affiliate coding in them, it is possible that saavy consumers will simply remove that portion of the URL and there go your commissions!

        Here are some well-known, free link-shortening services that will shrink your long web address into a short one, cloak your URLs, keeps your affiliate ID invisible and protect you from spammers!


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