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Questions and Answers (FAQS)
on Our Stress Management
and Music Training Products


        Sound Feelings frequently asked questions (FAQS) about our alternative medicine and music instruction products. Hopefully you will find answers to your questions about our self-help stress management and music training tools. Stress-management is relevant to many conditions including AIDS, cancer, weight-loss, birth, children, intimacy and scleroderma. Music training question and answers cover sight-reading and private lessons.

        Why is your company spamming me?
        Yikes! Things are not always as they seem. It may appear as if Sound Feelings is spamming you or that we are sending you viruses! But we are not. We have NEVER done anything like that and we are very angry that other people are implicating us and we are very, very sorry for any inconvenience that you may have experienced due to this fiasco. Here’s what’s really going on: Sound Feelings’ email addresses posted on our website have been “harvested” by illegal email mailers (spammers). Our domain name has been “hijacked.” Spammers now are placing these email addresses in their “from” field of their messages to you, so it appears as if we are sending you the spam! Sometimes they are even so bold as to make up the part that precedes the “at” symbol. Of course, when you try to reply to these fake email addresses that end with our company name, you get a message back that says “delivery failure,” or some such error message. These people are untraceable. It is a terrible, terrible mess. We have NEVER sent out unsolicited emails. We are horrified to be associated with spammers and we apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you. It is out of our control. We too are recipients of spam messages and viruses that appear to come “from” Sound Feelings! We are embarrassed to be associated with products that typify the spam marketing technique, as well as the process itself. It is now to the point where our legitimate emails are sometimes blocked by email filters. We are now listed on internet filtering blacklists all over the world! This is a real headache for us when we are sending out legitimate emails.

        As of October 2004, we were receiving 6000 spam and virus messages a day, mostly from “failure delivery” responses to dead email addresses that get returned to us since our email is placed in the “from” field of these messages! We finally decided to change all our email addresses and cancel these accounts, a great inconvenience to our friends who attempt to contact us at the old email addresses. (Sorry.)
        Howard Richman, President.

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