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Spirograph Multicolor Design
Art Contest


Seeking submissions of new designs that illustrate what can be done with a Spirograph and a 10-color pen.


$2000 Worth of Prizes!









(One Winner)


Grand Prize





(Two Winners)


2nd Place





(Four Winners)


3rd Place





(Ten Winners)


4th Place





(Thirty Winners)


5th Place
















Can you Design Something better than this?


We’re Inviting Submissions of Beautiful Designs to be Included in a Brand New Multi-Color Instruction Booklet for the Famous Spirograph Toy from the 1960s.

        Spirograph Box KennerUsing your 1967-1970 Kenner Spirograph toy (not Spirograph Plus or any other variant) and using your new multicolor pen from Sound Feelings Publishing, create one or more BRAND NEW DESIGNS and submit them to us for our consideration to be included in our new, upcoming “Spirograph Multicolor Instruction Booklet.” The winners will receive the prize money and will also have their names listed by their design (unless they prefer not to).

How Would These Designs be Different?

        The original Spirograph incorporated pens that had four colors, black, blue, red and green. We are seeking submissions of new designs that use our multicolor pen. These pens contain the original four colors, black, blue, red and green — but they ALSO include fun and creative rainbow colors: yellow, light blue, pink, purple, brown, and orange — ten colors in one pen!

        The multicolor pen contains 10 ballpoint cartridges within one large barrel. The ballpoint pen tips of the cartridges are the EXACT size of the original pen tips that came with your 1960s Spirograph. (Modern ballpoint pens have larger size tips that will not fit through the holes of the Spirograph gears.)

Submission Deadline:

October 5, 2010


        1) Use your new $5.99 multicolor pen to a create brand new design on your Spirograph.
        2) Artwork created with gel tip, rollerball or felt tip pens will NOT be accepted.
        3) Use high-quality paper so that the pen does not make any holes or rough spots. The paper color will usually be white, but if your design requires paper of a different color, then that will be completely acceptable.
        4) Use one or more of the colors in the multicolor pen. (You may use as many colors as you want in your design, but generally, combining a few well-matched colors well will look better than using all ten colors!) Also, you may just want to use the original black, blue, red or green colors in your design and that would be completely fine.
        5) Scan your completed design at 300 dpi or higher and save in .jpg format, at the highest quality. If you don’t have a scanner, you can mail the original to us and we will scan it and return your original to you.
        6) Create instructions that follow the
        same format as the original instruction booklet so others may re-create your design. This includes displaying the ring number, the wheel number, the hole and the color of pen, and the reference starting point. Please see the sample of the original instruction booklet to guide you.
        7) You agree that if you become one of our winners, you relinquish complete ownership and copyright of your design to Sound Feelings Publishing.
        8) You may submit more than once.
        9) Prizes will be based on existing submissions. If there are not enough entries AND if the standards are not high enough some of the prizes will not be awarded.
        10) We will ONLY publish the winning entries. We will not publish your design unless we pay you for it!
        11) Winners will be chosen within 60 days of the submission deadline and will be paid immediately thereafter.
        12) Cost to enter: FREE.

Submit Your Entry to:

        spirographcontest {at} soundfeelings {dot} com

        Please include:

          • Your artwork (scanned as described above)
          • Your instructions (as described above)
          • your name
          • email address
          • phone number
          • mailing address
          • would you like your name published if you win?
          • PayPal email (optional) (see below)

        If you become one of our winners, we can send payment by PayPal. If you prefer that, then make sure we have your PayPal email and let us know that you prefer that method of payment. Otherwise, we will send your payment by check to your mailing address.

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        18375 Ventura Blvd. #8000
        Tarzana, CA 91356

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