Colon 700 Ingredients
ColonMed 700 Ingredients

Please see Blessed Herbs for an amazing colon cleanse program.

Here are the colon cleanse ingredients of the ColonMed 700 ingredients product. The Colon ingredients are guaranteed pure. Only the freshest, most pure ingredients are used inColon 700 ingredients. ColonMed700 ingredients do not contain any artificial colors or preservatives! Colon Med 700 ingredients are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in the USA to ensure that quality and efficiency standards are met for this high quality product! Also known as ColonMedic or Colon Medic.

NOTE: Because ColonMed 700 is no longer available, we highly recommend as an alternative, the Blessed Herbs colon cleanse system.

Capsule size: 725mg

Active Ingredients of ColonMed 700 Colon Cleanse

    psyllium powder: forms a gelatinous mass and keeps the feces hydrated and soft
    fennel powder: relaxes the digestive tract and helps expel gas
    rhubard powder: helps remove intestinal debris with antiseptic properties
    buckthorn powder: cleans toxins from tissues. Known as blood purifier and diuretic
    licorice powder: digestive aid and antimicrobial benefits
    ginger powder: classic tonic for the digestive tract. keeps the intestinal muscles toned
    cascara sagrada powder: natural laxative
    goldenseal powder: calms upset stomach with immune-stimulating capabilities

Inactive Ingredients

    gelatin: (capsule)
    rice flour: gluten-free filler
    magnesium stearate: filling agent

    note: The product is now repackaged as PowerFlush500. PowerFlush 500 ingredients are the same!